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  1. Best defenses : Flameburst Deadly strike Explosive trap (really good but needs repairs) Str drain (mostly for ogre lames) Lightning aura (for flyers) Gas Trap (good for trash mobs everywhere) Darkness trap (to remove immunity in trash mob lanes) Spike trap (ogre killer) Blockades of course too Copy pasta from Steam guide if you want more detailled info
  2. How hard is nightmare gonna be ? Everyone and their mother have been wondering and speculating ! Here are some quotes from discord users ! *Post in comments how you guys think it will be*
  3. Promenade if you sell everything (I have no auto-loot at all, nor do I pick up gear) it gives around 30m a run
  4. Squire gets about 500 k dps even with a really good weapon vs 1,4 m for same gear apprentice .....trash tier sadly
  5. Raise the gold cap please, Thanks ! (pic from raji)
  6. Harder for mobs to pass over it
  7. I would be for changing some defenses, mostly the squire numerous walls.
  8. @Fatheredpuma81 apprentice blockade and electric auras are way better than you give it credit for (both are meta if used correctly) Also not much point to only check with 100 of each stats when we can reach at least over 1k by focusing on 1 stat. Especially the case with huntress and monk defenses because you need a minimum of fortify and range to make it viable while maxing defense power and rate.
  9. Nope water shard isn't 100% , meaning your shocking rev will build DR stacks when it procs without the electrocute
  10. I mean dps is not that important when you can use petrify with sgt to quickly make flyers fall to their death. But for sure downtime after each kill is way too long on hailstorm considering it's a defense where the dps really comes from the super fast attack rate. Would be nice if there was a way to make using the hailstorm damage debuff viable. But more often than not you can deal with air lanes with minimal DU. Hailstorm as buff is too expensive versus the return sadly.
  11. @Exglint xD via Imgflip Meme Generator
  12. It s kind of a shame that once you have the default game you can t just get the other preorder bonuses by paying the difference. Kinda ironic how the people that first backed on kickstarter (and probably the most hyped about dda) received DD2 stuff while the late backers have access to limited edition content for DDA 😂
  13. Burning combo = useless
  14. Nice work ...so this means exploit weakness is 100% useless ....I'd change that on my build if I was still playing lol
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