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  1. Make sure you get a blasticus at least worth 1 mil + for upgrading. Generally they aren't to bad but I was using moms bow for a long time. After 74 retribution replaced it and then 78 pawnshot.
  2. Insane aquanos / tavern for xp. Loot drops on survival insane throne room is good from what i've heard. Kings game is good too. (For xp I think)
  3. Two more questions - Gun slinger: I looked through my statistics, and I have gunslinger on ALL levels but across different difficulties and do not have the achievment. Does this mean I have to get gunslinger consistently across one difficulty? - Skin of your teeth: Now let's say you play spires or something, and it starts at wave 8/12 or w/e, does the 8th wave still count as the first?
  4. Legendary Defender - Is this ALL current missions or all original content. Brute Force - Same as above Master Strategist - Same above Flawless - Same above Perfectionist - Same as above
  5. Yeah, I have the pawn. 7 Mil dps with it from my 3 mil retribution. I still wanna know why the game consideres every other item worse and it happens so much with armor.
  6. Same thing happens with armor, I have fully upgraded trans armor and it says myth is better.
  7. I've only had issues with aquanos / sky city boss with being sky city destroying turrets and aquanos one shotting. But any normal campaign / challenge with good resistances is easily doable.
  8. Gear up your hunteress with DPS trans gear, get a proppeller cat and a pawnshot and you'll hit a lot harder. My guy is 79 and hits for 250k in nightmare per shot with a 60k pawnshot. Proppeler cat boosted dps form about 4 mil to 7 mil
  9. tbh it depends what you value. I'd rather have more speed then health, and once you get geared up around 78 you have WAY less problems on nightmare.
  10. I get a black screen when I take a screeny but here are the stats 11968 damage / 7 fire rate/ 519 ammo / 54 + reload 137(run)-55(hdamage)-52(casting)141(Ability1) 88(Ability2)113(TowerHP)62(Towerdamage)164(Radius) 3+ (projectiles) 3k+ (Projectile speed) 246/246 upgrades worth 1 bil Pawnshot I am using does like 61k damage, about same stat quality but it says retribution is better.
  11. Legendary does NOT increase dps. I haven't tested super but i'm sure it does. Non-hunteress legendary skin level 0 or 1 (cant remember ) 42 Dps Hp 150 ( I think ) Legedary Hunteress 42 Dps Hp 260 All I know is legendary added 110 extra hp, probably a %
  12. TBH you cannot farm insane survival and get anything good out of it. Generally it's Aquanos + from there on NMHC.
  13. I've been looking for a trans dps hunteress weapon for a day now, and I cannot find ANYTHING better then my mythical retribution that's only level 74. It's upgraded to the max and I hit around 3 mil dps with it. According to everything, that weapon is better then a pawnshot with 21k damage, and everything else out there. What gives?
  14. Well, I wanna use it for mainly supporting tower builds, but ideally I also want to get all the shard achievments that involve only using the summoner to kill stuff, so pretty much a tower build.
  15. Best pet for summoner ( Mainly going to be in overlord 24/7 ) Best stat to upgrade What is the lowest level genie can be aquired ( Pet level requirements )
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