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  1. http://ddplanner.com/profile/?user=2875698684 My friend's dd planner profile
  2. I actually found a build that works for me, Mistymire i can solo up to wave 25 on nightmare HC survival. A friend actually made it, i'll link it and all my character stats i'm trying to go for to get it on farm mode wave 30. http://ddplanner.com/?l=14431,mistymire-nm-hc-survival-wave-30 - Mistymire http://ddplanner.com/?l=11856,nm-hc-mm-survival-throne-room - Throne room (bonus) Mistymire Stats: These are not mine, but a goal for me, my friend uses these stats and gets to wave 30. summoner - 2157/3787/2181/1763 Can Be done with 1.5k/2k/1k/1k monk - 1179/2022/1861/633 Series -
  3. quick hijack - would it be possible to tag along that nmhc aquanos run? cant seem to get it done with my dps :) cheers! I don't see why not. I'm probably not going to be building and that means it's not my run in my book.
  4. Also should i stay on my highest Defense stat character? Or just switch to my hero damage ranger during the waves?
  5. Should i use a guardian pet instead while i'm still getting started? I dont know if it's better than my +400 to all tower stats with 120 levels to go kobold.
  6. Does anyone have a build i can use? http://ddplanner.com/?l=14410,throne-room-nightmare-survival-hardcore That's the one for throne room i use, I got it from a friend of mine and it works perfectly but i want to try out other maps as well, also please be sure to tell what wave your build is starting at.
  7. Have you completed any survival to 25 or 30? My first "big" map I ran to 30 was Misty. I actually ran it to 30 on first try, which was kind of crazy lol. Your stats are definitely nice, but I found out that the build is more important than stats. Once I got a good build going on a given map, it went very easy. Also you said you "just started playing" and you are trying to run King's Game survival? You might be rushing a little imo. To each his own, but I've been playing since January and I am just starting to be able to run King's Game lol. This is the HUGE problem with dungeon defenders, f
  8. Try doing some Throne Room, and with a good build, and your stats, should be able to make it to at least wave 20 aqua Dont have survival nightmare for aquanos.
  9. Yeah i can do throne room to wave 23 or so but it's trans drop rate must be like 0.1% chance
  10. My stats are: Squire, 2704 tower Damage, 1015 Range, 1954 Tower attack speed Hero Ranger, 2.8mill DPS target dummy Summoner, 1176 D Health, 2754 D Damage, 1k D Range, 1800 D Attack Speed Buff Beam Series, 2229 D Damage Wall Series, 1819 D Health Aura Monk, 2181 D Damage, 1036 D Radius, 1670 D Effect speed Trap Huntress, 1640 Trap Damage, 290 Radius, 631 Reset speed
  11. Can someone help me? I just started playing and i'm trying my best to do Nightmare survival but it's just too hard for me. I have Decent stats and full transcendent for my Squire, Aura monk, Summoner, Trap Huntress, DPS Ranger and my 2 Series but it seems that my builds all suck and any that i try to find are too outdated. It seems like I have to have transcendent gear, to get more transcendent gear. It makes no sense. I'm trying Misty mire Forest with no luck and i'm failing after wave 10 or 11 of king's game on nightmare. I don't get it. Weird part is, I was able to complete all of
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