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  1. Well I'll be a monkeys uncle you scallywag you!!!!!!! I pulled a 199 last night too but it was missing td and reload speed so was junk lol yours is sweet man
  2. Don't you have psn plus? just turn your wall mage into dps and do morrago plus runs with other people and use the new Mage as an afk until he gets to lv 83 and just switch back, I'll help you out next week when I get my Internet back, 83 really isn't that far to go, 85 to 90 is a long job though...... What are the stats on your oculus? I have a 225 for lv 78 I'd swap with you if it's any better than mine, mine had over 300 starting base though so not sure yours would be better I do have plus but never update my save really I think the last time was almost 3 weeks ago. I mainly use. Ps
  3. In one run i got a 24^ oculus, a 17^ shaitan, a 32^ junbao and a 50^ crysknife. It was one of my best runs ever......lol Nice pulls though PB Were we in the same game cause those look like my best pulls in a single game!!!! Lol PB for real though stop breaking the game!!!!!!!
  4. Oh noooo! That sucks big time. Sorry for your loss. Maybe hit up lostheroes How do you go about contacting lost Herod I have never had to before
  5. Mind you (those that get disappointed) that those that earned more than a few 200^ items are people that have committed considerable time to grinding, much more than the average. That's why you see veterans on forums with a few but if you join any randoms online you don't see any, unless they are duped of course :) Ya I think it's worse now that I have grinder so much and earned 2 200^ weapons makes me just want more lol and especially after deleting my 90 on accident my only good 200^ weapon is now useless until I get another Mage to 90 which will be forever which means no raggo for me un
  6. I'm on now sending invs out to anyone who puts there psn id up and has a mic I have 2 spots open now
  7. So I deleted my lvl 90 Mage why in gods name is the delete char button a trigger I set my controller on my leg and pressed X and before I knew it BOOM no Mage I hate my life. I might try n grind another out to 90 but if I give up a 234 oculus will be up for trade.
  8. Same here only worse I posted my time to be in the event specificly cause I had work. Nothing for an hour after the time I posted so I had to leave for work. When I get home I see an inv from trendyent 2 hours after I log off this sucks I have no idea what I could have done!
  9. I'm already back at work had time for only one really quick but ill be back in around 5 hours ill hit you guys up then ill probably run 3-4 runs tonight
  10. Im just looking for anyone with a mic who wants 7.5 mill in 25-30 mins with a Kari and a raff pull. I need some help repairing all the auras on my repair waves so just reply on here with your psn id and if you have a mic n ill send you n inv.
  11. Ya omm hit the nail on the head and even gave you a nice stat to aim for but if you do want the bare minimum attack rate to reach .33 (which is exactly 3 hits a second) you only need 240 attack rate. I have a few friends at the .31 and it does seem to do a little better than .33 but I can't be positive because my td is much lower than my friends that I compare too. But over I love this topic!
  12. I was in a huge dry spell and pulled a 212 shaitan, it was missing tower damage. Now I'm even more discouraged lol. Oh ya I just recently pulled a 206 jun bao I was so happy.... Until I saw it only had td and taoe and then I felt like someone kicked me really hard you know where and since then it's been nothing but grinding for junk lol. Well if anyone wants to pound there head against the wall with me hit me up lol we can do some pointless insane plus runs that have all the challenge none of the reward lol!!!
  13. I'm getting so tired of farming so hard and seeming to never pull anything I need it's really starting to wear me down! Anyone else feel this way or am I the only one that after 10 runs of Marrago on insane with a 4 chars in and not a single 100+^ weapon! That's 40 pieces of trash thrown onto the sand. Shoot me now please or at least someone inspire me with stories showing me I'm not alone. trendy cant have some vendetta against me lol..... Can they?
  14. I had a lot of fun and I believe that the event weapons were just what they were supposed to be good but not op. heer29 did a great job selling stuff enough to make it difficult but not impossible.
  15. Hey CC, you begged me to respond to your odds vs prob rant, if I remember you used please 3 times, I did. Are you not happy with my response, why the silence on your ridiculous failed example? My question is, has anyone done the reverse of what everyone is doing? Run Maraggo 10 times with 3 afk's = 40 samples, THEN run Assult 10 times with 3 afk's = 40 samples for example. See if there was a correlation that way after finding the 'spike'. I think this is more accurate way, and I'll explain. When you do Assult first to determine the 'spike', it's human nature to have expectations if you beli
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