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  1. If you are still having issues, try shutting down your web browser completely (not just closing the windows), emptying your cache, clearing your history, and/or restarting your computer. The issues seemed to be resolved, but your computer still may be lagging behind.
  2. Is this valid in terms of what is in the 1.1 release for android as well? or does this just pertain to iOS. The game was saying the level cap for heroes was level 60, did I misread this? These updates apply across the board on mobile platforms. The current level cap is 60, but with patch 1.1, this will be changed to 70.
  3. There are currently connectivity issues with gamecenter. Upon the release of the next patch (most likely within a 10-15 days), these issues should become irrelevant and/or nonexistent.
  4. Player skill level refers to the difficulty (or game knowledge required) to play each class. This is merely based on the devs assumptions regarding the playability and effectiveness of each class. For more in-depth info, see Finally's guides in the Adventurer's Tavern. Pocl is correct about the switching of characters. The game is designed to play similar to DragonAge where you have different characters at your disposal even when you are playing solo. Like he said, this can only be done during the build phase, so play smart.
  5. There is currently no way to "respec" or reallocate your talent points. The only current option is to make another character with a different build.
  6. Ok, this may seem like a basic question to people but I have no clue in the world. How do I start a solo match because every time I get in a game, it just says building stage and I dont know what to do after. Please help lol Once in the game, you need to build towers and set up your defenses for the incoming waves. The object is to protect your crystal core. Once you are ready, click on the crystal core and the building phase will end, initiating the combat phase. Rinse and repeat. Good luck!
  7. I'm a level 14 mage. can you guys give me tips for me to have a good damage? I'm only playing alone since i don't have a 3g at my place. Please peruse the Adventurer's Tavern section of the forums as well as other threads in this section. This thread is reserved for Q+A regarding the game and its features, not gameplay. Best of luck in your adventures!
  8. For clarification, the mobile version of the game is called "Dungeon Defenders: First Wave" and is intended to segment into the PC and console versions of the game. As noted previous to the release of the mobile, DDFW would merely be a part of the full game and a way for PC players to enjoy the game even when they are not at home. However, once PvP is up and running, the mobile version will be a lot more complete.
  9. Banked items can be sold or turned in for mana to be used in the future. Banked mana can be used to buy or sell items with other players via your tavern/forge. The more mana you have banked, the better items you will be able to buy (in theory). The idea of spending mana will most likely be more prolific in console and PC versions of the games due to the larger scale of player interaction amongst them.
  10. I would assume the following. Easy starts at wave one Medium at wave 3 Hard at wave 5 Insane at wave 7 If there is a total of 7 waves. Or possibly the other way around? To give easy players more mana and more time, and insane players little time and almost no mana to build defended with. Either I'm wrong or that's the plan but nits bugged. This theory is assumed correctly, though the numbers are not accurate. @Finally, have you tried starting a new character and playing the first level on the easiest difficulty? I don't actually have a platform to play DDFW personally, so can so
  11. Pretty sure that house across the street from your office complex was selling everyday pansy loot when I was last there.
  12. question about PC version. Does it have split screen multi player? if so, how do we control things for 2 people on one computer? Yes. One person could use the mouse/keyboard, and the other could use a gamepad connected via USB.
  13. Please keep discussion and posts in this thread dedicated to DunDef. For all other interests, use the Off-Topic area. This ensures new users are able to come here for Q+A, not random information. Thanks for your understanding.
  14. -"Why doesn't the apprentice have a long beard?" -"Because they are all little kids." (Pause) -"So....?"
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