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  1. Well cant say im surprised, Does suck to get laid off, but they had to know it was coming. Jesus Darrell Rodriquez is your CEO nothing good can come from that. He is a monkey from EA, the studio destroyer. Weather they buy it or send one of their monkeys any small studio they touch dies. Also not surprising there were layoffs just from the direction and state the game is in. To go from 10K strong and then make it F2P and it goes down to 1-2k at peak times really talks for itself. Also I am assuming they made a bunch of cuts in the art department, a lot of times those people are the first to go before a company goes under.
  2. These upcoming changes to the hero deck are the make or break point for me. If it's just an expansion of the current deck with a few ui and co-op changes (ie multiple decks to pick from in co-op) Then I am just going to walk away completely. The changes need to be ground breaking in a way that makes me think ok let me try this out and see how it works.
  3. Oh also to add to KnowsNoLimits credibility in terms of how long he has been playing this game. His hours for Dungeon Defenders combined on all 3 games yes we try to forget about DDE. is around 5k hours..... His dd1 hours alone: Dungeon Defenders3,419 hrs on record
  4. This patch broke more things than it fixed...all in the name of a cash grab
  5. I'm going to have our team talk more about this soon, but you hit the nail on the head. It ultimately comes down to having very limited ways of "winning," which is leading to stale gameplay. It's a multi-faceted issue from a variety of factors. The current Tower Defense gameplay is unbalanced due to a variety of systems making certain towers undeniably better than others and the other towers not being in a competitive state. (In regards to system refinements: When we say that everything is on the table for improvements, we mean everything. We're looking at every system in the game to refine.) Heroes right now don't have strongly defined "roles" with strengths and weaknesses. Design is creating new heroes to have more defined roles with strengths and weaknesses, and we're planning to loop back to the four current heroes and update them to have more defined roles (I think we'll be talking more about this when we talk about the Abyss Lord in the next update). Enemies also don't encourage the strength/weakness idea of heroes, so that's something the design team is also investigating this year. I believe we're going to begin with enemy tweaks and move on to adding new enemies to the mix. So the overall idea is that you as a player will be able to select four heroes from a large pool of heroes. Your deck, like all decks, will have strengths and weaknesses, and it's up to you to figure out how to complete content knowing what those strengths and weaknesses are. It's about getting the game to state of balance where defenses are competitive with each other. It's about getting the game to a state where there isn't one obvious path forward to completing content -- that there a vast variety of deck configurations that will work -- and that your deck will functionally complete content in a different way from someone else's deck. The Dev team im sure and yourself knows that a limitation to the Hero Deck actually creates and kink in your cash flow right? By removing it completely you will see higher earnings overall for the game and be able to progress fast in the development. With the deck removed I guarantee you will see the player base jump back up to 5-10k players instead of the 1-2k you see now. You will see the amount of gems bought for new character slots jump at least 60%. And in turn the amount of skins bought jump at least 20% due to the fact people will want a different skin on each hero they have :D Those are speculations on numbers but I feel they would fall in line if the team really removed the hero deck. Now all you need to do iamisom is convince management to let the dev team do it. Obviously the chain of command at the company is lacking in communication. So go be the hero that saves your company and this game I believe in you ;) Also TheDev-team, nothing wrong with failing especially on the hero deck that's what makes games great you try something it fails, you learn from it, move on, and make the next thing even better. Obviously limiting the hero deck was a bad idea and that has shown from the fan base and actual number of people playing your game.
  6. You can blame Darrell Rodriquez for that, He sucked at lucasarts and he is sucking now at Trendy also. Also look up Trendy on glassdoor. Everyone leaving complains about the *** higher ups/management. The guy shouldn't be at a small private studio. He shouldn't be at a studio at all. And he brought over the EA mentality to Trendy and is now fast tracking them into Bankruptcy and failure. I dont blame the Devs this is their game and im sure their bosses and bosses bosses are the ones puting these restraints on them. That just shows the lack of communication and disconnect the management has at Trendy. So dont be to hard on them they are just the little guys taking the beatings because the big guys above them are making *** decisions that they think turns the most profit for them to keep their bank account healthy. While all the while keeping a Hero Deck actually limits your cash flow way more than keeping it. Remember these people are book smart not common sense smart. I see it to often as I live in one of the most effluent areas in the United States
  7. umm development for dd2 started in 2013 - 2014. Its why they hired current CEO Darrell Rodriguez. So yea 2 years just like DD1 your point is invalid since they had over 2 years now of development of this "Sequel"
  8. I understand this but the game isnt DD1 and its not meant to be so constantly comparing it do everything DD1 was is hardly fair, the game isnt even finished. Its not DD1, its not based upon concepts from DD1 and therefore should be treated as its own game. If DD1 is better surely people should just go play that? Yea its not DD1 but to make a "sequel" to a very popular game and have little to nothing comparable to the amazing game it stemmed from is the issue. This sequel was going to be a moba, which got shot down by the fan base quickly. From there they would make it a upgraded better version of DD1(so we were told)but sense has failed and the reason why you see post like this from long time players. Also definition of a sequel - a published, broadcast, or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one. Not completely gut it and trash it to a unnoticeable state, with the only thing familiar from dd1 is the heroes
  9. they show up on the map as ornage chest, not sure if ps4 is actually getting that full event.
  10. He is easily near 1k if not more and honestly has prolly been doing NM4 longer than you have been playing the game. As i remember when you first started and first started streaming as I was there. :D I do agree with a lot of knowsnolimits points especially if you where here long before the game became f2p. This game has gone farther and farther away from anything DD1 resembled and it shows just by the playerbase at peak hours
  11. Just a FYI for everyone do not use keys on carnival chests, you need to BUY the upgrade package in order to use the items. Check forum post here for Screens and more info Do not waste keys or tokens on these cash grabs https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/131240/opened-a-carnival-lockbox
  12. Also I would like to add these photos, because imagen that I opened another lockbox to see if I could duplicate this and sure enough I get the crossbody again from the Box.... Imagen that a duplicate cosmetic.. Anyways here are some screenshots confirming. You need to BUY the upgrade in game for gems in order to use the cosmetic items that drop from carnival chests.... so using tokens on keys is worthless people.
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