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  1. SID: pxL SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pxlz Day: Friday or Saturday A
  2. wow... those ult++ armors must be some serious business then lol ^^
  3. I was just wondering, is this the absolute max amount of upgrades available on an item?
  4. Heh ok, well I always thought myth capped at 400 for some reason. I guess it makes sense when trans caps at 420 :) Thanks for the clarification gx!
  5. I got this new cat that I thought was really good, so I started to upgrade it. I double checked that it was mythical so it would cap hero dmg at 400... or so I thought? Isnt mythical cap at 400, or does it differ for cats? As you can see on the screenshot, I cannot upgrade Herodmg anymore for some reason... and I just got this cat, so it isnt bought or anything. Someone shread some light on this for me please? o.O
  6. Why complain when u gain profit from finding a non-afk? Its like the lottery.
  7. SID: pxL SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pxlz Day: Friday or Saturday A
  8. Alright, does the Seahorse dmg scale with hero dmg? Or how can I improve its damage? What stats should I be mainly looking for on armor/weapon? Hero boost?
  9. So I've been working on my Tower toons for quite abit now and I am able to build some of the harder levels, but I now have troubles with the bosses. Some of them beeing Akatiti, Winter Wonderland. Therefore I'm gonna focus abit on gearing a DPS toon, but I dont know which one. What would you suggest that is good allround for the harder stages? And what items are mandatory?
  10. Yeah I know that calling people out is wrong, thats why I dont do it here. And there is no report thread that goes to forum mods? They could atleast remove the user and its threads so people with their hard earned items dont get rolled out by some hacker...
  11. Ok, but there should be some actions against this trader on these forums aswell in my opinion... he has active trades right now which I think people should know about...
  12. ...and this guy is trading in these forums, are there any actions for this? I have screenshots and all, I just wanna know what I should do with it. I managed to get into one of his games where he was using the aura hack, and it is a user that is trading stuff in these forums. The stuff is obviouslly legit as it is farmed on Ranked, but the way it is farmed is not legit. I dont know about you guys, but I work for my stuff, and when I see these kinda stuff it just makes me sigh. Anyhow, if a mod or someone experienced could guide me through on what to do here, either on PM or here, plea
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