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  1. 1 Most maps in Beta I feel are fine for the DU, the only one debatable is Lava Mines with how the lanes are spread out and with the only flying lane being rather close to another choke. If more DU was added or it was placed later in the campaign would feel better if they keep the current version of the map and not return to the first one. Having it placed before Alchemical Labs with the extra lanes doesnt seem quite right to me if it was perhaps later I feel leave it at 90 DU. 2 They are looking looking to adjust mana, they have already redesigned it, but no info if man will be increased as of yet. 3 they have redesigned monk and huntress but still needs work imo. Models hopefully will be looked at further 4 This is my bug bear, they said limited but I didnt expect it to be this limited. They hinted at more content for Beta, but Im guessing thats not happening now.
  2. I agree with allot said here, there were a few well its not great now but maybe with better loot could be better. I would really of loved more space to say how I felt each thing was lacking or doing well or such. It didnt really allow for suggestions and comment to give a more fleshed out response.
  3. Thanks for sharing your stats much appreciated. I like seeing different approaches to maps with stats helps me get a better feeling for the build in general.
  4. I am glad that you got the more DD1 like build to work for Alc Lab, I am interested to know what the range is that you have on auras if possible please. I have finished Alc Lab but as above not sure what level I was when i did so for the first time. I used a build with 4 aura stacks and traps, which is a little more common in DDA than yours.
  5. There was another post made about a similar point. While it is fine to feel legendaries should not be the top tier of loot I feel we forget just how many tiers of loot DD1 had. I am not sure about bringing back all the different gear levels - cursed, torn, stocky, solid, sturdy, polished, shiny, powerful, amazing, epic, legendary, godly, mythical, transcendant, supreme, ultimate (ult 93 ult + ult ++). To me it was just too much I dont really see the need to have so many tiers of gear. It is a little too early to know exactly what tiers of gear are actually in DDA with no access to Nightmare or other maps. I like a simpler approach with allot less tiers than what happened in DD1.
  6. Ps3 mostly struggled hard with survival in fact mine crashes in survival (yes i still play it on ps3). To me the issues with consoles was not just the lack of new heroes but none of the changes ever came in - strength drains/darkness trap didnt remove resistances, survivals stayed at 10k mobs by wave 10ish instead of reaching 2k ish at 25, loot was lower in same difficulty. Any of those changes would of helped console play nevermind the inclusion of Nightmare or other heroes. I played around 3k hours between ps3 and xbox360 and those were pale imitations of the pc version (even base dd1). Thankfully from what we have been told DDA will be like DD2 and have all heroes etc on every platform. Ps4(not sure about ps4 pro) for me and others crashes somewhat often in higher onslaught floors plus markedly fps drops in maps particularly Temple. I can only talk from my own experience and what I have heard form other players.
  7. I was wondering if you will be able to show any console play during your PAX attendance. Even if its only footage and not available to try out I feel this will be important for those who so far have only purchased for consoles especially those without a PC to play the beta on. With the Switch due to launch at the same time as PC I feel we need a good idea of how that platform is performing at least. As a player who purchased on console as well as PC I am more concerned with console performance with the history of DD on consoles than others may be. Any information in regards to when we can see console play would be appreciated.
  8. I understand the thought behind the OP, mana cost equaling du can work as well as it does now whether a defence is 30 du out of 100 or 3 du out of 10 its the same thing in essence. I am just not at sure how we would cost towers Like deadly strikes in such a system. At the moment the thinking is can I spend this mana now or not in 5 wave maps the cost is more important than in survivals where you would ultimately afford expensive towers regardless. It would simplify building but I feel towers like DST would need to have their du increased and/or have mana dropped reduced per wave significantly. I am not sure how we should balance mana costs if it was direct mana = du and what the total du would be in such a case. It worked reasonably well in DD2, but there the cost to upgrade was also lower with only 5 wave maps and the game was balanced accordingly. Modes like survival where we have 25 waves to gather mana and place defences have to make sense as well as regular completion of maps, rebuilding a map later in waves has to be difficult if not impossible. I need to have more fleshed out example of how such a system would work and du costs before I could say for sure I agree to such an idea. I also feel that with a month before launch it may take too much time to implement this system and finish the rest of development. Perhaps this is something that could of been considered earlier into development or could be considered once the game has actually launched.
  9. This all goes to how much power a host should have and what effect that would have in public matches. If you prevent anyway of kicking afk trolls etc nobody would play in public. Host kick does have issues, but we have to have public matches somewhere people want to play in. Vote kick also had issues as well as gaiting in DD2 where it can be almost impossible to find any public match above c5 or floor 29. I dont want a repeat of where players mostly choose private or solo play making it difficult for players to find anyone to play with. Im not sure what the best solution for who can and cannot join a players game, but I prefer that choice be in the players hands than forced gating.
  10. There is also the question of setting an IPWR limit for joining games. Level limits only go so far being level 100 wont instantly make you able to complete the highest map difficulty available. One thing that DD2 brought in was having limits set to gear level, perhaps a way to filter out those within a range of loot level could also work. If we feel it is important to filter out certain player from seeing our games I feel their gear is more important than simply hero level. having host choices should be a part of the game and I believe the host kick ability will return for DDA. With being able to remove players who take over, afk or whatever we would be able to simply remove them from our game.
  11. Pretty much this, for many years until the CDT changed Apprentice towers Harpoons were THE META defence for a reason (now LSTs and DSTs). The fireball atm is meta with a SDA, how well they continue to scale once we are in NM or Massacre gear time will tell with goblin copters etc. There will be some balance changes as some defences dont work as they did in DD1 eg cannonballs dont roll and smash they bounce instead. I am still not convinced that mana costs should directly reflect the current DU cost. I can see the repeat of defences like Volcanoes which are just not worth using in such circumstances.
  12. The icons have been renumbered so defence 1-5 are binded to those numbers and ability 1 is now F, AB2 C and heal now X.
  13. They would probably have to change some of the mana costs if this was going to work. Defences like harpoons atm cost 6 du but 80 mana and fireballs 5 du for same mana cost. Arcane barriers for 20 mana but only 1 du. compared to 30 mana and 3 du for spike blockades The difference in du compensates for how these function compared to each other. There are many examples where the whole du would have to be changed if your suggestion was to take effect, or else we could make some defences too expensive for their worth. I am not sure if just a straight 10 man to 10 du cost would work eg make firebals 50 mana and harpoons 60. There would have have to still need some rebalancing of total du and defence costs as some defences are high mana but low du and balanced with that in mind.
  14. It's pretty close to the HUD of DD2. For me its an improvement from what is in Beta, I wouldn't say I love it, but going in the right direction. The icons at least are clearer for what the towers etc are. Im not overly keen on the DU counter it doesnt seem to display the max which would be handy. I am also pretty curious what the HUD would look like with a controller eg can we bind buttons like dd1 or have set combos like dd2?
  15. I completely agree that the biggest issue is the lack of communication from more or less the start of the Kickstarter. They have hired a new community manager due to start later this month. I really hope they have learned the lesson and start to give us actual information. We have no idea how much or little of the game they have actually developed and with the very limited Beta does give some of us cause for concern that they can even meet the release window. They need to keep us more involved and reassure us that they will deliver a full product (at least feature complete) and be honest about when it will actually release. With only a few weeks to go they have not really done enough to build faith with the community, that needs to change.
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