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  1. maybe a different hero can come through the portal from terarria, that shouldnt ruin the cannon. Also wonder what other heroes will sneak in who shouldnt belong in the timeline since they did say "things are not as the heroes remember".
  2. Some sort of replay would be great especially for those times it seems the core died out of nowhere (which could actually happen). Would also be cool/funny for those moments we failed and died in hardcore if it replayed our deaths xd.
  3. As I mentioned before I feel most but perhaps not all would be allot happier if the digital goods as compensation were tied to DDA instead of DD2. Everyone who so far has paid for DDA is intending to play that regardless of whether they play DD2 or not. It just makes more sense to me. Whether its a giraffe on a treadmill, some silly costume, some armor set etc. I dont really care, these wont cost CG actual money so I dont see why not. The gems although are not great does in kind cost them money(loss of revenue), so surely digital goods would be best all round. Please consider this CG as I feel it would help improve relations between yourselves and your customers.
  4. Not "needing" and having a considerable advantage are 2 different things. As I said you dont need summoner, many builds without him work pretty well, for running maps. However once you want to do NMMMHC survivals esp on end game maps try a build without him and its an entirely different story. Its not impossible but your just giving yourself a headache for no reason. This to me is what makes him a "must have" hero.
  5. They recently hired a specialist in designing User Interfaces, so I hope that issues like this wont happen. Local co-op only being on consoles for DD2 I think might be the reason for the messy screens as DD2 is mainly designed around single play. I dont think any news about the UI will come until allot nearer release, but hopefully they will design better for local co-op.
  6. it seems a slight arguement over semantics where summoner is concerned. Having separate DU did make summoner "must have" like jester e with the OP kill % of enemies etc. You could also save DU with a builder Jester with presents even though I didnt see this utilised much. the same can be said for some DLC heroes on DD2, where we could argue that without them content is many times more difficult. If they keep the focus on the main 4 and keep DLC heroes unique but not over-powered I dont really care too much. I also dont want to be forced into buying a dlc hero to unlock difficulties etc. Balancing is important but this relies also on what enemies they have eg spiders, sharkens, cyborks etc if defenses are useless against a certain type then one hero will always end up being "required" to buy.
  7. There is still testing although the NDA prevents testers from discussing what goes on there. Bugs may or may not be found during tests and even if found may not be fixed before update launches. Perhaps more time should go towards finding bugs before updates launch and time to fix them. They may even be rushing some updates so they can concentrate on DDA who knows. They have said that they are pulling back anything significant and only focussing on QOL stuff so much of our issues will probably remain.
  8. At this point I dont think anyone knows, they are probably bust trying to deal with the mess from kickstarter first. It is disappointing though that their communication seems lacking and slow. They need to be allot more proactive and let us know in advance what and when they will be doing stuff not leave us until after they do it. Many people are getting frustrated and possibly even angry with how they are handling information and unless they learn people will just start leaving in droves.
  9. you dont need summoner in builds per se, but for survivals it does make things allot easier with the auto heal walls and double du (not doubled in DDE). The summoner being tower only (well ok u could equip 2 dps pets but not ideal) brought about something unique. The real time strategy achievements were pretty fun (only minions damaging mobs), you could cheese them with using buff beams, entangle auras, strength drain auras and gas traps though. The summoner could be implemented using the same resource of DU like DDE we wont know until if and when it comes into DDA. I like the premise of tower only heroes in DD2 we have 2 dps only but no tower only sigh, I hope we will get some hero who uses towers only whether its the summoner or not.
  10. Stores Like PSN have different top ups and stores depending on region so if you requested a game key for console I could see a problem (you could always make a fake account though) . If you only wish to play on PC I dont forsee any region locking as most store fronts like Steam have the same stores everywhere just with languages to suit yourself. The only restrictions on PC are down to different countries policies on censorship etc which DDA should not have any issues with.
  11. Nice for you guys to be on top of this, just curious for the DD1 codes with the preorder awakened bundle will these be done soon? I am looking to give my DD1 key from there to a friend. I understand you will ber dealing with kickstarter ones first, but it be nice to know for me andf others who purchashed a bundle with A dd1 code on the pre-order store.
  12. I wonder if it might be possible especially for those with no use or desire for DD2 gems to offer something like a giraffe on a treadmill pet for DDA? With backers all intending to get DDA it would make more sense top offer some digital reward for that instead. I am quite happy with the existing offer as it does show some good faith on your part, but others are not. I realise you offering gems was a way to reward customers earlier, but perhaps backers would be happy to wait if the offer was tied to DDA. I personally was not looking for compensation, just upset at the lack of information before I backed. Please consider offering some sort of digital reward tied to DDA like a pet or costume at least as an option for those not wishing gems.
  13. I realise with the current development of DDA getting the countess and ranger may not happen for DD2. We were told many times they were looking to complete the gender swap heroes when we asked about new heroes for DD2, but nothing happened. The implemented change after change with no sign of either the Countess or the Ranger, did they really have no time to create them? Is there any chance at all that these 2 heroes which were promised to us being brought in or have the devs completely abandoned them? I am not looking for completely new heroes, but we were told we would get the gender swaps of the main 4 heroes around 2 years ago and I would like them to uphold their promise.
  14. I would also like to put my vote in for the summoner. I felt the Abyss Lord was a bit lackluster in comparison to the summoner. Whether or not the minions have a separate resource or not doesnt make much difference to me personally, I liked being able to summon and control "enemy" units especially ogres xd. With what Mark said it seems stats will be similar to DD1 so I dont see a reason why the summoner or another hero similar couldnt be implemented. I am also interested what other familiar heroes will be included in the future. If we get the EV which version there are some differences between EV and EV2. With the additional backing from pre-order store will we get this "rift walker" hero or is that still up in the air?
  15. Cross play is something they are hoping for but cannot promise (Sony cough cough). As super_slayan mentioned you will need a key for each platform you wish to play on and cross saves will be in effect to allow you to pick up where you left of. From what was mentioned I would assume there will be some sort of main account information stored to tie all the different platforms together, As for your friends/family it should be possible for them to sign in to their account and play DDA separately. I am also not sure on if they would need different keys since I only use one account on my switch. I also have no clue how local co-op would work with the switch especially with just one device the size of the screen makes me think if possible I'd probably on use it on a TV only for co-op.
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