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  1. After the last patch everything works fine even the controller with some steam support. But when I try to get into tavern it sends me back to main menu of the game. I can only play the tutorial. When i finish the tutorial i can go to next level with crystal but when i select the "Return to Tavern" it again sends me back to main menu. Sorry about the thread I just found it in Icculus bug list https://bugzilla.icculus.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5894
  2. I can only play the tutorialWith the lastest update 05/03/2013 the game works fine and controller suport gas given too. But I can only play the tutorial after tutorial when I try to start the game it gets back to the main menu. When tutorial finished you can jump to next level with out going to tavern. When playing (i mean in game) from "Return to Tavern" it returns to main menu again. (I open a main thead for this too I hope i can get some help
  3. How much time is needed to pass for a new linux version??? Every game has been updated several times but only dungeon defenders the most buggy one could not be updated and we even don't know who will answer that question?? When will the new version for linux is coming??
  4. Yes but there is only a awsome guy name Icculus. I hope he is getting the money coming from humble.
  5. Yes definitaly it is not playlable and it is also distrobing that there is not any offical person replying to us.
  6. Next BuildIt has been three weak since game is out for linux but there is not any new build for now and no one gives an accurute information when it will be? If we thought shank 2 has been updated for 5 times I am losing hope for this game.
  7. Yes you are right Icculus is the only man and I definetelly don't have a word for him. I don't think that Icculus is receiving all the money coming from humblebundle. The Firm behind Dungeon Defenders, I mean Trendyent must also put their hands under the rock. If you have a looked at the bug list there are some serious bugs for example I found most annoying one is not the recordnizing any gamepad. It is also obivious that one man can't handle all of these even he is level 9000. I think I could have made my point and someguys has taken the message.
  8. I asked many times but could not get an answer when will be the new version avaible for Linux? We filled many bugs from here https://bugzilla.icculus.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=Dungeon+Defenders some of these bugs get answered but there is not any information for a new version date.
  9. I ask again when will the new version coming for linux ?
  10. Yes i can confirm 360 Controller and full screen issue too and I find this as a very big problem. When will be a new version avaible for linux ? So many bugs has been reported from here and from bugzilla but there is annocuments for anything.
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