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  1. In the new versions (march 5th/15th), has anyone successfully connected to a hosted game by doing ./DungeonDefenders ipnumber ? I start to connect but get a black screen when entering the tavern, I hear the music and the barkeep but all is black, if I hit escape I see the animated cursor and hear the sounds when I hover over the buttons, and if I can manage to find the button for the options screen, the options screen does come up and is visible. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. No news for anything, I'm still waiting for a new build so I can finally play the game.
  3. Have one client host a lan game, and then start the other client with ./DungeonDefenders ip.number.of.host It's too crashy right now though, better off waiting for the new build.
  4. Yes there is, you're just not reading it. http://icculus.org/mailman/listinfo/dungeondefenders
  5. Hi. I first heard of Dungeon Defenders when it came out, I did what I usually do in that situation, a brief search for linux support which came up with nothing, so I forgot about it and moved on. When I heard HIB7 contained DD I raised my eyebrow a bit, considering the bundle just prior contained windows-only titles, I figured maybe that was becoming the trend. I just kind of assumed that there wouldn't be a linux client for DD. My girlfriend who is very keen on humble bundles was very persistent though, claiming there was linux support as far as she could see, but I just assumed she misunderstood something. It wasn't until a couple of days into the bundle when I took a look myself and saw the truth, and wow was I elated, so we swiftly acquired bundles. It's a really fun game and we have fun playing together, though the linux client is buggy and kind of crash-prone for now, I haven't gotten past foundries and forges yet, but that's ok. I have patience and I'm eagerly awaiting the next build. I'm really happy you guys decided to port it, and I hope that decision brings you plenty of joy and cookies. Now give me a crash-free build so I can play already!!! I WANTS TO PLAY SO BAD! SOO BAD!!
  6. While Icculus is level 9000, he is only one man. An awesome man, but singular nonetheless. The updates will come soon I'm sure. In the meantime, I've seen mentioned several times that you can still have network play if you 'direct connect' the client, bypassing the defunct gamespy/lan search, if anyone could enlighten me as to how this is done, I would be grateful. EDIT: Found it, ./DungeonDefenders host.ip.number Crashes a lot though :s
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