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  1. i understand allot of the frustration expressed by many members of the community and the main point of contention for me is how they handle conveying their decisions other than the actual decisions themselves. Ever since I backed on KS when a situation would arise that would mean deviating from the original plan no effort was made to inform us until after we were directly affected by it. First with the delivery charges for t-shirts outwith NA, the problem for many was not so much paying for delivery but only finding out once we had our survey to put down size of t-shirt, much of that backlash could of been prevented if we had some email beforehand stating something like - We are having issues with our supplier, we are not sure what is happening, but this may mean we have to charge some backers for delivery. Time and time again it seems to be the same story their actual decision seems reasonable but they wait to address it until people start to complain instead of giving us a "heads up". i have on many occasions requested that they start to being more open before sweeping changes are made to our current expectations, but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. I am not upset by what the game launched with and what happened to our Early Access progress even though I have spent 800hrs in EA all I ever asked for is be kept informed ahead of time to make me feel like my trust in the company is warranted.
  2. I liked the DD1 equip screen best each icon clearly showed what the stat was for. My concern with the new UI is with loot on the floor if all that info with numbers etc is displayed like that how much time will I need to decide if i am picking it up or not. It juist seems to busy and requiring time to look it over. If there is Auto-collect like in DD2 I could perhaps forgive it, but even then I still see me spening much more time in the inventory than actually playing the game like what happens in DD2 atm.
  3. I quite like the sound of this, although i wouldnt care about any new or unique flairs. The have hinted before about making pets more meaningful in DD2 so perhaps having a new pet might hold some value? being able to change shot type etc would be really nice and would be completely behind that. if it is a new mode or map as log as its not only worthwhile running ONCE reward wise i will be pretty happy.
  4. I am not sure how best to do what you need. Depending on platform and how you have both accounts set up there may be a solution. It may be better to just buy a top up card with one account and use the code for that on the other to buy what you want there. As far as i am aware you cannot purchase an item with your gems and then gift that to another account, if thats what you are trying to do after your mistake. I use 2 accounts on playstation and had one account set up as a sub-account so I could easily top up and purchase things separately for both accounts with the same payment method. I found that the easiest way for me to manage 2 accounts, but may not be best for everyone.
  5. One thing I think was promised was a map where we could defend the town akin to Tavern defense in DD1 way back,(might be mis-remembering) as well as opening up more of the town to explore in general. I know many players may not feel overly excited about a new map, but perhaps if implemented the newer version of Tavern defense map(defending the town) could offer things like portals, the return of the Olde One Etc Perhaps we could use the catapults and other enviromental objects only and no actual defenses? Just give us something different from what is experienced in other maps/modes. I just hope whatever is implemented doesnt actually require any player to have done 20+ resets and have over 4000 asc with perfect rolled Mods. I also hope this so-called end game update wont be disappointing like what the introduction of Onslaught felt to many of us(which was supposed to be THE end game update).
  6. There is still testing although the NDA prevents testers from discussing what goes on there. Bugs may or may not be found during tests and even if found may not be fixed before update launches. Perhaps more time should go towards finding bugs before updates launch and time to fix them. They may even be rushing some updates so they can concentrate on DDA who knows. They have said that they are pulling back anything significant and only focussing on QOL stuff so much of our issues will probably remain.
  7. I realise with the current development of DDA getting the countess and ranger may not happen for DD2. We were told many times they were looking to complete the gender swap heroes when we asked about new heroes for DD2, but nothing happened. The implemented change after change with no sign of either the Countess or the Ranger, did they really have no time to create them? Is there any chance at all that these 2 heroes which were promised to us being brought in or have the devs completely abandoned them? I am not looking for completely new heroes, but we were told we would get the gender swaps of the main 4 heroes around 2 years ago and I would like them to uphold their promise.
  8. @Sp0t1869, Dont worry that was at 3 or 4 am my time. I just happened to still be awake. I just wanted to let you know I am available to help out if you need it. I am around most of the time even though I am in the UK.
  9. Hi there, I can help you if you like my steam is borqueen1973 feel free to add me and msg when ur on thnx.
  10. So I'm pretty stuck on what to do, ive tried verifying cache, uninstalling and reinstalling and still left with same problem. I bought my son a copy of dd1 for him to play with me in advance of DDA (set up a steam acc etc) installed it on his pc and it worked fine but since its pretty old and wont run dd2 I decided to buy him a new pc but it cannot load DD1. Both PCs use windows 10, when we press play on steam it loads up the preparing to launch screen then does nothing just completely crashes at that point wont even load the game launcher. Can anyone please help as nothing I do seems to work.
  11. I hadnt misunderstood the OP, but was giving a general opinion on how viable DD1 on current consoles would be in any shape or form. If the work was done soley by Xbox at no rreal cost to chromatic Games then sure, I was under the impression some cost or time would be invovled from a developer when making a game backwards compatible. If they can do so that would be great for Xbox players, sad for PS4 players. In any case there would be no Online play so Im not sure how popular it would be for new players to purchase the game. There is still some cost involved somewhere which has to be covered with new purchases. Again with the announcement of DDA I see little point in anyone designing BC DD1 or any other way to play it on current gen consoles. If this was released any previous time the console community had been asking for it I think it would be more successful. I personally would of spent $70 to buy the full game on current consoles even though I bought it twice for PS3 and once for Xbox360(and still play it on PS3).
  12. I tend to go on who the heroes remind me of frompop culture like Gandalf for an apprentice, Katniss for my huntress, Aang for one of my monks, Ichigo or Cloud for a squire etc. but whatever I pick I have to have at least one monk named Steve ( referencing the "steves" from Yu Gi Oh abridged not Minecraft Steve).
  13. I have been thinking about the future for DD2 and I wonder if having a Community Dev team for DD2 like DD1 would be a good thing to keep the game alive and ineresting fo players once DDA is released. Chromatic Games is a small team and they dont have the resources like EA Blizzard etc so we cant expect them to be able to devote as much time to DD2 as we would like going forward. I feel The CDT has improved DD1 immensely after the devs turned their attention to DD2 and think it might work for DD2 the same way. I might be in more of a minority, but id rather CG devoted their time to whatever new game they are currently working on than trying to do too much that all the games suffer. What do you guys think about a CDT for DD2? Would it be even possible?
  14. I doubt this would happen or any ability to play DD1 on the PS4. With the announcement of DDA I would assume this would be the only way users of current gen consoles will be able to play anything like the original game. The community almost since DD2 went to full launch had always enquired about any possible remaster or relrealse of DD1 for current consoles but this never really got anywhere, which is what possibly inspired DDA. In short if you do actually want to play the original game on console you are faced with either Xbox 360 or PS3 and NO online play at all, so I'd wait for DDA and be kind enough to pledge something to their kickstarter as I'm sure many in this forum already have.
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