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  1. gonna pggy back on this lol, but i just came back. Is this game fully released?? what is the meta, seems my build before i left works for nm3 But is it time to fully get back lol
  2. Does it actually look like betsy not another skin like the general dragon poet?
  3. I tried onslaught pet affection leveling last night, got 1 affection in 9 levels of onslaught. Guess that is broken. Playing campaign normal mode (ez) with new level 1 friends that same level 50 character and pet is earning affection levels like crazy. Ok gonna try that next time
  4. Is it me or is it harder to get pet affection levels now been on onslaught for 10 rounds and it only leveled up one Anyone else see te issue?
  5. I would to but having trouble with insane :(
  6. Sold all of the ipwr gear 240 and under prior to update last night as every item was rerolled and thought well those items suck and most turned into DPS items not a lot of tower gear and just sold it. Was just gonna start fresh today, I just read the hotfix this morining that it will be fixed, just where would I report this to see if I could get it back? [[4370,users]] Cant even do gates on insane i have tried numerous times and failure even though I have ipwr 244 :(
  7. Sent you a friend request as well, US east timezone
  8. Figured as much, tired to get gear on normal free play from dragonfall no such luck :( Thansk brah
  9. just level my apprentince to 34 where is a good place to progress for weapons and items? go through free play by normal? or should I jsut keep leaveling to 50 at betsy?? Any help is apprecitaed
  10. H2A

    Upgrade Equipment

    I am fine with the process with adding items and how much gold, I just have the issue of the time it takes I just prefer not to stay in a tavern for long and just go back to farming a map. IE couldnt there be an option to upgrade an item by using items that are in the temp box, I saw on another post that there could be an option where you can sell all powerful and epic items? I guess I cant articulate what I am trying to say but IHMO its just takes too much time for me
  11. H2A

    Upgrade Equipment

    I suggest to make upgrading equipment easier/quicker, as it takes so much time IMO
  12. Grea thanks guys, I am proud to say that using all the above posts I have been able to farm incursions roots :) by incoporating the posts above
  13. currently grinding levels on life roots with monk and huntress setup Hunt: TH 549 / TS 553 / TD 425 - currently using sphere to up TH Monk: TH 239 / TS 482 / TD 1012 - currently using sphere to up TD TH: Tower Health / TS: Tower Speed / TD: Tower Damage What are baseline stats to pass it on hard? thanks for the feedback
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