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  1. Can we please get this thread back on track? No one cares how good or bad someone is at a MOBA. No one cares that you don't think it's a LOL ripoff, or if it is. No one cares who's good at the beta, or who's bad at it. You are all derailing the thread that I started to make the community aware of Trendy's terrible situation with discussions about random nonsense that doesn't matter in this context. The real problem here is that Jeremy Stieglitz treats the Trendy Employees like garbage. Can we please get this thread back on track?
  2. Again, you'll find parallels like you do in any genre. Though a hero in one game may be similar to another hero in another game, DD2 actually has some very unique heroes. "Done worse" is a matter of opinion. For sure, it's done differently. And as someone who has been playing LoL since their release in 2009 as well as SMNC since their beta, I really appreciate the differences and think that they make a great game. I wonder if there's a correlation between the people who are bitter about the beta and their skill with it. If that is the case, I think a tutorial mode would certainly help ma
  3. Though there hasn't been anything officially announced, this was posted on Kotaku just recently: http://kotaku.com/shake-up-at-studio-from-hell-512135529 If I link this correctly, one of the comments also sheds some additional light: http://kotaku.com/id-just-like-to-confirm-the-things-that-have-been-said-512139912 If this is true, this is great. But Stieglitz cannot get far enough away from this company. We want Dungeon Defenders II, Not another League of Legends ripoff. I'm sure I can speak of a lot of people when I say I'd be fine if they just scrapped the MOBA altogether and ma
  4. There is absolutely no excuse for what Stieglitz has done to his talented employees. From what I've read, he treats them more like slaves though. I posted this thread with the hope of making the DD community aware of the way Stieglitz is treating the DD staff / IP. With almost 6,666 views on this thread, and 52 upvotes in 24 hours alone, I think i've made a small dent. Word of mouth will spread the story and eventually pressure will (Hopefully) force Stieglitz to resign. So maybe one day Trendy can get the boss they deserve, and not have to put up with this.
  5. I would not be surprised if you did. Neither would I. Don't get me wrong here guys, until today i was by no means an anti Trendy / DD person. I've put 500+ hours into the game, bought every bit of DLC. But after seeing this, I can't honestly support either games anymore.
  6. http://kotaku.com/investigation-a-video-game-studio-from-hell-511872642 I could just let the article speak for itself. Some highlights! Hiring women just because they can get away with paying them less Seven-day work weeks. Intentionally sexualizing the under 18 characters from DD1 An office environment so toxic, employees are terrified to speak up for fear of losing their jobs. ^That's dangerously pedophilic Mr. Stieglitz "One employee tells the story of a cousin who passed away. The employee was too terrified to ask for time off. "I was so afraid of losing my job that
  7. Good luckGood luck to all who enter! If i win... I think i'll ask for a steam code for the dungeon defenders collection :3
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