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  1. Ok to make things a little clearer for a while they had a storefront hosted by Xsolla to pre-order the game before Early Access, this had 3 editions of varying prices as each price increased further rewards were added. This store closed along with the ability to pre-order the game for consoles (which imo we should still be able to considering consoles still have a while before they have the game). However if you ordered the game before that on BackerKit or through the Kickstarter the rewards offered on the Xsolla store will be given in addition to any rewards you received from there. If you bought the game through the Steam store during Early Access all you will get is the shadow skin promised to anyone who bought the game before launch. I hope that clarifies things for you.
  2.  THE ALL-SEEING OVERLORD Chromatic Games Hey All, We recently announced that ALL of our BackerKit and Kickstarter backers that purchased the game in some fashion will receive one set of the preorder rewards (per Kickstarter/BackerKit account) from the preorder store: Previously we had it locked to just the $40 and up tiers on both Kickstarter and BackerKit. As long as you receive a copy of the game through these two portals, you'll get these rewards. This is to reward our early supporters for putting their trust in us from during the birth of this project. That's all for now, just a quick update! :) Smoochies, Lawlta As you can see all KS and Backerkit orders are promised the above rewards in addition to ourprevious rewards. I would imagine once these rewards get sent out they will hand them to us as well.
  3. The whole thing is confusing to be honest the KS skins were supposed to be "supporter skins" the rift skins were for the prestiguos edition from the Xsolla store. KS backers were promised to get everything from the Xsolla store on top of the KS rewards or if you bought it on Backerkit. Either the rift skins from Xsolla store are different rift skins or they goofed. They need to clarify what the rift skins from Xsolla store are and to assure us they are indeed additional for us.
  4. dizzydiana


    He has went back to a more or less normal schedule streaming on You Tube and Twitch. he is still recovering a little the 24 hr stream was quite tiring for us, but was still fun. I would like to thank anyone who tuned in and supported him, I am sure it helped him get through it. It sure helped me moderate and get info out on discord etc throughout the 24hr stream. I cannot see 24hr streams being a common thing for him, but there is some scope for more for special occasions.
  5. I had moved on from my EA progress with 700 ish hours (not sure since steam doesnt split my beta play time). I am quite conflicted with the whole thing avoiding the level grind would be nice, but i dont really care about the rest. Then again having my lvl 100's back with maps unlocked etc still feels sort of cheap when it would allow me to skip some portion of progression. If this option was presented to us before launch perhaps I would of taken it up, but right now i feel it would spoil my fresh playthrough and current experience I am having. It is also difficult to those who want to wait it out to see what exactly will be transferred over as that isnt clear. What is best to do in the meantime? Play on legacy and try to replace as many items as possible to get the best chance of keeping everything? Play on legacy and progress to massacre where when it transfers there wont be any new content left for quite some time? Just leave your Legacy profile where it is in the hope you will have everything from EA other than perhaps less gold then carry on? It is a difficult choice. I just implore that players accept whatever happens and try as best as they can to move forward positively and just enjoy the game.
  6. I hope I am not being misunderstood here. Timers once you know the route and build order do not actually add difficulty in my opinion. However if there were maps like temple in DD2 which constantly change each time you enter them then perhaps there is some argument to be made of the timer adding actual dificulty. The other issue is what is the "correct" amount of time that should be given Should it be shortened to those who know the map off by heart or lengthened to those who are completely new? What player do you base timers around? What is actually fair? Just because one player might finish it with 10 seconds to spare without issue doesnt mean everyone will. It will always feel too long for some, too short for others and just about right for everyone else. If survival feels easier that campaign to anyone that is a problem why should testing your defences to the 25th wave feel easier than just throwing down stuff to hold for 5? Other than boss fights survival or challenges is where they players must feel the real difficulty lies not within campaign.
  7. I would like to echo the OP. i was not quite as upset as others my main issue was the repeat of yet again not telling us first. i appreciate that you took all the heat and tried to find a way to smooth everything over. I have some worries over what has been proposed, but i do not wish to create more negativity. I hope that things moving forward will run allot smoother for Chromatic and the community as a whole. I hope the right lessons have been learned, and wish everyone good luck with their grinding.
  8. I spent 700+hrs in Early access like many here and I understand why people are frustrated with the Legacy thing. From my standpoint the way content was released didnt accurately reflect what would happen for new players anyway, i am not sure how many players with over 400hrs even didnt spend days of doing nothing but Insane survival waiting for Nightmare to come out? The when NM did release it felt very easy coming from insane already 73 for many some almost 80 all with the maximum loot available from Insane. and with the time from NM release until now I am sure many people repeated that experience to get ready for Massacre.I was not sure how I wanted to handle launch I wanted to continue on and go to Massacre, but I also wanted to see how progressing from start to finish felt in a more natural way. I was very much conflicted but I had planned to spend some time in the new modes like pure Strategy and challenges before going to Massacre I felt that I could just head to Massacre when I wished there wasnt a rush to get to end game for me. Some of the items from Early access in the current game have been rebalanced for Play also other items have had changes which could make Early Access gear rather broken in that mode. I am not sure what the community would of felt worse with only having heroes with no items/gold or moving Early Access into legacy. Both to me seem to have potential issues, Legacy is supposed to at some point contain modding and so if you want a legitimate playthrough you wont feel you got that there, if you got only your heroes but nothing else there is still the feeling of what did I farm for? sure it makes easier difficulties rather moot not requiring items but still doesnt feel good. what if they didnt keep the heroes or items in anyway at all then what, is that better or worse than having them in Legacy i am not that sure. i dont know what would be the fairest resolution to this where everyone can agree, but perhaps just having some collectable item in game honouring the fact we supported them through Early Access with the higher pricepoint could help take the sting out of it a little.
  9. Timed build phases were present in Insane and above difficulty for campaign maps in DD1 and originally also in DD2 (subsequently removed). I have always saw timers as an artificial way to add difficulty since it is all about learning the map and route and as you say becomes very cookie cutter in build diversity. Once you are able to build any map with over 5 seconds left, you really have to ask what is the timer even doing to the player? The idea of timers in any context is to add pressure and make mistakes all more painful, but it isnt as if you are building the map differently each time so its just a memory game and a speed check. I have before during the whole development asked for some alternative to forced build timers, but it seems to not garner much support or any response from the developers. I cannot see at this point any change to build timers so it seems we must accept them being there are decide if build timers being present detracts from playing the rest of the game enough to where you no longer wish to play.
  10. i understand allot of the frustration expressed by many members of the community and the main point of contention for me is how they handle conveying their decisions other than the actual decisions themselves. Ever since I backed on KS when a situation would arise that would mean deviating from the original plan no effort was made to inform us until after we were directly affected by it. First with the delivery charges for t-shirts outwith NA, the problem for many was not so much paying for delivery but only finding out once we had our survey to put down size of t-shirt, much of that backlash could of been prevented if we had some email beforehand stating something like - We are having issues with our supplier, we are not sure what is happening, but this may mean we have to charge some backers for delivery. Time and time again it seems to be the same story their actual decision seems reasonable but they wait to address it until people start to complain instead of giving us a "heads up". i have on many occasions requested that they start to being more open before sweeping changes are made to our current expectations, but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. I am not upset by what the game launched with and what happened to our Early Access progress even though I have spent 800hrs in EA all I ever asked for is be kept informed ahead of time to make me feel like my trust in the company is warranted.
  11. I liked the DD1 equip screen best each icon clearly showed what the stat was for. My concern with the new UI is with loot on the floor if all that info with numbers etc is displayed like that how much time will I need to decide if i am picking it up or not. It juist seems to busy and requiring time to look it over. If there is Auto-collect like in DD2 I could perhaps forgive it, but even then I still see me spening much more time in the inventory than actually playing the game like what happens in DD2 atm.
  12. I quite like the sound of this, although i wouldnt care about any new or unique flairs. The have hinted before about making pets more meaningful in DD2 so perhaps having a new pet might hold some value? being able to change shot type etc would be really nice and would be completely behind that. if it is a new mode or map as log as its not only worthwhile running ONCE reward wise i will be pretty happy.
  13. I am not sure how best to do what you need. Depending on platform and how you have both accounts set up there may be a solution. It may be better to just buy a top up card with one account and use the code for that on the other to buy what you want there. As far as i am aware you cannot purchase an item with your gems and then gift that to another account, if thats what you are trying to do after your mistake. I use 2 accounts on playstation and had one account set up as a sub-account so I could easily top up and purchase things separately for both accounts with the same payment method. I found that the easiest way for me to manage 2 accounts, but may not be best for everyone.
  14. One thing I think was promised was a map where we could defend the town akin to Tavern defense in DD1 way back,(might be mis-remembering) as well as opening up more of the town to explore in general. I know many players may not feel overly excited about a new map, but perhaps if implemented the newer version of Tavern defense map(defending the town) could offer things like portals, the return of the Olde One Etc Perhaps we could use the catapults and other enviromental objects only and no actual defenses? Just give us something different from what is experienced in other maps/modes. I just hope whatever is implemented doesnt actually require any player to have done 20+ resets and have over 4000 asc with perfect rolled Mods. I also hope this so-called end game update wont be disappointing like what the introduction of Onslaught felt to many of us(which was supposed to be THE end game update).
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