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  1. If the team is indeed taking both DD1 and DD2 into account while designing DDA I think we can look towards a mix of both which suits most players. Some towers Like PDTs and SGTs were welcome additions for the monk and huntress giving them more versatility for example. The convienence of being able to carry all building mana regardless of which hero you are currently on is also a huge benefit. When you swap from your higher level DPS to a lower Builder on DD1 can be very annoying when they cannot carry the same amount of mana. I would like to keep hardcore mode and possibly mix mode survival from DD1 into DDA these to me were worthwhile optional handicaps to give yourself as opposed to Mastery. Building Timers I am not as sure on unless there was some way to keep hotswapping as an option. Being able to quickly run around the map back and forth to the forge is not in my opinion a skill as some make it out to be. I am sure we all remember those 30 sec mastery maps and yet t meet anyone who actually enjoyed those and we can hotswap in DD2. I loved the challenges from DD1 like warping core, portal defense and assualt. I hope they look to keep at least the original challenges and possibly add more and avoid a mode like mastery or the lackluster incursions in DD2. I also prefer the actual boss fights like the dragon than the mini bosses we face in DD2 so I hope they keep those and add more. I do like some of the chaos enemies though, more in the fact that each type has different ways of dealing with them as apposed to just laying down one type of layout all the way through progression which is more prevalent in DD1. This is which for some is what can make people like onsluaght more than others since you are never sure what enemies you will face before you start each map. The added variety is a good thing but I am not sure how best to implement this thinking with still keeping the feeling of DD1.I must admit though survival to me was more satisfying than floor climbing in onslaught since you were rewarded with pets accessories which actually mean something floor climbing other than bragging rights never really felt rewarding the same way. Rare drops from completing certain challenges or whatnot to me are a great way to reward the grinding required to gain them and I hope they look to keep that. In DD2 the incursion weapons and other drops never felt "special", even the more exculsive pets mean virtually nothing compared to regular drops. Showing off some awesome bow or having your first Kobold on a treadmill pet meant something. With still playing both games I like both systems of a dedicated builder/dps set and relics for determining how effective each tower is. Although if they do want to use the summoner as builder only hero then they will have to stick to the DD1 model of armor deciding if builder/dps. If they made him more like the abyss lord and more active then they could adopt the DD2 model I guess its more a matter of do we want builder only heroes or not? Having a separate resource for upgrading items purchasing in game ithems like gold defender medals in DD2 I prefer over just having mana as currency. I also prefer the fact DD2 usises ability mana and it regenarates over just blue mana doing everything. One thing I am curious about is will the local multiplayer still unlock achievements etc or will it be like playing on open and be kept separate from online progress? I would like some clarification on this if possible.
  2. With the current plans for DDA (Dungeon Defenders Awakened) to be released on the switch, I would suggest hanging tight and look to purchase it and back the kickstarter to make sure it happens :)
  3. It could be good to include Kbd + mouse to DD1 on XBOX. I dont see any clear advantage over controller ith builing defenses and whatnot. I guess it will depend on how keybinding and such would work to how easy it would be to implement it. Would be interested to hear the Devs imput on how it would work and theor thoughts on the subject.
  4. I am one of those who would dearly love some sort of survival to be added back to DD2. It like challenges is what I miss most compared to DD1. Back in the old Nightmare days of Dd2 we could farm specific maps for the items we wanted and farm pets or gear from onslaught(dd2s version of survival). The higher the wave the better the drop. This was replaced by what we have now an endless amount of floors, where in theory the higher the floor the higher the challenge and to some respect better gear. Survival gave us some amount of challenge and a way to farm for specific items to help improve our heroes/defenses. I am not sure if this system would work in the current meta with all those different things to farm for. If they ever make pets viable again and worth investing in perhaps thats where survival might play a part. Or pehaps a way to gain the specific shard we want if we complete 20 waves or whatever we could gain a def rate shard or something? Give it a viable purpose for the amount of time it would take to complete since we are talking hours possibly in just one map.
  5. I would love DD1 or even DDE on XBOX1 or PS4, but sadly I dont ever see this happening. I still play DD1 on my PS3 from time to time as well as on PC. I would happily restart my progress if it was re-released to newer consoles. The thing is I really dont know if any complete edition or whatever would make Trendy any money? It would take them allot of work to update the original game to run on newer consoles, perhaps a complete overhaul would be needed, Im not sure. Trendy is a pretty small team and I doubt they even have the manpower needed to do such a task. The only reason DD1 has been updated in the last few years is they handing over development to the CDT. DD1 still gets updated by this dedicated section of fans with very little imput from trendy. Who would take on the task to get DD1 to work on newer consoles? How much woud it cost to buy? How many people would in light of the F2P DD2 actually spend money to buy DD1? I might be pretty happy to dump $80 on a newer version of DD1, but how many others would even spend $20 on it? Then comes the investment needed to run servers for us to play online. Basically it comes down to cost regardless of how much you or I or a few others might like DD1 it has to be financially viable for trendy. If DD1 were to be released for XB1 or PS4 it HAS to include all the maps features present on the Steam version. If you look at just how much all the dlc costs even now many years on from release its not cheap to buy. We are looking at $60- $80 price tag which puts it against games like COD, Spiderman etc and Im not sure if our nostalgia is enough for anyone to actually invest that amount on DD1. They never gave consoles the full version of DD1 (heroes maps etc), one has to ask why. Was it just performance? Were there just simply not enough players to justify the cost? DDE never got a console release either again one must ask why? Im sure trendy had valid reasons and we may never know exactly why consoles drew the short straw with DD1 and DDE. We need everyone who would be interested to purchase an updated DD1 on console to speak out. Make our voices heard so trendy knows how much of a market there is for it. How much we would be prepared to pay and so on. There have been a few times this has been brought up before, but each time not many people post in favour of such a thing and so why would Trendy even consider doing it? They are a busuness and as such it has to make a profit regardless of whether or not they want to re-release or not if the $$$ dont come in its not worth it. Sorry for the extremely long post, I do want to be able to play DD1 on newer consoles, but I also see allot of reasons why it wont happen. The only thing I see going fr any re-release of DD1 for XBOX1 or PS4 is there is allot of intertest right now for updated versions of old games with the likes of crash Bandicoot, Spyro etc. If ever there is a time for it to be released its now while there is a demand for retro gaming. Mini NES, Commodore 64s etc are selling pretty well and almost every manufacturer is getting in on the act. So perhaps striking while the iron is hot would be a good idea. Again I as those who are interested in a console version of DD1 speak out and be heard.
  6. Just having them auto sort to same icon would be a start. It does feel very random with one defense rate shard maybe the start of the bag and the next a few columns down. You have to manually check over and over or search the actual shard to figure how many you have of any specific shard and sometimes its not always easy to spot the new shards you opened when they are placed all over the bag. Hopefully at some point Trendy will actually have them auto sort in some sort of sensible fashion.
  7. I have basically quit DD2 with the enormous amount of rng and the the repeating the same maps for x material etc I couldnt stand it anymore. There isnt anything I find fun really anymore and I really wish I could muster the energy to play it again, but I just cant face the boredom of it all.To me unless you are willing to invest 1000s of hours in the game to get all the shards materials etc u will need there isnt much point in playing. The worst thing for me is what is all the grinding for exactly?Other than seeing just how far you can go in onslaught which I completely loathe what does this shiny stuff do for us? .I keep hoping some update will re-invigor me to play but so far hardly touched the game in almost a year. I will play an hour here and there sometimes but I wont look at it for another month or 2 after. Im not entirely sure who this game is intended for anymore, it has changed so much over the years and I feel perhaps I didnt change along with it. I understand games have to evolve, but I do feel that DD2 has left some of us who came here from DD1 behind.
  8. I understand how the end game timer might be frustrating for you. The problem arises when more than one player and it happens when one player doesnt get to the end game chest as quick as you may like for whatever reason. I know it has happened to me and I am sure to others where you have not got to open that chest before the next screen. A simple solution would be that the chest is automatically opened upon ending the last wave. As frustrating as it might be to wait another 40 seconds or so its even worse when you dont get the end game chest.
  9. Im not sure if it will matter if you wait or not. From what has been announced with gear being changed and materials to uprgade items being introduce you will need to farm regardless. Our current gear and relics will need to be rerolled in some way to reflect the changes like what happened when we moved from Nightmare IV to chaos trials. That alone means any farming you do now would be worth it for better chance of re-rolling gear - more items in inventory = more items to re-roll. So it may be a benefit to just pick up gear and not reset. On the other hand we cannot farm these materials needed for upgrading and whatever else they said we can do with them. You will still need those, best way to farm the new items would be as you progress though the next reset and are farming gear anyway. Since gear is reset to low levels anyways what value would all these extra items you hoarded be really worth? Then again they mentioned protecting shards will we be able to protect gear too? With these thoughts in mind, I dont feel I can give you the best overall answer if you are just going to reset again once the patch hits live in either case. Have a think about these points and what you feel is best for you.
  10. As far as I am aware yes it still exists, RNG is just being lame for you. Way back when i first went through the tiers I was trying to get deadly strikes shards. It took me over 200 maps of constant c3 grind before I even saw one never mind enough copies for the towers I wanted to put them on. I hope you eventually gain your shard.
  11. Boost Auras and buff beams both have the same issues in the game as it stands - Cost vs benefit. Buff beams being smaller and less defenses able to be boosted are in the worse position out of the 2. As mentioned there are other towers have have same issues why use a training dummy over a spike blockade, Why use an orc blockade over any other, why use a colossus etc. When different defenses have different costs people will always ask is this defense worth this amount of DU to me? What else can I use this DU for? It wont matter if the map has 1000 du or 2000 we would still ask those type of questions. The tower has to be worth using over the alternatives available. I would like to raise an option that hasnt been discussed as yet where theses 2 specific towers are concerned. What if those 2 towers were removed and a more standard type of tower replaced them? When we think about it Ascension at a given point with resetting would give more boost to a tower than these boosting towers alone do anyways. In this current meta do we even need a boost aura or buff beam at all?most people who do use boost auras is not for the actual boost but for the slow. Buff Beams dont have a dual purpose atm so simply ignored, if something like frosty beams that did something else to enemies other than just boost, perhaps we would see them. Why not have another tower for monk that utilised the slowing shard rather than a boost aura? Something like the entangle aura of old or such.Why not perhaps have a tower dedicated to anti air only for Ev2 instead of the buff beam? Or how about a laser beam trigger wire thing that goes across a lane and activates a trap further down the lane? Can we look to other options than either make the existing towers op or so low in du ppl use them just cause they can.
  12. I understand and agree esp for when we have lets say 50 different heroes. They will have abilities and towers or 8 abilities that all may want specific shards to boost. generic run of the mil shards are just as difficult to get at that point. How we limit the pool so when there are 300 shards per tier so new players can still get a destruction or bulwark shard or whatever I am not sure. Back before chaos trials when we did onslaught we could pick a reward from armour weapon or pet and a random object would be awarded there was still a fair amount of lottery element, but we did have some form of control. Perhaps even just being able to pick between a tower shard or a hero shard would be enough? Limiting by hero has issues for me. If i wanted the heavy cannonball shard would I now be in a place where I have a 1/3 chance of getting it since shards are also tied to tiers and there is possibly only 3 shards that can now drop for me? What if I want to buy a shard pack with real money(gems) could I buy my way to the shards I want just a easily? If i could then its nothing better than p2w. Being able to limit the pool in some fashion when there might be 300 shards in a tier with all the new heroes they ever bring, would be needed.But if we are going to be able to severely restrict the pool of shards, fine as long as they remove the ability to purchase shards with gems.
  13. Whether this update prefers one hero or another is yet to be seen, we can only speculate for now. To me this update seems to address the concerns over CHOICE. How long have we been asking for the ability to play every map at every tier of chaos? How long were we complaining about how geodes work? .We have asked to be able to use more towers in each tier, with these property things perhaps countering the hard counters does it not do that? The dev logs so far have indicated those at least were listened to albeit it took them a long time to get around to actually doing something about them. I am slightly optimistic about these changes and just hope its not yet another fail on our expectations like onslaught/Ancient Powers. I want the fun back in DD2 to make me want to play again. I like to experiment with builds not forced to play just one way. I really hope this update will allow me to do so. I dont like being restricted and I am sure many others feel the same. I am glad though that at least it seems the devs are listening and trying to improve the enjoyment of the game. There are somethings they have not yet mentioned like increasing the viability of multiplayer that I would very much like to see. Hopefully those will be looked at next along with smaller QOL improvements. I hope we can be more constructive in how we would like this game to improve and they continue to take our issues on board. We really need some positivity back from players, but perhaps the miss steps in the past makes this difficult for some.
  14. Will Trendy ever sort shards into types like all constructions together in inventory? Other than the filter option for EACH shard its impossible to tell just how many of each you have at any one time. I dont really see any reason that they cant be sorted by type. I know they must have more pressing issues, but this has been something that has been brought up countless times with no real response as to any plans to address it.
  15. The game isnt dead, but they do need to work on player retention more. There is little to keep new players interested enough to get past c1 or bring back old players who quit. Imo they need to make multi-player more worthwhile and easier to arrange with this whole gating thing unless you are willing to go back and grind with your friend until they finally get to where you are there is NO incentive whatsoever to help new players out. Whether we like to admit it or not we are mostly selfish beings unless given an incentive or reason we are unlikely to go to C1 if we are in c3+ gear,etc.Even for those in C1 gear having all 4 players in C1 gear with the scaling is far from worth it as opposed to solo play. For what is supposed to be a multi-player game it has been better to play solo for around a year. The hard counters also put off many players with restricting which heroes and defenses we can use unless way over-geared/shards etc. With some of these counters almost requiring purchase of certain heroes it almost feels like a P2W which this was not supposed to be. It should be entirely possible to only ever use the OG4 throughout the entire time you play and use your DM for other things. This is another put off for new players. The game at the moment seems to be more balanced for those hardcore players or simply those with unlimited playtime. We need more focus on casual players and those who can only play for maybe an hour at a time. The game should be inclusive for all players not just a section of them.
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