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  1. ........................ Hailminion already completed floor 947 Are you talking about with only cc defenses ?
  2. There a some maps that used to be fun , but got left behind as new game content was released. Most of the reasons for it being said content staying at it's previous difficulty (now way too easy for 99.99% of the playerbase) and the fact that no good reward is associated either. In my opinion new content should contain 2 sets of challenges. First one would be extremely challenging to the average playerbase and would assume at least c8 relics (not maxed) and 20 ap as requirements (and increased talent caps). It would still be possible to complete it without having all that : much like how it's possible to complete floor 300 as a group with no defenses placed at all. This set of challenges would be boss fights. Since the hp cap is about 2 b , it would require giving these bosses an armor value that would protect against most of the damage dealt (much like the draken lord before aura goes down) 1. The Wyvern Den -> Betsy is a great boss , a lot of efforts went into creating her, but it's just sad how her being in campaign only makes it so players usually fight her once and she is never used afterward. 2. Harbinger -> Interesting concept, infinite waves until you beat the boss. At the moment that means 1 basic attack per phase pretty much xD 3. Dawn of the blood moon -> Favourite map ever (who doesn't love fighting a giant flying eye). Boss being able to fly everywhere makes it so aggro is actually a thing. Boss fight that feels the best because it happens map wide. 4. The Demon's Lair -> Feels a bit like fighting a dummy for some reason. Could make mini bosses spawn randomly to spice things up a bit. Second set of challenges would be c8 level , but wouldn't require much ap or relics that good. That kind of content should be challenging with c7 gear properly thinkered (relics / armor / weapons all modded correctly with the right shards equiped). This should include the favourite maps from players taken from both adventure and incursions. These would not contain any 1 specific boss , but would instead present interesting game mechanics that players would have to complete. I believe there is a high chance that the new endgame mode we are getting is gonna be a revamp similar to what I described. Because CG needs to develop DDa (hyped about it) so they don't have that much workforce to use for DD2 update. Also they are sitting on awesome content that requires only polishing to shine. Now here is what I fear -> What if it gets released but with a difficulty so easy that c7 stuff or barely c8 0/5 relics are enough to afk it ??!! There will be no reason for any of the players to do any of the game modes like ap reset (ap power + talent cap) or to even play onslaught (to get c8 shards and c8 amps). That would make said endgame content be extremely boring for the fans of the game that have most likely done 1 or both these. That would also make ap and onslaught irrelevant in 1 update. For new players that would mean DD2 would become a casual game only (already a pretty great casual component to an otherwise grindy game ). That would pretty much decrease the life duration of the game for new players. Because of this I hope the new endgame update would have content that would appeal to both casual new players (random adventure + incursion maps at barely c8 level) and to the longstanding DD2 fans and hardcore new players (with engaging and difficult boss fights).
  3. First read this : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1546476258 Check out juicebags' video : one amp warrior
  4. Empowered flame instead of vampiric if low ascension. Not sure about frost lane either , frost bombers are a danger to it.
  5. Crit build doesn't work well More defense power -> increases base damage + crit damage More crit damage -> doesn't affect base damage at all Tier list, check the defense analysis section. You can find me on the official DD2 discord if you want more info. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1546476258
  6. Think an other reason for the divide : DD2 players are used to having 1 hero per defense they use Personally I have 4 monks that are all builders just for perfect ascension allocation (equivalent of xp) ( I use at least 10 heroes in a normal onslaught match ) That makes a lot of switching to do. Trying to place the perfect killbox while having to switch through the whole hero deck takes time. Add to that a timer and it's a nightmare. It's doable. We have a 30 sec timer in mastery. I completed it no problem. But it's far from fun. I won't ever do it again. Now in DD1 ... I see the argument in this thread that for a majority of maps you have enough time to build without being pressured. If there is so much time - > timer serves no purpose whatsoever. (in multiplayer g up and you have a timer) (Imo) It could be useful in some map in form of a challenge or as an option to ever so slightly increase loot quality. We understand that you guys love DD1 since you are still playing it ! But DDa is supposed to be a new game , not just DD1 with new graphics. Taking the core of DD1 and making it better with elements that worked well in DD2. Hero swaping, lane schedule , wisp , etc People don't want DDa to be a PARKOUR simulator to keep going to forge to swap hero (at least vast majority of players on the official DD discord) People usually like having information to work with as a basis of their build (lane schedule, pathing, etc ) DD2 has that pretty cool feature where you don't have to fail a map over and over to finally know the waves you need to prepare against. (or look at a guide online) You can launch any map. Create a build on the spot. Have fun. Later on you analyse what worked well ...and what didn't work so well. Then you come up with the perfect build. If you fail a couple of times in the process. No problem . The ride was enjoyable. Oh and IT IS possible to have infinite build time and a combat phase being challenging and requiring strategy. In DD2 lanes are also evolving , you don't just spend your DU ....then call it a day with a few upgrades Exemple -> wave 3 of certain lanes will have frost orcs appearing (will need to change your build accordingly) -> some lanes change every wave (specific one) Because of that timers don't work that well .... but it adds a strategic element to build phase that DD1 doesn't have at all. I've seen the argument of added difficulty to build phase a lot .....can't we pursue strategic difficulty instead of parkour difficulty ?!
  7. I disagree with timer being mandatory In DD2 I've spent hours trying to do 1 floor because of the insane difficulty (talking floor 945+) It is possible to have challenge while not having any timer In DD1 Winter wonderland NM is super easy !!! But it is also super boring !!! The timer makes it so annoying !! Overall can a build timer bring anything to the game ? Yes if it's for a special challenge mission, or even an option you can choose (example reward an achievement for completing all maps with the timer option). But in general gameplay it wll just make the game more annoying !
  8. Best endgame for me would be a boss fight challenging enough : Level of enemies spawning should be higher than the ones on floor 500 Boss shouldn't be as stationary as a training dummy (cough the demon in incursion) Add some sort of mechanic that would require cooperation between players As for rewards ...maybe something that would make pets more relevant ?
  9. I just want more flairs rewards for onslaught , 1 for 945 would be nice -> Add the caption : Congratulation you completed the tutorial !!!!!
  10. Yep, just join the official dd discord discord.gg/dd2
  11. Poison servo works, not sure the new petrify is really worth it however
  12. Crushing damage nerf, when CG really doesn't want people to climb
  13. She needs a buff for sure Salad is useless and can't reach high onslaught Also there are dryad specific mods (harpy poison for instance)
  14. If you have bad RNG it will be faster to farm gold and buy c8 amps , a few is pretty cheap For gold farm your best bet is probably c7 frost map token farm
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