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  1. Ok well in case anyone else experiences this, it seems it was a corrupt file. Verifying the game cache through steam seemed to fixed the issue.
  2. Hi all I'm making this post to see if anyone else is getting this issue and/or if it is a known issue with 19.5? It's happened to me multiple times already and could potentiality cause a loss of a match due to the issue so it's pretty frustrating. I have the default repair key (R) and when the issue occurs I go into the options and find that the repair is set to "no key". I have obviously set it back to the "R" key but it keeps happening :/ does anyone have the same issue or does anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks in advance :)
  3. I aware how the new loot system works (even though I'm not a fan - really hate pushing yourself to extremes in higher chaos tiers to find only slightly higher gear than what you already have which could be found on the chaos tier your already doing) but my question is does anyone know the gear cap is per chaos tier? i.e. relics 3500ish main stat cap on chaos 3 maybe? Also why oh why would trendy make a system that drops loot based on the ipwr level of your current gear then hide that ipwr level so that it's so difficult to see what an improvement to your current gear actually is after you've upgraded your gear?? Please please change this trendy and at least allow us a green/red thumb to decipher if it's better gear or just show us the items ipwr without re-adding the ipwr gating, as currently it really sucks a big fat one to figure out what gear to use!
  4. Yea nah it was none of those things causing it to happen, but it has now fixed itself.
  5. Hi all I can't seem to create a match at all because the button is greyed out except rarely it appears but only on nm3 maps sometimes. I want to farm some easy harbinger to lvl up my gunwitch but can seem to do so :/ Any ideas? I've already tried with characters ipwr 700+ and my ipwr 0 gunwitch same issue :(
  6. Does this also apply to electric fingers? The chance doesn't change but the damage does stack?
  7. ummm you know how you can get the passive "Explosive Arrows & Electric Fingers" on both the weapons and the relics? Do they stack on top of each other or does only one count?
  8. Hi guys can anyone confirm if Explody Arrows & Electric Fingers stack at all? If not do they automatically take the higher damage item?
  9. @iamisom I'd be interested in doing some loot testing :)
  10. Yeah I tried verifying the game cache too before deleting the game and re-downloading it. Verifying didn't help me either as it said it was all fine. So I would suggested re-downloading it even though it's painful. p.s. after I got it working again I only changed the resolution then hit apply, then changed to full screen and hit apply, whereas the first time when the issue occurred I'd changed them both together. Not sure if that has anything to do with the issue or not but you may wish to do the same as a precaution.
  11. Thanks for the tip, I ended up downloading the game again after deleting it, which resolved the issue (@ 900kb\s yay australian internet!)
  12. I loaded the game successfully after updating and it was in windowed mode and some small resolution, so I changed it too full screen 1920 x 1080 now it continuously minimises the game every time I click the DD2 icon in the taskbar. This is on windows 10 and the game seems to be running fine in the background I just can't open it to change any video settings back. Does anyone know how to reset the graphic settings?
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