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  1. Hi ! Don't know if it has already been reported (havn't found it in known issues), but yesterday I used to farm a bit the Harbinger's Ship map (the one where we've got to defend the ship against him). But at the end of my 3rd wave, there was like 4 skeletons (those who are invocated by shamans) remaining during the build phase. Wanted to kill them, but we couldn't have deal any damage to them, untill the next wave has began.
  2. That won't surprise me more than an ogre passing litteraly ON my blocades to get the towers behind
  3. I already know that website but havn't found another one with Bastille yet :/
  4. Hi everyone, ! Just found out yesterday a way to improve my gears a bit faster than usual and wanted to share for those who didn't knew this yet. First, I apologize for my english, that's not my native language so be kind if you see too much mistakes :] Requirements : 3 builders : * that needs to have HP build stats * that needs to have DPS build stats * that needs to have DPS build stats (Note that you can make it working with less builder, depending on their stats and on how you build the map, this is only the way i'm building) Endgame Incursion l
  5. Hi everyone ! (Sorry if my english sucks, i'm trying my best) Actually, I started this game some weeks ago. First of all, I upgraded my tower squire level 72 and my DPS huntress 75. But some days ago, i've bought all DLC. And now, I can affirm that i'm too much weak to do it myself. I'm trying to get better stuffs, but I can't : i'm just too weak. So Where could I find some great armors and weapons ? And I was just asking myself about something ; how may I play an insane+ game ? Thanks for your help, and once more, sorry if my english isn't as good as your !
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