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  1. Nope water shard isn't 100% , meaning your shocking rev will build DR stacks when it procs without the electrocute
  2. I mean dps is not that important when you can use petrify with sgt to quickly make flyers fall to their death. But for sure downtime after each kill is way too long on hailstorm considering it's a defense where the dps really comes from the super fast attack rate. Would be nice if there was a way to make using the hailstorm damage debuff viable. But more often than not you can deal with air lanes with minimal DU. Hailstorm as buff is too expensive versus the return sadly.
  3. @Exglint xD via Imgflip Meme Generator
  4. It s kind of a shame that once you have the default game you can t just get the other preorder bonuses by paying the difference. Kinda ironic how the people that first backed on kickstarter (and probably the most hyped about dda) received DD2 stuff while the late backers have access to limited edition content for DDA 😂
  5. Burning combo = useless
  6. Nice work ...so this means exploit weakness is 100% useless ....I'd change that on my build if I was still playing lol
  7. All about getting a good build , you might want to farm c7 until you have a decent set-up This is what I used to climb https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kQ03CJTBVORzFSabcOKzyZ_3VS4NjHqzr_lW5HB6R3o/edit?usp=sharing @xiao xin edited it should work now
  8. If anything there is also the problem of the onslaught wall. Looking at leaderboard everyone gets stuck around 947-948-949 because scaling goes up way faster then. Not sure why they had to have a scaling of around 172 level per floor suddenly change to 402 500 level per floor after 945. Would have made more sense to have an higher and progressive scaling. Well I know actually ...they wanted to stop onslaught climbers from beating the game without turning the general population against them. Back when they nerfed tube and oreck set-up (that wasn't even op) they clearly showed that they just wanted people to stop climbing. Just to give the illusion of difficulty...
  9. Good for bait obelisk since it keeps attacking and healing
  10. Not worth lol, I won't ever reset since that would mean losing onslaught progress. (probably) Also I'd suggest playing DDA instead of sticking to DD2 in a near future (maybe come back to it if they ever release some new content idk) But keep up the good work, you will soon have as many ap resets as my alt !
  11. Meanwhile I was recently rerolling a few mods to 1/10 , glad it doesn t force green. But yeah , be careful next time. It's happened to a lot of players. I do agree that there should be a little 10/10 mod protection.
  12. Ap resets everything to campaign and shards (except gilded ones) to lv 0
  13. Harder than Blood Moon for sure + DPS character needed (for specters + bosses) + Gilded range shard (to get that extra range for the Wyverns) Tips : -> Get yourself a nuke monk to easily kill bosses -> Get a friend to join to help with specter / boss killing Overall : Requirements to complete the map are really low (considering what I'm using to build) *Note I used my barbarian because I didn't want to set-up a monk dps. But C7 gear works for dps too. Just need to be able to kill mini-bosses*
  14. Made a post earlier about Blood Moon being too easy. Turns out it is even easier than I believed. Here is what I did : - C7 Gear (used in video -> 6/10 not even max C7) -1/10 Mods -No AP -Low ascension -No DPS Hero -Mostly normal shards (used 3 easy to get hyper, 2 gilded rate and 1 normal shattering torpedo that can simply be bought directly for medals) Result : Almost 100% AFK , I had to take care of 2 slekeleons with my Ev builder (used an ice chip + drench to slow them a tiny bit...that's all) Conclusion : Can easily be won using less than 480 ascension and no gilded rate if there is a tiny bit of DPS support to help with bosses !!! How can content that can be done with C7 gear, lowest tier mods, no AP, low ascension and no DPS be considered endgame content ??!!!!! (Keep in mind no timer to kill the eye of Cthulhu either , at some point it will die from defenses) Following is the video I recorded with first part being explanations and second part being the actual map completion. Build in description too @Switchblade @gcstephen13
  15. Reflect beam of mass destruction one of the best build for sure <3 @Nikobg93 Switch destruction for gilded torpedo. Before they sold c8 shards at vendor it wasn't really worth to farm it. But now might as well get it.
  16. Problem is this content can be beaten with a relatively new account (all c7 gear, no ap, low ascension). Far from what it was supposed to be (endgame content). Especially knowing that this is prime 6. The hardest prime group there is. And that a lot of lower prime are pretty much c7 level already. @gcstephen13
  17. What does that even mean not to abuse lol Market Price is 35-40 m
  18. nice editing, you should probably do that for dda tho xD
  19. @ArchaicLotus I mean as far as being creative .... reflect beam meta is the build I created ...you do know that right ? Juicebag later adapted it to make the one amp warrior build. Are you blaming me for using my own personal build I spent time making ?
  20. Not gonna happen in current state of the game. 2b enemies is pretty bad. Level wise floor 999 enemies in the old system = floor 255 enemies now
  21. You can just use nodes haha , or traps with anti-air support ..... not hard ..just not as efficient
  22. @Neoneo I pushed till I got destroyed in onslaught for challenge. Let me tell you beside onslaught wall the current stats available are plenty to trash all content available at the moment anyway. Gilding hyper shards is not needed really. But I do agree that there is a lack of content to farm at the moment.
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