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  1. I wouldnt expect mods to be able to be created on console but I know with the likes of Survivng Mars (if we are looking for something more recent) some mods created on PC are usable on Xbox One. I am not as familiar with UE4 as you may be so if this isnt possible for console I understand. I just feel with cross saves being a thing and in time cross play mods only be available to use on PC would be a huge loss for the community.
  2. I too hope at least for the ability to create maps in DDA. There are many talented individuals out there (not me xd) and some of the maps in the workshop are just amazing ( Helms Deep OMG!!!). As long as there is strong anti-cheat measures for loot I'd also be happy to open up modding for loot - could allow some neat colours and weapon designs. If I remeber correctly DDA will be client side like DD1 which would allow modding. My only concern is if modding is limited to just PC? I know of a couple of games which allow modding on console too and I would like if it were possible for the mods to be at least publishable on console.
  3. They are not locking the orders until later. Im guessing just before the Beta due in November. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say around 25th October since its the last Friday of the month. So dont worry none of us have had our orders locked yet :).
  4. As far as I know until they lock the order you can make any changes you wish. This should include payment info as well as if you want to change the platform you requested. Once the order is locked (I'd presume near the end of the month) you wont be able to make changes. Did you check on https://dungeon-defenders.backerkit.com/faq#contact-us to contact CG directly to make sure they updated your payment method? Or you could shoot them an email if need be.
  5. I feel you are arguing more against the mode in general than the level of loot. I understand that there are some who dont like Pure Strategy and I agree its not for everyone. I view Pure Strategy as a way to test my build and defences or to level up builders/ new heroes. I just get frustrated that the rewards are so pathetic in comparison to even running the map normally (not survival), even the pets that drop are not worth your while. I just dont see how it is fair that loot in PS is at least one full level of difficulty lower than what you are playing. Keeping Hardcore and Mixed Mode only to Survival is fine and having those increase loot quality there all i ask is that loot in PS reflect regular Survival without those modifiers. That way I might gain something even if it is just decent currency gain from selling the loot.
  6. I am not sure if you are confused in what i am asking for or not. I realise the equipment needed to complete some maps in NM are actually higher than can drop, I am not asking for drops in general to be increased. Lets say I want to do some Insane Survival in the Throne Room, I will get some Mythic gear dropped wave around wave 18 I then go back to the same map in Pure Strategy in Insane and the drops are around Legendary at best, which I would get just doing a regular Hard Survival. I fail to see how this is fair? Or for the same map in NM survival I will get Mythical from the third wave then Trans pieces dropping around wave 19 in Strategy I will see at best Godly until 22 then maybe a Mythic piece or 2 per wave. The pets are also set lower. Why on earth would anyone complete the map in Strategy there seems no point unless your a completionist. With even gear from NMMMHC survival dropped in that map you probably wouldnt even reach wave 25 in NMPS so I dont see how I would be overpowered unless I was sitting in capped Trans/Supreme gear which would make the whole map a complete waste of time.
  7. Firstly let me just say how excited I am that Pure Strategy is returning for DDA. There is just one thing though, please make loot drops appropriate for the level of difficulty. I love Pure Strategy, but hated the fact loot were so much lower than any other mode, eg in NMPS drops would be about the same as Insane if you were lucky. I understand that in some ways it isnt as difficult as survival there is no way to increase the loot drops with mix mode or hardcore. The drops in DD1 in NMPS just make it a total waste of time to farm except for Tavern Defence for XP. I would dearly love Pure Strategy to at least give the same as regular survival without the modifiers and make it more worth while to play.
  8. They send out the steam keys for the 2012 DD1 collection in batches. I would wait a week or two as it is not immediate on purchase. I bought the early bird package rather early but even so I had to wait until all the keys from Kickstarter were dealt with before I got my DD1 key.
  9. I was wondering with the Beta being around 2 months away if we can have some general information. 1 Will the beta be with a Steam key or something else? 2 Will there be any controller support? 3 How long will the beta last? 4 How will we communicate bugs etc discord? Forum? Surveys? 5 Will there be online functionality? 6 Will split screen be available? I understand from what has been said that the beta will be limited in content, but I hope we will still be able to test progression and loot to be able to give helpful feedback. I would hope that at least up to insane difficulty is included and at least a couple of maps able to do survival to the end wave. I feel it would be helpful to test the game where higher amounts of mobs are present and how it scales throughout the waves.
  10. Minions for PS4 shouldnt be too bad as I already use controller to place them on DD1. It is a little more fiddly than using keyboard and mouse (selecting units is annoying and the mini map placing doesnt seem to work for me) but otherwise I am pretty quick. It is allot easier to move and place lots of minions on a 4 DU buff beam without stacking than towers. I'd imagine that since they are upscaling game from the Switch that if the summoner was to return it will be improved upon from how it currently works for controller. I just dont want to see the ability to throw like 15 towers on ONE 4 DU buff beam with stacking.
  11. There is a couple of glitches/exploits that allow you to place multiple towers on the same spot. This is used mainly to place almost all your towers on one buff beam to save DU. Many players regularly place 6+ Lightning strikes towers and a deadly strikes tower or more on a 4 du buff beam rather than have to use 2 or more buff beams. This was never intended to be possible, but was left unfixed by both Trendy(at the time) and the Community Development Team. I havent tried the glitch/exploit on the PS3 or Xbox360 version, so I am not sure if it works there. Since the console version is quite different from PC I am not even sure if it would have any merit even if it did work. If you are interested in an example of it in action
  12. Tower stacking in DD1 is all too common and everyone knows it was not intended. I'd like to know if Chromatic has any plans to prevent tower stacking in DDA or if they will leave this exploit/glitch in? I may be in the minority but I want the ability to tower stack removed entirely from DDA.
  13. I dont expect it to be region locked, but if it is they are delivering internationally so they should give the appropriate key. UK may become separate from the current EU region for games with the upcoming Brexit so I hope Chromatic keep this in mind when giving us our keys. If any of us here in the UK do have issues with regions we should be able to shoot them an email explaining and get another key. So far anyone who had issues with codes CG were pretty prompt in fixing it.
  14. I am guessing you are unaware the release has been put back to February next year. The beta will be from early November so still leaves plenty time for feedback. From what they said it will be a very limited beta content wise, but not sure how long it will actually last for yet at the moment.
  15. I think the main problem is that since we were not privy to the negoations (and we wouldnt expect those details to come out) we are left to speculate as to why they chose this route. Would it be that without Nintendo there would be no Switch release at all? Was it so they could avoid having to cut a deal with a publisher like EA? Was it to cover costs they didnt anticipate? Whatever their reasons they must of felt it was the right decision for them. The main issue now is where do they go now to rebuild relationships with those who already invested in the game. How can they prove that they still care about us? I think something similar to what they did with the delivery costs would help. The only thing I have to mention is DONT compensate with something DD2 related just DONT. Give backers some ingame item for DDA whether its a skin, a pet or armour whatever just something they can use when the game is released please!!!!! Just a reward for being patient with you throughout the whole development thus far of the game. I understand that designing items will take some time, but I think it would be worthwhile investment if you want to keep those of us left still hyped and positive for the game and your company. Although I agree that PS and XBOX backers are suffering the most having exclusive items there wont work with cross saves. It was proposed that perhaps some sort of early access/beta be available exclusively to kickstarter backers during the exclusivity phase could be used. I am not sure what the terms of exclusivity are when it comes to something like that, but if it is feasible that would be fair imo. It may mean that progress during this period might be wiped though which does make it a little more moot if you are worried about being behind the curve.
  16. Im sure from the outset Chromatic said they intend to have all their goals met at some point, just that the kickstarter was to help them get more on release. I dont think they really expected to be able have all their goals ready for release with the Kickstarter, but more a roadmap of where they want to take the game. I expect these goals will most likely be met within the lifetime of the game, but some of them may be paid DLC and some may be free updates. I dont think any money or help from Nintendo was used exclusively for any flex goals not initially met by the kickstarter. I feel it was more on actually getting the game to work on the Switch in a way that way pleasant for those players. It may even of been that without the help given by Nintendo they might of had to abandon a Switch release completely. With their inexperience of the Switch and their determination to make the game playable on it I am sure thats where their focus was when approaching Nintendo for help.
  17. As you not as familiar with DD1 I'll try to point out some things that may help you refine your idea. In DD1 basically its all about the towers more than heroes. This is more so once you reached NM with lower resistances (In nightmare your resistance is nerfed your health increases your dps is lower but Pets are just well OP) and beefed up enemies once you left the safety of aura stacks and your not geared for resistances etc needed you could be one shot by a goblin xd. . Just to add to that if hardcore mode was in effect and you die your hero was out for the rest of that wave and would not respawn until the building phase of the next. Heroes were most useful for maps with boss fights. Bosses tended to focus on heroes more than the defences in general. Some bosses were impossible to hit with defenses because of where they are placed or the specific mechanics of them (think incursion bosses and it will give you a better idea.). The enemies in general made turtle builds and staying closer to your crystal more prefarable to building next to spawns. Spiders could spawn next to your crystal and with the reach of enemy projectiles you have to build like you do for hex throwers in DD2. DD1 versions of assassins - dark Elves were kinda more like a combo of DD2 assassins and zerkers they would focus on your hero and jump over defenses and would also attack the crystal. Some defenses which dont attack were allot more important in DD1 than in DD2 eg Strength Drain Aura, Entangle Aura, Gas Traps and the Arcane barrier (if you want to include DLCs then Buff beams and Reflect beams which are basically in every NM build). These things make it difficult to go on raw data deciding if any particular hero deserves a reward. Given that i do like how you are thinking and trying to find a solution that is fair, with a little more thought it might just work.
  18. This is more or less my stance as well. I enjoy multiplayer as opposed from solo as i want to engage with others. I like to get together with others in games i enjoy I hate solo play. This is why I try to separate Private matches from Public ones. If you are in something like a Discord server, facebook group or whatever it is pretty easy to jump on and say "Hey i'm looking to play this map at this level who wants to join in?". These matches more often than not are actually pleasant experiences unlike than the minefield of Public matches. So most players are either solo or using such tactics to get a multiplayer experience. If we want a better multiplayer game we have to focus on Public matchmaking and how best to encourage players to use it instead of private matchmaking. How can we make it a place we are willing to go to?
  19. Oh right sorry its not easy to remember with the earlier CDT maps whether it was TE or CDT that developed them for DD1. I had took a gap in playing DD1 from just after the jester was released until around a year and a half ago all I could remember was this map is currently in DD1 xd.
  20. I am not sure how to balance out multi player i a way thats fair. Multiplayer in Dungeon defenders doesnt really give all 4 players a defined role and it is relatively easy for one or more players not to do anything and still complete the map. The main issue I find is not so much multiplayer but Public matches. In both DD1 and DD2 trying to find a match at my current level of play outside of easier difficulties was an impossible task. The main problem for a game like this is there isnt any real reward to going back and helping others out from a loot perspective. People get less willing to help random people when they dont see any benefit from it. This leads to less public matches and discourages new players fro sticking with the game.A typical new player when they do manage to get into a public match tends to find one of 2 things - 1 there is one fully geared player insisting they do all the building and you follow everything they say or 2 nobody seems to have a clue what to do and you dont even get past the first wave. Once you get to around mid game you just stop seeing public matches or they are so rare they may as well not exist. I think this happens due to how frustrating the experience was for people as a new player to get a decent public match. Even when you do see public matches others expect you to be already fully geared, know the map and only there for the reward. I am not sure how or if it is possible to make public matches a place people actually want to engage in.
  21. Perhaps it is best to put the whole reasons why XBox and PS players feel so annoyed into context. For some of us this has built up since the original game when console players were abandoned basically within the first year of release. We were fobbed off with excuses like the consoles could not handle the updates, but even small fixes like making the Strength drain aura remove elemental resistances was never implemented on console. I had already bought Dd1 on both Xbox 360 and PS3 at this point and felt extremely frustrated the only way I was going to play the full game was to go buy a PC and buy the game yet again. Then out comes Dd2 crashes galore on PS4 somme of which are still remaining over a year later. We felt like second class citizens being ignored again. Comme and beta test they would ask, but you have to have a PC and Steam again console players felt left out. DDa gets announced and yet agai no testing for console players. We got hyped for news we could get a simultaneous launch along with PC players and with cross save! So we can have it on multiple platforms without having to start over and over again. Even though I dont own a Switch i felt hyped that even that was being considered "Finally!!!" I thiought console players might actually be getting treated as equals to the so called "PC master race". Then first came the fiasco with delivery charges if you happened to live anywhere but North America you had to pay them or not get the goods. That upset many people mainly because the first we heard about it was with the survey not even an email before that to tell us. Then this came about and for some its just "the straw that broke the camels back". As a mostly PS player when it comes to gaming I do feel that I have been let down over and over by the company, but I am still willing to wait to see whats the end result. With these extra months for PS4 they better make the most use of that tie so that I can actually play it there without crashing, huge latency etc
  22. I hope anyone who wishes to get a refund does so in a reasonable timescale. I also hope anyone who has issues and feels let down, lied to or even out right deceived please at least try not to resort to using profanity or name calling. I was probably more upset over the delivery charge I paid because I felt it was grossly unfair that only international players would be charged for delivery. I felt the same as many here do about the exclusivity deal. I waited until I could see what the justification for this charge was and was annoyed it took them a while to get around to posting that information. Even though I was quite angry and even feeling insulted I kept my responses and criticism respectful. I implore all members of our community to please try to do the same.
  23. If you are only looking to count those in the main campaign there were 13 maps in DD1 from Deeper Well up to Glitterhlem caverns. If you include the 4 shard maps which completed Nightmare difficulty that brought the total to 17, as well there were maps introduced with new heroes and other DLC. We know of at least 4 original DD1 maps making the cut for DDA - deeper Well, Arcane Library, Alchemical Laboratory and Royal Gardens. They also let out of the bag that Servants Quarters didnt make the cut from DD1 to DDA.
  24. Perhaps you are right that they get transformed into their younger selves. I didnt mind the huntress design in DD1 (maybe as where i am many teenagers even myself back in the day would dress similar). The apprentice bugged me most as you never got to see his face he reminded me of a toddler trying to wear wearing an adult sized helmet. yet to this day my favourite hero will always be the apprentice and spamming Mana Bomb shouting at my screen/tv - "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!"
  25. One thing I had not really considered until now is what if BOTH the adult and child versions of the heroes are in DDA?? If the heroes travel back in time we got to see the adult version somewhere in game right?
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