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  1. Sometimes you forget how simple a build can be, thnxs, nice video
  2. Play privat from the start menu got no problems at logg in. But when i go to the town then again got message connection lost. After this i did a gamecache check and after validation 1 file was missing and added, then made a new restart of the game and again the message "your connection to the host timed out" so only privat play can start without problems.
  3. Since today after update i can hardly start up the game, i got the message: "Connection Lost" and "Your connection to the host timed out" My internet is function well with 300 Mps connection, so that can not be the reason of my lost connection, are there maybe more people who has the same problems after the last recent update. Best regards EVIL
  4. yes thats right but they can select a certain group of gear that has the possibility, for example max crit of 4% and only by reroll 5% as random bonus
  5. This week some players where talking about how they love to see a possibility to reroll there gear, for example that you can by paying 100k gold try to reroll your crit 3% into 4% on your gear. I guess thats should be nice on some certain gear and i wonder if this is technical realizable for trendy?
  6. I guess over 50% of all my games i am playing now i fall through the ground in a blue screen after finishing my game seeing other people standing/hanging in the blue sky. Leaving the game and return it will happend again and i need to quit the the game and restart DD2 to get in a normal game mode.
  7. Since yesterday its possible for me to create a game, the button create turns into a yellow active color and can be used.
  8. As you may know I really appreciate the game browser - but this should be changed. When I explored the new game browser I have spent a lot of time (and a whole lot of frustration) by clicking on the 'create game' button again and again without anything happening. I think it is very unintuitive to select the difficulty and the map first and click on 'create' afterwards. It should be possible to click on 'create' right away and select the rest afterwards. Please adjust this - that way it would be a lot more simplier for us.
  9. On the new game browser i am not able to create a new game, i cant puss the "create a game" button. Somehow the button is not shown right like the other buttons like to join a game what function right. Ik spoke tot some friends and some of them has the same issue. I recalculate the game cache and reload 1 missing file but after it it still is not function right. Maybe is there a sollution?
  10. This weekend i achieved the limit of 1000 hrs of playing with DD2, thanxs for the crazy reward. :))
  11. When returned from privat tavern it happend again, a black screen, after i switch at Steam from european server Netherlands to US New York it started inmediately.
  12. I started the Dungeon Defenders 2 startmenu, when i push the play button you can see it is trying to start and then return to the startmenu. When i press again "play" a black screen appear and will stay on my screen.
  13. As i mentioned before i did an install at my pc at home and it works correctly, Today i did the install on my notebook at work with Windows 7 and got "failed to start game.exe". Removed all, did a reïnstall for DD2 but nothing worked. After this i did the solution of Gigazelle and it works perfect so this must be the solution, Thanxs for it and enjoy the game on your way to lvl 50 of your heroes. Best regards Henk
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