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  1. even though that would never have happened, it would certainly have been amazing to see how many "trusted high post count" forum people would have found a couple of them after a while :p
  2. heya so for a while now i've known that these weapons are very rare and somewhat of a collector's item, so obviously i've been keeping an eye out for them - have not seen a single one in forever, then i stumbled across an afk shop which i guess had just opened, he had a whole page of them at very low prices, so i bought them all are they actually valuable? should i hold onto them or sell? maybe decorate tavern? thanks
  3. Wel, you don't have to believe me. That's all up to you. I'm out. haha but believe WHAT, you said you farmed it then you said it was given to you this reminds me of that tv show "dumbest criminals", equally hilarious
  4. funny thread, but the funniest part is the good old "omg it is HACKED? but some friend who's name i don't remember came to my tavern and dropped it then left! omg this sucksxz!"
  5. i like that this game has a small community with active forums, i like that there's always only around 20-30 games/shops up at a time guess i don't like crowds
  6. i dont even bother with a " dps " summoner but i do have a summoner " Tank " 3K HP 2.7K Flash Heal with the genie/monkey combo. summoners suck at dps so i see no point in assembling dps armor insteed i got armor with max hp, good flash heal, and good resists yes usually for a dps class being able to wield a weapon of some sort is preferable!
  7. i'd just trade it directly for the trans sets, 180b mana is 180 tokens...that's 180 inventory slots, 15 pages
  8. lol @ all the people voting the lowest possible, nobody with even half a brain is going to sell you coal for 6b i'm willing to go 15b but i usually see it for 12b
  9. i get dc's so often that i rarely ever do surv, it's just too frustrating
  10. I always leave offers in chat every time, aswell as saying that i'm willing to haggle
  11. I join a tavern with some interesting name that tickles my fancy, like "SELL MK2s/CUBES ULT WAPA" just to see that the guy has a tavern floor full of such ult armors and items that I could be potentially looking to buy yet is completely afk. No, he's not checking in every 5-30min, he's just afk all day. He wants you to add him to steam, I add him to steam, 3 days no replies because he doesn't even accept the invite. This happens with 9/10 vendors. It's come to the point in which I don't even bother trying to buy high end items because the host is an afk idiot. I tried doing the same, most p
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