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  1. Too easy -> Extra DU because no air lanes Even possible to kill the phantoms using defenses and being afk . Map is all about getting 16 books from the enemies and done.
  2. At release yes, there will be additional characters with DLC however. (Not sure if said DLC will be free or $ ) @brokenwoody4 About DD2 ancient power doesn't matter much . The worst is the debuff to CC time when having 3+ players. But yeah for pushing 1-2 is optimal, while farming is best done with 4 just for the increased loot / xp. If anything the biggest barrier to pushing as a group is the need to do every single floor. Meaning if you have time to play and manage to clear 1 floor more than your friend you then need to either redo it with him or wait for him. On that note prime incursions are great because it's easy to just dive in with friends. But prime are just too easy right now and not rewarding enough.
  3. Usual HP barbarian build , good for all content. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kQ03CJTBVORzFSabcOKzyZ_3VS4NjHqzr_lW5HB6R3o/edit#gid=1328087693 AP barbarian can achieve great dps but niche usage.
  4. @CrusadeR@DD2 Why would you need to get hold of someone to finish mastery lol , just solo it (that s what I did and it wasn't especially hard either) You should look into no freeze spots. You don't need tenacity or automation to have defenses working 100% uptime and being immune to freeze. It's just you trying to be lazy lol Now why would anyone play onslaught floor 6
  5. This map can be done without tenacity or automation lol, even possible to afk it without at lower floors
  6. @DanielMenezes2 You have a point about dark torment focusing it does make it better but that requires playing mystic. As an hero dps she has great cc but her damage is trash tier hence why I prefer playing something else. I did try viper double destruction stack back in the day and it wasn't doing that much damage for normal lanes. (given they buffed it afterward, but not enough imo) As for people climbing higher with a second mass destruction it's not gonna happen. I calculated a second mass would add less than 20% dps to my usual killbox. It's not gonna be enough to keep pushing. Can always pm me on discord if you want more info.
  7. @Little Magic Hat Look for people with a white betsy / parrot wing (reward for testing) in game and ask them about their current opinion about the game =P (They can't tell you about what the feedback was during testing because of NDA tho) Personally there is no way I'd consider content too hard if it wasn't harder than at least floor 945 ;) Still hoping for harder fights toward the end
  8. @DanielMenezes2 Split viper is in an awkward spot. It only targets 3 enemies, yet is bad at single target because only 1 viper at a time can target a single enemy. Add to that the fact that the dps is not incredible and it brings it down further. Good points are it's pretty cheap and has a good range. But won't work that well for general lane clearing. Explosive trap is the highest dps defense in game (also aoe). The main problems with it are damage falloff and trigger radius. Especially against lady orcs, the trap only activating once they are in the middle of it. Add to that that it pretty much require 100% tenacity (or a RB with 100% tenacity in front) and it becomes less viable. It would still be possible to go really far in onslaught just using ET just because of it's raw damage (and the double explosion shard). But all things considered there are better options. It would be far better if many traps could be set-up at the same physical location (then cc would make it possible to not lose much dps). As far as knowing everything , probably noone. But there are people dissecting this game to unravel it's inner workings =) Formula-wise Exglint for instance. I did a lot of actual testing with many defenses personally.
  9. @ArchaicLotus I'd like to see more of your claim with actual data . I do know that dryad gets a buff while corrupt, but even then she seems pretty lacking as a builder. From the testing I've done with her anyway. I'd like to know what your set-up looks like and dps you are getting with 200 du max per lane (real dps , not tooltip). If you consider anti-dps do mention it also. As for floor 200 that's too early to really show if a build has potential or not
  10. 10/10 tenacity is great but not needed , can also use automation
  11. Join the dd2 discord https://discord.gg/dd2 , there is an help channel Dryad is pretty weak overall as far as I know
  12. We'll see , I believe the studio will die if DDa is not successful , so pretty sure they'll do everything they can for it to be fun Just hope they'll still allocate a bit of effort into DD2 since it could be made into a better game with a few changes.
  13. Keep 1 character as a mule where you just use autoequip on it (hero gear only) for highest geascore Equip your dps hero with relevant items (ex, mostly hero damage, or mostly ap ) Read this later on https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1546476258
  14. Return of malthius ? That one was afk ..... But yeah I couldn't afk power surge, I had to place 1 wm every 20 seconds As far as rewards go, defense skins would be nice, an upgrade to pet system, cool shiny flairs. But I truly hope that Betsy will be somewhat engaging and not 100% afk like all other primes (beside power surge, but you know ...it wasn't hard , just slightly more annoying)
  15. ........................ Hailminion already completed floor 947 Are you talking about with only cc defenses ?
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