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  1. Love the Choco Taco You would, bet you get two at a time. I bet you share them with HH. you guys start on opposite ends and meet up in the middle a la 'Lady and the Tramp'.
  2. [QUOTE=IceCreamMan81;888201] I like all kinds. Im sure they want to try chocolate Fiery the better. Dont lie you like a little spice too. i'm into fortune cookies or vanilla, not chocolate. I had spicy a couple of times, it was ok.
  3. Lmao one zero or two? 2 zeros when i'm playing on easy, 1 zero when i'm playing on medium, i'm gonna start farming on hard soon.
  4. Ice Cream Tacos? Scoot makes me them all the time that wasn't ice cream you saw, it was lard. He got the recipe from double wide.
  5. Yeah every 200+ weapon i've had i've got a a 170+ the next game Same here, except remove one zero from your numbers.
  6. no just took it back GOML NUB :p How did you top 30 million?
  7. Dont forget about the chocolate syrup i thought you like spicy tacos, you know, 'fiery'.
  8. Lol they did! I like icecream! Ice cream tacos
  9. She has no skittles :(. And sure hours and hours of power leveling on aquanos! Because that sounds like fun. Think of the experience! But i know a few boys that need some new friends! But you gotta like tacos. Or is it the other one? Lmao!
  10. Haha i would have to eat it real quick. Dont want to get all dirty! For 100^? Only for you :) No time to type, must farm for weapons... Scooter, i told you i like girls :) almost as much as pepperoni pizza.
  11. ooo no. she is VERY LAZY. she will help no one. she is very mean. keep sending send request to omm and invisable they are super nice and will help you. they have nothing better to do.it makes there day getting invites. Lol! Listen up killer, i need friend requests like a fish needs a bicycle, don't you have some tacos to eat before it dries out?
  12. Hey ice cream sandwich, are you still quitting or did you reconsider?
  13. Insane and insane+ are grouped together.
  14. lol you guys! we all know you want to help low levels. you just love it! keep sending the invite boys. they cant get enough. and i cant wait to get my hands on double wide. sounds fun! ;) man i cant decide what i should have for dinner. Tacos or sausage ? Lol You couldn't handle a double wide, and i have a solution.....put the sausage in the taco, extra sour cream. don't let your cream run down the front of your blouse, so my suggestion is to gobble it down quickly. do you still give pics of your taco or sausage eating abilities in exchange of 100^ weapons?
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