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  1. You are not able to remote detonate traps in DDA, the huntress went through a few changes from DD1 although she kept the original traps she has double jump and a self boost(replaced invisibility).
  2. I would imagine its a combination of RNG and the fact Pure Strategy items are tied to survival without hardcore enabled. In order to be fairer you should repeat the same map in survival without hardcore and see how the loot drops. On average the best loot would drop from Glitterhelm, Massacre in Mixed Mode Hardcore, where the highest of all loot modifiers would be active. Pure Strategy on any act 1 map other than Magus would on average reward the worst. I have had 400+ from Throne Room with Glitter giving me 300s DDA doesnt seem to be consistent with loot to the same degree as the first game and can vary widely.
  3. Split screen was not functional on PC and only for 2 players, it was not meant to be used at any stage and was completely disabled around Early access. They have not explained how split screen will work for any platform. In the first game you could either have all 4 players on one account or load in separate accounts on console, whereas on PC you could only split screen on the same account without using a third party app. For DD2 you could log into 2 accounts at the same time and split screen on console which again didnt function the same on PC (no official split screen support). Consoles being more flexible I'd imagine you would be able to have the 4 accounts logged in for each screen and it might work out that is the only way to do so.
  4. The current plan is for 4 player split screen on all platforms. Hopefully once they can fix the UI issues they are having with split screen further details on when it will arrive will be given.
  5. DDA has a combination of both - cloud save and local save so you can play offline if you wish to. There are some anti cheat mechanisms in to catch cheating while playing online - or switching form a local save to play online. They are allot more proactive with banning that they were during the 360 days so there should be less chance of running into a cheater.
  6. I feel that sentiment is shared amongst many players and not just for Split Screen, but other features promised in the Kickstarter. They like to tell us they are working on various things, but never willing to give an idea of when we will get anything. They rarely give us actual information it ends up seeming that they are just stringing us along. I have lost count of the amount of times they promised to be more transparent in their communication its become a meme. It will take allot of proof before some of us will have any faith that they have in fact learned from the past.
  7. I cannot forsee any expansion to the hero deck, they might at some point allow for quick switching of it though. the current list thing for selecting heroes is just dumb to me, but it was maybe some compromise for Switch? I still prefer the DD1 and DD2 where you would at least get a character portrait making it a little easier to identify what hero did what. I guess just naming them DST, Elec Aura etc will have to suffice until they have a better system in place.
  8. You may not be aware, but Pure Strategy and Mixed Mode are not currently available for Massacre difficulty (or with Rift Mode). They have stated they are looking to add these in the future, the main issue is how to work Pure Strategy with Sirens in Massacre. Sirens rely on DPS and cannot be targetted by towers, so it will be a difficult task to balance PS in Massacre and having loot with some value. I feel it might be a while before we see PS for Massacre as I think they are concentrating on getting DDA on Xbox and working on Trading which is supposedly the second part of the update we got end of last year.
  9. if we could just place them in our taverns like we used to I would be happy. There are some items that we get that we want to keep and not use like the Kickstarter Girraffe or the Golden Douglas etc. The best thing about DD1 was being able to show them off in your tavern if it was unique or rare or just looked cool, being able to have them placed in the Tavern was the best thing. Some players would go every elaborate with the designs of the loot, placing each carefully or grouping them together just to show off xd. I always loved going to Tavern shops just to look at what was displayed, some would even place rare items on the floor as a sort of a shop display. From what I understand with the present system having anything akin to the folder system from DD1 wont work in DDA, but I see no reason to stop us from putting those items on display in our Tavern and being able to "lock" them so they cannot be picked up by others. I hope once trading is implemented we will be able to display the items we want to and keep those items we feel proud to own in a place other than our main inventory.
  10. I am getting increasingly frustrated with DDA and the direction it seems to be heading in. It seems as each new mode is introduced fewer and fewer defences are viable to the point every map is more or less the same no matter who builds it. I have always wanted DD games to have multiple ways to tackle them and see a variety of approaches not this copy and paste mentality. I understand a Meta evolves but why does it feel so forced? Why does any other tower than DST just feel a waste? I have heard complaints about squire dps being balanced and DST issues, but what about making other heroes and defences as useful? Where is the push to see actual alternatives to the meta and freedom to be different? it doesnt seem anywhere to be encouraged to experiment or find a unique approach. It is so predictable and boring I have lost almost any desire to play. I have been considering to just give away my keys for console once they arrive. There doesnt seem any fun to be had when if I do want to be different the amount of times a niche build works, the grind required for that doesnt seem worth it. There seems little to no reward in not adhering to the meta with both the current design and other players. Attempts by developers to shake up the meta end up only furthering the reduction of viability of towers. In DD2 with onslaught all it did was have the Reflect beam meta thing that works in every map every lane. I might throw in a pdt or earth shatter out of pure boredom but while doing ap resets farming gear for more than the main 4 defences seems pointless waste of time. The same can be said for rift Mode. What would encourage me to farm a set for lsts or any squire defence tbh? For a few instances where they might be useful in a group? Why waste 100's of hrs for those niche times? I have always wanted a time when build diversity is actively encouraged and I can feel like I have a choice not feel like - here is the solution to the puzzle now use it everywhere. I fail to see this as a strategy game when one solution seems to be by far the only solution. Am I alone in this or do others also want to see actual variety in builds? Where do the developers stand and how do they approach this topic?
  11. I share your concerns as well when it comes to introduction of hew heroes. I feel its more complicated than just a balance issue. trying to bring any new hero will be difficult if not impossible if we look at current game it will become either OP or totally useless. I find it difficult to see where a new hero would even fit in? Any new hero will have to fit in with Rift Mode or it will be outright ignored. It will have to see some usefulness to a point that one defence can be used instead of any of the few currently being used atm. I really struggle to see how with the current game where any would be replaced by a different fusion defence and if we did get some defence better than DST can you imagine? "I farmed x hours for perfect DST fusion gear and now y tower made it pointless". I am unsure where DDa goes from here hero wise, but I do not envy the Devs trying to sort out this mess.
  12. Adjusting the target priority for DSTs has been needed since day 1, this is even more evident with Rift Mode. The problem for me is that there doesnt really seem to be any viable alternative to using DSTs as the main DPS tower. The biggest bug bear I have mentioned elsewhere is how Rift Mode basically forces us to only use specific defences and ignore practically every other one. Does anyone make harpoon fusion Squire? or LST Apprentice? Do we even use those towers at all anymore? Even Flamebursts are becoming a thing of the past. back when Insane was the hardest difficulty the solution was to spam dsts after everything since we have just came full circle back to that.
  13. There are some players completely adverse to the Summoner being a thing in DDA especially if part of any paid DLC for the main reason you mentioned - own DU pool. There was some resistance to EV even though being included in the game for free some players still called her P2W and complained heavily about the buff beam (renamed to overclock beam) being a thing. I was a fan of the Summoner in DD1 and liked those master strategist challenges when you could only use minions too. One thing people seem to forget or perhaps are not aware that in DDE he shared the main DU pool, so perhaps that might be the way to go if he was to return. Also with Redux made by mostly one dedicated player (who is now a part of CG) IDHC rebalanced all the heroes and the minion walls are a thing of the past, if they bring in the Summoner they could take inspiration from Redux. I am not sure what the best solution would be to avoid resistance to him returning from some players. I wonder if it might just be best to avoid him completely for DDA than tackle him. The Jester I felt with the "wheel of fortune" ability was more broken and OP and is another hero I would be concerned with if she was to return. I did like the whole random presents thing and didnt really like the CDT towers they gave her. I felt giving her towers removed some of the uniqueness of the hero. If the Jester was to return I would insist on reworking the hero esp the wheel of fortune ability. As much as I would like to bring in all the heroes from DD1 even the gender swaps, I would much rather we moved on from DD1 and any new heroes or maps were ones are those we have not seen or perhaps even bringing in stuff from DD2. I was one of those campaigning for a console release of a complete DD1 for PS4 and Xbox1. I understand the desire to see allot of DD1 in DDA since it is so similar, but we need to move away from treating it as a remake of DD1. It was stated from the start DDA was its own game and would be "inspired by DD1", the problem is that even though there are differences and a new difficulty it still seems to many as nothing more than a remake of DD1. DDA to me should be able to stand on its own as a game and I wish as a community we started to treat it as such and not just constantly ask for bringing in DD1 stuff over and over.
  14. Phil is allergic to anime basically and says if you type or say anime while he plays it will instantly make him die in game xd
  15. Im rather torn over Rift Mode and I really want to like it. The challenge it presents can be interesting but loot implementation leaves allot to be desired. I am also at a loss where Rift mode lies in the current progression for new players. In DD2 you could go easily between onslaught and chaos tiers yet rift mode progression wise seems more of a one or the other thing. Until perhaps Massacre Fusion gear is only helpful in Rift mode and regular gear is a little obsolete in Rift mode. I have felt Rift mode would do better in its own separate area perhaps like survival, pure strategy and mixed mode. It is at least in theory optional but looks like its supposed to be part of the current progression curve throughout the players experience. I struggle to see exactly at what point a new player is supposed to play in rift mode, when they would go between it and other modes etc. Targetted loot was kind of missing from the game outwith a few pets and boss weapons many maps were largely ignored by the playerbase, so I understand why they made the choice they did. I just feel they perhaps missed an opportunity here. Challenges by and large are totally ignored in DDA, in DD1 I remember doing specific challenges for the rewards like Volcanic Eruption for BF Drill. Putting some of the rewards behind wave 25 seems a little weird to me - if I can get to wave 25 without said gear then why do I need the gear?? Sure it makes the next run easier but still seems rather counter intuitive. Perhaps having challenges give a decent fusion reward guaranteed it would make a little more sense and give us a reason to actually do the challenges. I am also a little annoyed by the whole hero in deck thing, why have us farm a set for each defence we wish to use for the fusion effect then make use choose 3 or 4. It only furthers the usefulness of certain towers and makes others even more obselete. I can understand having every defence with its fusion effect could be overpowered but was this really the best way to implement restrictions? It makes me as a 90% solo player just not want to play. I feel like I am at a major disadvantage and being forced to play with others when I simply dont want to. I get that some people want other players in their sessions to build or to be allowed to build when not the host. I am just not sure if this is the best way to do so. If there was some raid boss or something it might make more sense "to have to team up", but just to do the grind for loot??? I could see an argument for perhaps reducing DU in rift mode or increasing DU of fusion defences to help balance the game allot more than the hero deck thing. Some of the rifted enemies and defences seem to lack diversity and dont really add much. Other than rifted Ogres and Dark Elf warriors do we even notice rifted enemies? How many defences just add extra damage from fusion defences? How about something allot more like those spheres in DD2 beta where the actual function of the tower changed like flameburst to flamethrower? if the towers changed in some way they could serve a purpose outwith rifted mode and not feel so locked into rifted(other than massacre where some argument may remain). Even just changing how they target enemies could give value to using a fusion defence other than a regular version. In all I just want rifted mode to feel more connected to the rest of the game than it does now. I want it to serve a purpose everywhere it is implemented from Easy campaign to Massacre survivals.
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