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  1. Only thing remaining at the end of a wave is gonna be the best loot that dropped. This way you don t actually have to check every trash item, just let it pile up and check end of wave.
  2. I see it this way, all defenses should be usable for most of the game equally Right now in early game there are only a few defenses worth using. If there is a balance problem already it isn't a good sign for later on. Also we are already seeing diminishing returns on stats. Btw did you even play DDA xD
  3. @Exglint This is about balance in the current beta. It is a fact that some defenses are especially bad (or not working at all). While not having an inspect function makes the exact dps calculation hard, assessing the effectiveness of a defense remains pretty easy given that stats can be reset whenever to try for various combinations. If balance is already bad at the moment in beta , better to say so in my opinion so they fix it.
  4. For 1 and 2 using a lightning aura would give better results Lightning tower is trash And yeah , this isn't about dd1 or dde but DDa, MM in DDa suck
  5. @fluffycalico For 1 and 2 using a lightning aura would give better results (DU versus damage dps dealt) 3 can be taken care with enrage, also pretty sure in survival mm doesn't even have enough dps to take care of kobolds by itself 1 Flameburst (5DU) does more dps than 5 mm (15 du) of course the mm would be physical damage but still
  6. @fluffycalico give me 1 good example for magic missile xD Dps is trash and barely tickles the mobs wave 20+ lab insane @Legendary Dragonborn usually DD2 style would be way better but I'd switch it sometimes if there are really tight stairs or something
  7. Squire as a builder sucks Lightning tower and magic missile are useless Huntress darkness trap is bugged and doesn t work ( never reset)
  8. Attack Stat for hero just multiplies your base damage ... gotta have that base first (from weapon usually)
  9. Dps relies on weapon damage in most cases. Since we cant upgrade in beta of course it will be bad lol Should be fine for the official release
  10. I have tons of 0 mista rock (like a full bag) Few trash ones 2 with actually decent stats RNG, but also @Nelots your luck is insane !!!!
  11. If anything there is also the problem of the onslaught wall. Looking at leaderboard everyone gets stuck around 947-948-949 because scaling goes up way faster then. Not sure why they had to have a scaling of around 172 level per floor suddenly change to 402 500 level per floor after 945. Would have made more sense to have an higher and progressive scaling. Well I know actually ...they wanted to stop onslaught climbers from beating the game without turning the general population against them. Back when they nerfed tube and oreck set-up (that wasn't even op) they clearly showed that they just wanted people to stop climbing. Just to give the illusion of difficulty...
  12. Good for bait obelisk since it keeps attacking and healing
  13. Honestly the 1 hero per ability was worst in DD1 . DPS monk, General builder monk, tower boost monk , hero boost monk for that 1 afk character (extra controller). Wouldn't have been so bad with the ability to instantly create and use a character like DD2. Had to level each to lv 100. Also isn't so bad as you guys seem to say. Except for players trying to tackle higher onslaught you can usually get away with only 4 characters in your deck. Hell when I play c7 I use 2 characters maximum. (And even for floor 945 I usually only use 5 builders meaning 1 switch only for air lanes). Especially with hero deck , you effectively always have what you need to build in your deck with you, without even having to switch (by going in the menu or forge).
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