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  1. My first AFk summoner has imp and djinnlet to heal all nearby defences. Second has fairy and prop cat to make sure ogres or copters will not give any troubles to survival run and to boost other heroes pet damage. Third has goblin cupid and seahorse. Damage isnt great on those two though. Apprentice/huntress guardian combo could be more helpful for damage. Below is a guide from old forum. Pet damage multiplier is usually less than half of the other classes. It is better to use pets features than damage. http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-72963.html http://i.imgur.com/ilM7
  2. You could make good AFK shop to get lots of mana tokens. Selling some items on forums would probably give you the easiest mana. Doing a whole sky city run with 3AFKs and NMMM should give you 5-6 billion of mana. That would take 3 hours though. I don`t see anyone high or mid level actually farming mana for sale. I guess newer players make mana tokens to buy items from shops but those can`t farm that much mana. Once you can start farming coal from WW you could make 100B mana per hour. There seems to be some mysterious mana source somewhere. Or maybe it is just (low) supply of coal. btw a ti
  3. 210? o.O Where do you get such numbers? The magic barrier is 41 tahts all waht you should know. If you reach 41 for generic&/fire then go on eletcric/gas as much as you can :) usually thats the resis types which dont cap :p Trans goes to 42% when upped from 40%. I said it depends how much you would need to up the resists when I said 210. It is based at 30 ups from ups beyond 23% and 50 ups to get to 23%. Sure the resists are random and there is a lot of variance on those. Lets say it is probably 210+-40 if you like it better. That would be 10-90 ups to get to 23% resists.
  4. http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?90455 That is a nice guide for armor resistances. Resistance of 41% is required for maxing it on nightmare. Trans don`t go to 41%. Upping a trans piece from 40% takes it to 42%. It would take 290 upgrades to get a 42%,42%,42%,38% set. That is for "normal" armor set. Normal means that the highest resist on armor is 10,11,12,13,14,16 or 18. Damage stat should be somewehere around 210 for it to cap with resists first and 290 ups. It depends a lot how much you need to up the resists.
  5. Steam ID: frets http://steamcommunity.com/id/frets/
  6. When will we get this? May or june was said on Trendy Friday Fun stream.
  7. From my experience doing exactly this, rewriting the RNG (aka "fixing") would require an enourmous amount of effort. Not effort in making it work, but in redoing the values for each and every map. If you want a game with a working loot system, play the part that this randomiser was written for (ie. the original maps, no HC, insane and down). This game is on its way out the door b/c it has a sequel coming to take its place shortly that has been designed from the ground up to work. DD1 is broken b/c its been stretched beyond its design parameters, I can't see them making that particular mistake
  8. I think they said may/july on Trendy Friday Fun stream.
  9. Maybe it is your modem or internet connection. Since you have 2 comps with different specs those don`t seem to be the issue. Does it happen single player also? Try with some other firewall, with other modem, and maybe even over mobile connection if you can. Just to see where the problem is.
  10. I have an ok pawn shot, 35k dmg, and 6 or 7 shots per second, ends up doing around 200k dps. Any suggestions of where to get some good dps weapons, and what survival/PS runs I should focus on? You could get gamblers polearm for monk from Kings game. You could try akatiti on insane but you would need good weapon for the boss.
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