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  1. Overseas backers should of received their physical rewards mainly the t-shirt and poster. I live in the UK and had to contact them to find out where mine were. I would advise contacting them through discord or email as Batophobia suggested. Make sure they have your current full address and such in case that information had been lost.
  2. I understand the desire to have each player have their own lane, the issue has always been once you get to a certain point it goes back to the whole one player builds everything especially with the few defences you actually need. The other issue when you hit end game there are many players who will simply refuse to let anyone else build and it is just understood unless the host specifies otherwise you do not build anything and only upgrade and dps. Other than giving each player their own du I am not sure if this would ever change even in DD2 where it has allot more flexibility it still has the
  3. With trying to work out how best to correct DDA and player retention in order to make it financially viable we need to look at what the audience is for a game like this. With tis unique mix of action and tower defence you will attract those who will tend to prefer one aspect over the other and some who like both equally. It will always be difficult to keep each section happy to the same degree. We have a very vocal section of the community constantly complaining there is not enough for the hero to do during combat and lacking action. With this is mind its no wonder the developers try their bes
  4. I agree myself that would certainly help to keep the players engaged between updates the issue is that only works for those on PC. It would require allot of work to try in anyway to give any community made content available on consoles. The adding in the promise of cross saves if it survives long enough what do you do with players like myself who own DDA on all the platforms wishing to take their save to all of them? There are so many issues involved unless you want something of a repeat of the DD1 console vs PC debacle. The amount of frustration of anyone on console feeling like second class
  5. Even though my initial post was very long I didnt really go into vast detail as I understand many would be put off by the size as it stands alone. The two main areas that almost made me quit and move on was Rifted Mode and the gear change with stats distribution. The ideas seem to be pulled straight from DD2 playbook and I did not like those sort of ideas there either. It is why I wonder if I am just not the sort of player they want to cater too. DD2 has its players that love the systems there but allot of it runs counter to what people who prefer the first game enjoy. I can understand the des
  6. I have stuck with DDA and its development since I backed the Kickstarter and watched carefully the direction the game seems to be going in. Sadly for the past year this forum has been more or less dead with almost zero interaction from players or developers. This has made me a little reticent to post long form discussions as I did here often up to shortly after the official launch. I am hoping with the release of the new game we will get some activity here again. I want to put my overall thoughts with DDA as it stands currently positive and negative to see how it compares to others in the comm
  7. You can play with others, but only from friends list or in a steam group. Multiplayer with public games will be coming later they are having issues with getting the right provider to keep it P2P and provide session browsers. The end of last year they ran into an issue with Playfab who announced they were changing their systems and thats who CG were working with. As soon as they find another service I am sure public browsers will come in both DDA and DDGR. I agree with yourself about the talent tree nothing there much to chase or feel much benefit from. Hopefully they will look into the tree an
  8. i understand its only in Early Access but how many people even knew of the games existence within the DD community never mind outwith it? After reading Lawlta's post explaining things with the company they clearly need an influx of money to keep the lights on. Given that they need this game to be relatively successful and if you want to capitalise on an entirely different genre it needs to be put to that community, who more likely have not heard of DD or not interested in the other titles. They have a very long standing history in lack of marketing especially to anyone unfamiliar with the IP e
  9. I was rather upset at first when the game announcement dropped. The timing given the current state of DDA hit me like a lead balloon. After I calmed down and thought more sensibly I decided to be honest I should give this game a go and if nothing else can always refund it within 2hrs. I have never played anything like this game previously, what drew me to dd1 back on the Xbox360 was the strategy and unique mix of APRG + TD coming more from a RTS background. I fell in love instantly, lost count of how many times I bought any of the other titles between platforms and family members. I am no
  10. Sadly if you are waiting for the Summoner in DDA you will be let down. They have stated many times that they have no plan whatsoever to add him and even if they do it will be the last thing they ever add. The summoner has issues that require reworking the entire game balance or altering him to the point players wont like it. They tried to add summoner to DD2 and facing the same issues they ended up with the abyss lord instead and players were not happy with this budget summoner. DDE tried a compromise with summoner (shared same DU, altered DU costs), but it still had issues like very overpower
  11. I had this issue back during launch or early access where only the host would keep lvls and stuff. perhaps the bug has returned for the switch launch.
  12. The amount of setbacks and instances of things not working out as intended by now is verging on incompetence. It is getting increasingly difficult to see it in any favourable light at best they were overly naive and inexperienced. I find it difficult to have any faith in whatever they announce and will employ a wait and see approach. Even if they are honest with intentions it seems obvious that doesnt really mean much with the actual outcome.
  13. It seems that cross save functionality has been put back for an unknown amount of time. It is unclear what the issue is or how much a priority it is for CG at present. They only tell us that it is still planned but wont be for a while. Its a little trying to find out when PS4/5 release will be, no actual news. Hopefully by the time PS launch cross save will be a thing but we cannot be sure.
  14. You are not able to remote detonate traps in DDA, the huntress went through a few changes from DD1 although she kept the original traps she has double jump and a self boost(replaced invisibility).
  15. I would imagine its a combination of RNG and the fact Pure Strategy items are tied to survival without hardcore enabled. In order to be fairer you should repeat the same map in survival without hardcore and see how the loot drops. On average the best loot would drop from Glitterhelm, Massacre in Mixed Mode Hardcore, where the highest of all loot modifiers would be active. Pure Strategy on any act 1 map other than Magus would on average reward the worst. I have had 400+ from Throne Room with Glitter giving me 300s DDA doesnt seem to be consistent with loot to the same degree as the first game
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