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  1. God, so many... Playing this game with a full room at launch on ps3, breaching into pc and learning how much of the game i thought i understood was so much bigger than i thought, quitting after the 'final' update having beaten old one as the 'final' boss and coming back to the CDT and an amazing community... & all the wide ranges of content since. I'm gonna miss this damn game so much; it's definitely cemented as one of my favorite games- and one of the sources of my favorite memories- of all time. I love what you did with this game, trendy. I love even more what you allowed the C
  2. This here seahorse named Longshot~ https://steamcommunity.com/id/talantmajr
  3. the reward the glamour shot https://steamcommunity.com/id/talantmajr/ Mask of the legends Stieglitz Arm Guard of Earth not on the list? rip.
  4. I always thought it would be cool to have a solar system upstairs with diamonds as planets and moons to scale. Don't have enough diamonds to do that, yet, so i just went with something similar: Used the diamonds at me and my friend's disposal. Bonus appearance by my events. Cheers~ Image link: https://i.imgur.com/QGLJcfe.png Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/talantmajr/
  5. This is a really neat idea! I want to jump in on this before all the cool things are taken~ Cloud bracers:
  6. There's literally no point continuing the discussion of this thread, unfortunately. I would absolutely love for Walls to be re-balanced, but it appears Trendy is just too much against it. RIP.
  7. Support. Only for the stars from what i know. Would be nice for the dice color to be rollable as well Support.
  8. A Good Start, but I feel like Cupid and the Ember pets should be added to the list, as well.
  9. Fix. Although they'll still be horrible, won't they? It's not like it'd actually make them a viable dps pet. Still, they're cool, so having better ones wouldn't hurt.
  10. I just want to bump this ideas as I think it is the best QoL change in this thread so far :). Taking off all of my gear on huntress just to be able to place a trap near crystal then re-equipping everything gets annoying pretty fast. All four of these are incredible, and I support each of them wholeheartedly.
  11. I honestly think that tweaking the upgrade system at this point in the game would require far too much balancing to be worthwhile. I feel like the 1chev to 3star system works well enough as is. But I absolutely love your second idea. It was already posted in the QoL thread, but I am going to wholeheartedly support it in both places.
  12. That seems a bit quick, lol. Literally one person has replied to your post... And I'm reasonably certain that in this whole thread, I'm the only one to say 'do nothing' (and that was only if '2' didn't win out). :x Edit: ...and is changing the tooltip off the table, then? o.O
  13. Can we make it so that this change only affects newly-dropped moons? (like the level 90 change). I've got a few moon setups at present that I wouldn't want affected by this change, but would love it on moons going forward. If that can be done, I'm all in. If not, I'm all out. :x
  14. So correct me if I'm reading this incorrectly, but are you saying that this is a small problem, if the solution that you want is pushed instead of the other one? Because you yourself say that the other solution potentially 'ruins' pets? That, to me, is textbook not a small problem if one of the proposed fixes makes some people so unhappy. The problem with this discussion is that, either way, you're hurting a percentage of your players. I firmly feel like the answer should be the fix that affects the least amount of players, not which side complains the loudest. My perception is that it's a voc
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