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  1. After a long time someone finally put up some boots on forums which were better than my current ones. Therefore I am now selling my old boots. They are upped specially for a waller EV so don't start crying already about the way it's upgraded. I accept coal and cubes for this auction. I will let the auction run untill tuesday 5/11 7PM GMT +1 C/O: 5 cubes - Bearr B/O:
  2. Might this be the return of the almighty kono? :o
  3. This. Quite opposite, actually. Can you imagine hackers having perfect item checking software? There wouldn't be a single legitimate item up for auction/sale. I barely want to play in this community, I definitely wouldn't want to play in one like that.
  4. Final bump. Would be a shame if nobody offers 40
  5. Bumper, ending this tmrw. 40 cubes would be nice, they're worth it
  6. yeeeeep Your offer is: 20 cubes + jester set + 1 double capped diamond ?
  7. 20 cubes to get you going, also have a nice jester set hitting about 5.4k with armour and acc and chicken only which I value at around 35 cubes, and 1 double capped diamond. 70 total
  8. updated and bump 30 cubes
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