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  1. So is it not common practice to test software before releasing it to people anymore? This is getting ridiculous. Also, did ANY of the bugs get fixed for this March 5th update?
  2. While steam linux version would be nice, I for one would settle for a working linux version from Humble Bundle. Single player where you can't collect mana efficiently for timed builds is only entertaining for so long. Add me to the list of people who bought the Humble Bundle solely to get DD for linux.
  3. New from the mailing list: Icculus is still working on it. The Linux port is still in progress, and the bugzilla page is back up.
  4. I can't help but notice that the Dungeon Defenders bugzilla page on icculus.org is gone, and DD doesn't appear to be in the list of projects anywhere on icculus.org. Anyone have any data on what's going on with the Linux port? I know I'm not the only one that was hoping for a working Linux version soon.
  5. Online Play Not WorkingShouldn't the FAQ mention that online play does not work at all on Linux yet?
  6. I have the problem that mana does not flow toward my character like it does on the steam version. It just sits there. For example, when I open a chest, I have to wait for the chest to dissappear before I can pick up the mana, because it sits inside the chest model. It also makes it much more difficult to pick up mana during the action.
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