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  1. i dont like to be THAT person but, In Kickstarter rewards you should include the strategy guide as well as in the pre-orders. This was a reward as well for certain tiers (one of which i backed at). otherwise it is good to have the info clearly displayed in one place.
  2. I did find it rather weird as well, but DD1 does the same thing with items, so its not a huge surprise. I'm just more concerned how readable it actually is on tvs and the Switch in handheld mode. All that info with text just seems a little overwhelming display wise. Without knowing for sure if there will be any auto collect feature I worry I am going to have to run around picking up every item, then spending forever inbetween maps going through the inventory. I see myself spending more time in the inventory screen than actually playing the game. They have said on a few occasions that they dont want to make it inventory manager the game, but atm I am seeing just that and not any easier to actually decide whats worth picking up off the floor.
  3. Having all the DD1 defences back isnt a real issue, but I have to admit i liked the inclusion of the PDT and SGT to huntress and Monk to give them a definitive anti-air defence. To be fair not having a specific defence for anti-air only becomes an issue if you solo with that hero alone. As we have more builders and additional heroes added it does become a non issue with each hero serving a specific function in the build. That being said it doesnt detract from the fact that the huntress doesnt really have a clear way to deal with flying enemies other than to DPS them down, unless they actually fixed the etheral spike trap to work adequately in that regard. As it stands it still seems its best to start with either a squire or apprentice then level up monk or huntress to fill in gaps for higher difficulties /survival. With only having the 4 original heroes it does seem a bit restrictive to make half of them not that viable as a solo builder.
  4. personally I'm getting more of a Destiny vibe than Fortnite. I still struggle to see how the new Ui is easier to read than the old style with icons. it certainly doesnt seem that a passing glane will be anywhere enough to see if its a worthwhile thing to pick up or not. I see myself frantically running around picking up everything then going back to tavern to actually compare the drops. When they announced a Ui specialist had been hired I was hoping for something rather special not some Destiny clone, heck even the colour for legendary seems to come right out of the Destiny play book for Exotics. I have to agree it does look rather clinical when you consider Dd is supposed to be a little dare I say cartoony, eh maybe I'm being too harsh and I'll get used to it- shrug.
  5. I am too a little concerned about readability for consoles and msotly for the Switch in handheld mode. With all the stats from Dd1 returning I do wonder just how easy it will be to tell the differences in equipment for those using a Switch in handheld mode with such a small screen to work with. I know it might sound rather petty to focus on the Switch, but this has been my main concern since they announced they would be including it for release. With Dd2 as you mention many of the text boxes are almost impossible to read on a 55" screen I can only imagine trying to read them on a Switch - magnifying glass anyone??? With the pictures we saw it also seems that the equipment screen took up the full screen so does that mean that it is impoissible to tell dur8ing waves if the gear will be worth using or not? With the return (apparently) of build tiimers it would mean that we would have t either pick up everything and then check at the end of the map or perhaps loot will remain on the floor until the end they we go around checking all the loot? Hvaing the stats displayed as they are would make it very difficult to check during combat on how good the item was. I understand that they wanted to redesign the equipment to display the stats clearly but I actually feel the original display was easier to read quickly. One other thing I am curious about since they displayed a weapon is are we going to need/get elemental resists like DD1 and will the differences in stats between Insane and NM also be implemented? (resists being nerfed in Nm, Hp being increased but Hero damage nerfed etc)
  6. From what I could tell the quality/tiers of gear will be similar DD1 and perhaps you are not as familiar with that. In DD1 there were many many tiers going from cursed, torn, to Ultimate ++. Gear was level gaited you could pick up gear that you would not be able to equip until you reached the appropriate level. Godly tier (just above legendary) was for level 60+. Mythical 74+. etc until finally Ultimate ++ 100. You would also get a bonus for equipping all the same kind of armour like all leather, all chain etc. From the post it isnt clear if they kept all the different tiers from DD1 or if the set bonus was also going to be applied but it does at least seem that they are using levels to gait the gear. Having the gear level gaited doesnt in ityself put me off, but I do need to see how exp will be gained and is it shared amongst heroes or like Dd1 where it would be only for the hero you are currently playing on. How quickly do we gain exp? In DD1 up to insane difficulty you could easily complete all the maps with only ever using one hero, but to play in Nightmare you would need multiple builders to succeed, the problem or annoyance was leveling new heroes was a tedious affair and added needless grinding getting each and every hero to the level required to equip the gear necessary.
  7. I do somewhat agree that they missed an opportunity with having the PDT in DDA. In DD1 not having any real anti-air towers made the huntress less aimable an option for a solo builder. They had indicated we would get all the old towers from DD1 so I guess it wasnt to be unexpected that this would happen. I am a little concerned though with the redesign of the traps as they didnt seem to indicate their radii either for trigger radius or effect range. I am hoping they still keep the ranges from DD1 and have not imported the ridicoulously small ranges from DD2. But the burning question still remains WHEN is the Beta??? All the so called info and no actual info sigh.
  8. Regardless of platform choice backers and the $40 pre-order bundle give access to the PC Beta. So as long as you have access to a PC and you unlocked an appropriate tier you will be able to play the beta.
  9. The lack of clear communication from CG is becoming somewhat of a joke at this point. this has been an ongoing issue from more or less the beginning of Kickstarter. I have constantly urged them to try to be proactive and interact with the community, but it seems rather futile. Even when they do interact with the community they tend to respond only in one place be it Reddit, Twitter, Discord or whatever. I do understand and sympathise that they are rather short staffed, but it does seem that the community is the least important part of their business model. I have tried to give them every opportunity to rebuild our faith in them, but I feel I am out of patience entirely. I am still looking forward to DDA, but I cant help starting to wonder if spending my $160 was worth it. We are supposed to be a week or so from the Beta, but have heard absolutely nothing from them this month other than a few pictures of the Apprentice towers. We still dont even have a date for the Beta. They must get their act together or they will shortly find they have no community left to speak to.
  10. They tend to send out the 2012 codes in batches, I would wait about a week or 2.
  11. I wouldnt expect mods to be able to be created on console but I know with the likes of Survivng Mars (if we are looking for something more recent) some mods created on PC are usable on Xbox One. I am not as familiar with UE4 as you may be so if this isnt possible for console I understand. I just feel with cross saves being a thing and in time cross play mods only be available to use on PC would be a huge loss for the community.
  12. I too hope at least for the ability to create maps in DDA. There are many talented individuals out there (not me xd) and some of the maps in the workshop are just amazing ( Helms Deep OMG!!!). As long as there is strong anti-cheat measures for loot I'd also be happy to open up modding for loot - could allow some neat colours and weapon designs. If I remeber correctly DDA will be client side like DD1 which would allow modding. My only concern is if modding is limited to just PC? I know of a couple of games which allow modding on console too and I would like if it were possible for the mods to be at least publishable on console.
  13. They are not locking the orders until later. Im guessing just before the Beta due in November. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say around 25th October since its the last Friday of the month. So dont worry none of us have had our orders locked yet :).
  14. As far as I know until they lock the order you can make any changes you wish. This should include payment info as well as if you want to change the platform you requested. Once the order is locked (I'd presume near the end of the month) you wont be able to make changes. Did you check on https://dungeon-defenders.backerkit.com/faq#contact-us to contact CG directly to make sure they updated your payment method? Or you could shoot them an email if need be.
  15. I feel you are arguing more against the mode in general than the level of loot. I understand that there are some who dont like Pure Strategy and I agree its not for everyone. I view Pure Strategy as a way to test my build and defences or to level up builders/ new heroes. I just get frustrated that the rewards are so pathetic in comparison to even running the map normally (not survival), even the pets that drop are not worth your while. I just dont see how it is fair that loot in PS is at least one full level of difficulty lower than what you are playing. Keeping Hardcore and Mixed Mode only to Survival is fine and having those increase loot quality there all i ask is that loot in PS reflect regular Survival without those modifiers. That way I might gain something even if it is just decent currency gain from selling the loot.
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