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  1. As far as I know no date has been set yet or further details for physical items. They will contact those who pledged for the lunch meet up most likely through email tied to the backerlit thing. They will have to fix a date with everyone concerned at some point. I'm not too sure if they would announce the lunch meet up publicly, possibly they might do some sort of Dev diary covering how it went afterwards. I'd keep an eye out in your email after digital goods for DD2 (costumes) have been issued as they are probably going to want to get those done first. For the design of accessories they will either contact you separately like how they are working with the backer making a weapon or will set time during the meet up for you to pitch your idea. In either case I'd imagine the design could not be fully designed in just the lunch meet up and further contact be made for some time to be ready for release.
  2. Just in case you are not aware they do hope to be able to bring in cross-platform multiplayer it all depends on the likes of Sony on whether they allow such a thing. Their wish is to be truly cross-platform, but as most of us know Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have to sign of on it. While they cannot guarantee cross platform play they can offer the next best thing with cross platform saves which wont require the same amount of permissions from Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. Since Sony has a bad reputation for allowing cross-play it might never happen. I dont see CG being happy with cross-play if not available between all 4 platforms.It will also need more development to make sure each platform can talk to each other and there is no distinct advantage to being on one platform over another. In other words even if Sony and co say yes it wont be available for some time. Also with the possible releases of next gen consoles coming next year CG might want to spend time developing the game to work on those first. TDLR Chromatic wants to bring in cross-play, but if it does come it wont be for months after release.
  3. I think perhaps the block/ban list was misinterpreted I had meant it purely for players to actively avoid others they have have bad experiences with. You would select a player and block them from being able to join your games in future and it would also stop you from joining theirs. An unhelpful player is not the same as one who is toxic or cheating, reporting of players exists for most online games to deal with those separately. I have played various online multiplayer games since 2002 and I have kept what I call "Not to play with" lists so I can avoid those I find to be unhelpful, unpleasant etc, but if I come across someone using toxic language, innapropriate behaviour or cheating i would use whatever reporting feature was present in the game. All reporting features can be abused and I know of many players come a foul of such. No matter what system is in place there is always a way to abuse it. I guess it all depends which system is less likely to cause problems in general. There has to be a way to deal with unhelpful players without having to resort to reporting them. With the game being client side (from what I heard) I dont think we could use a vote kick system. This leaves us with host kick and figuring out how to lessen the possibility of abuse. One suggestion I quite liked was removing the possibility to kick a player in the last couple of waves of a map, I would also balance that by also removing the possibility to join that map in those waves. Im not sure what other measures would help reduce abuse of the host kick system and perhaps others in the community have ideas.
  4. Um well atm I have ordered keys for everything but the switch. If it plays well on the Switch might get one for it too, with cross save being a thing and i have all 4 platforms available why limit myself to just one of them xd.
  5. I have to agree I totally miss the colour customisation in DD2. I'd like it further developed to weapons, accessories etc. Changing the crystal look and colour I also miss, just being able to tailor almost everything to your tastes was great. Please, please CG bring this into DDA!!
  6. All 3 games so far DD1, DDE and DD2 have flaws and I certainly dont feel any of them are perfect. There are more differences between DD1 and DD2 to me than similarities. I feel this makes it hard for both communities to agree on whats best for DDA and I worry no matter what the devs do both communities will be unhappy. We should be discussing what works and doesnt work in each game even the now defunct DDE and what we feel is the most important elements from each. It might feel to some that mentioning specific flaws with the games to be some sort of betrayal or might seem to others as an attack on their "beloved" game, but we must be willing to be critical and offer suggestions on improvement. We must also acknowledge each game has good aspects as well regardless of which game we prefer. Looking at each game and coming to an agreement which system actually suits the majority of players - Easy to Nightmare VS Campaign to C7 Survival VS Onslaught Challenges VS Mastery/Incursions Gear with all stats VS limited stats with shards and mods Leveling each hero separately VS all heroes having the same level + Ascension One pool of mana VS Ability and Building Mana ETC I had hoped players would take the opportunity to discuss these types of things so we could help shape DDA while it is still in development. We should also remember that although DDA is revisiting DD1 they are planning on making a DD3 later on and what is decided here could also shape what DD3 will be.
  7. I'd rather the warping core challenges return they kept you on your toes more. The Volcanic Eruption was a good challenge, but played to death for BF Drills to use in Lab Assault. The main reason Lab Assualt got spammed was for accessories, which never really dropped consistently enough in regular maps or survivals. This was especially true for lower geared players, as until the likes of Winter Wonderland NMHC this was really the only place to farm for them. I just hope if accessories return CG will improve the drop rate for accessories as well as avoid the "one challenge" to gain them. As a side note I am hoping (cringe) Zippy Terror and Wizardry both get left out HATED those!
  8. If only, I'd love Mojo Jojo or other Powerpuff Girls stuff! but no JOJO anime references. Id want to know more about game play - what enemies return? What new enemies? All original towers for the OG4? Level cap? Will all heroes carry same amount of mana to upgrade? Separate ability mana or not?
  9. I think you are correct on this, which means I guess the discussion is a little moot. I dont think it should be a direct clone of the existing host kick that exists on Dd1 however and perhaps we can improve the system for DDA. Suggestions so far: 1 adding a limit to which wave you can kick or join a match - must have flexibility where longer sessions exist eg survival 2 adding a block/ban list so players can avoid players who they feel cause issues I am not sure if there is anything else which could improve the system to keep it fair and less open to abuse. Perhaps you have ideas?
  10. The workshop is great for DD1 and I miss it in DD2 there were many wonderfully designed user maps. I know some games also allow for user created maps etc on consoles and it would be nice if this could be implemented for DDA at some point. Perhaps having prepared assets one could use to create a map on console? There are many talented individuals in our community (sadly I am not). It would be wonderful to give them the opportunity to show off their talents in the same way as DD1 allowed and also to open it up to console players as well.
  11. Seems reasonable, if it was made that after a certain point new players were unable to join that match. Since it seems survival is returning a match can last until wave 40 there, so there is a need for flexibility. If I was forced to choose between I probably come down on the side of Host kick for at least private multiplayer. If you are playing in a private session you should have complete control over what happens there. In public matches is where I feel it gets a little murkier unless it might be possible with party leader type system to make the party leader have these host kick powers and these powers can be transferred. When the host leaves or disconnects in DD1 from a map everyone else is kicked regardless. It would be nice for those other players especially in public matches could remain if they so wish.
  12. With reading the posts so far I am more and more convinced that some sort of block list should be implemented regardless of what kick system is in force. Being able to have a button to click block/avoid or what ever while selecting a player in your session and leaving the session gives assurance that you wont run into that player again unless you then unban/unblock later. I still cant decide whether host kick or vote kick is the way to go. In Dd1 you would get hosts who would get a little power crazy and initially when defenses would retain their stats some have people build and then just kick them. With vote kick system all other players have to agree to kick the player and if only 2 it is impossible to kick at all. As I said both systems have issues and i wonder if a block list was in place would we be better off removing the kick function entirely.
  13. With discussions being made about what we do and do not wish to see in DDA. I would like to turn some attention to how the game intends to deal with problem players in DDA. In DD1 who ever hosts the game can unilaterally kick any player they so choose. In DD2 to kick a player this is done by the way of a majority vote.Both systems have drawbacks and benefits and I am not entirely sure which is the better system. I thought perhaps in addition to/instead of these we could have some sort of block/ban list so we could avoid those players we feel cause issues. I wonder as a whole what the community thinks about how best to address this.
  14. I agree that in multiplayer having ready timers is needed, many people do not want to wait 10 minutes while someone sorts through their inventory etc. I always veiwed it as if the builder is ready you should be too. If you want to sort through every item you picked up do so back in tavern/town when it wont interfere with the rest of the group. I dont think anyone even those of us who dislike build timers feel a need to remove the ready timer. Ready timers do not force me to build solo in under 70 seconds or whatever but allow multiplayer not to be held back because one player is afk etc. I am not too sure about optioning out of timer afterwards, this really depends on what the kick options are. Will it e like Dd1 where the host has automony and decides who they do and dont play with? Or more like DD2 where the majority decide? Until I know how kicking of players works I am not really sure if I am for or against it.
  15. Build timers even those that are reasonably generous do tend to make it so you perfect ONE build so you can complete it within the limit with time to spare. Just having a timer makes one focus on efficiency rather than flexibility where builds are concerned. Survival which sadly is not present in DD2 is where you found more experimentation and honing your knowledge of how different combinations work or fail. I much preferred survival even though in many respects the difficulty was harder than just completing the map. I have never played optimal or been part of whatever the existing meta is. I never focus on whats "best way" to deal with X or y mob/map. I might be using the so-called worst hero to DPS or build with purely because i just love that hero. This probably puts me at a disadvantage and why I might find timers in general more frustrating. To me it all depends on where your enjoyment is , are you the type to min/max or just wanna see what might be possible regardless if it is optimal or not? For those who enjoy being efficient and min/max timers add something extra to push you to improve efficiency even more. are you the type to take your sweet time planning before you act or want to streamline it as much as possible? An interesting discussion I got involved with on the DD1 discord server (not official DD server) brought up a good point. Why people are not asking for removal of hardcore mode as well? Where was the outcry to make sure that is also left out? Is it perhaps because it was never implemented in DD2? Gave me food for thought.
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