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  1. To increase gameplay and online-features, remove forge / ability to switch characters in map. So some maps will require teamwork and cannot be soloed.
  2. Why not complete some maps with no items, only basic character stats, of course lvl 100 characters. Maybe limit to max 2 different type of characters. Like build a specific map, can only use mage + ev, or squire+monk, any2 character. Maybe ban Summoner. Or even better still, complete a not-so-easy map with only 1 character's tower (no items only character stats).
  3. I consider building a survival map and then going AFK and let nature / public contribution decide the outcome of the game a noble job. It is in its course, doing a public service. I do that all the time and set min lvl to join 70. And then I go afk to study. So far whoever joined has had no complains. Those who decide to leave can just leave. But most of the time they refuse to leave and ask if I could build another map after the current ones end. So far, it seem completely fine, assuming survival maps.
  4. GO and read the guides. There are numerous that teaches u well enough how to clear these map.
  5. I dont particularly like that map due to how the 'roof' covers up the pavement for building. also very difficult to navigate ard and upgrade and stuffs. Drops wise I would say its almost the same as end game maps. Only completed the map twice on survival and I cant remember what dropped. Still prefer king's game skycity and aqua.
  6. It is possible to have ult sets for not all, but perhaps all the main characters. If all of the sets are near perfect, something must be really fishy. But we cannot judge in any case. There are some players who immerse themselves in the trading forum and love exchanging items for currencies or something sort of an equivalent exchange. The scenario you mention is totally possible and I know of several supposed-legit players who own that many ult sets. Anything above 500hours playtime this scenario becomes a grey area. As 500hours online time can mean using 300hrs of it to attain ult dun
  7. I have to comment: that is so cool !! great work!
  8. Gratz!! Looks strong on the upgrades.
  9. Seahorses are by far the best bet and the easiest to hunt. If you're lucky to get a good pet with enough ups and the stats on the rights spots then.... that pet will be better.
  10. Because it's attack spd is very fast and its damage is significant and it is so very hard to hunt a good one.
  11. I assume armor farming. On weekends when I have a full day to play, I'll usually do campaign on sky city and akatiti, Then run survivals on Aqua, KG and Sky. If I have less time, I do either of these. If I have more time, open some games to public where I build, upgrade, and go AFK clearing some household chores.
  12. Nop same akatiti as usual. Just the reward items wasn't worth the effort in a try-run just a moment ago.
  13. Generically, if you do need any help in game, I should be able to offer mine, as long as they are within reasonable means.
  14. Is it still perfect if it has excess upgrades? It will never be namable. Totally perfect with all stats 600, and fully upped meaning to say the number of upgrades equate to the 'imperfectness' of the kobold at lvl1. Wow truly indeed, thats a perfect kobold .... I doubt anyone can farm that. That's why i SS everytime an sup or ult item dropped during waves in game. At the very least I can prove to ppl that 'hey i got this here, you see'... But not everything I own are self farmed so well...
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