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  1. pretty weird if he puts values for single caps @ 9 and considers it as a higher offer than 67 cubes.. get the value straight next time op. congratz to Namwich ofcourse. nice bidding war mate ;) Nam won cause you never bid 70. So now Nam is broke (cube wise).
  2. auction said it would run 2-3 days. we are 4 days ahead now.. what is your end time? I think what namwich offer is a bit better than the 67 cubes. if you want to over bid him why not just make it 70. I don't mean to sound like I want more but its looks a bit better. but its up to you guys how or what you guys bid. js
  3. What about twr stats? They negative or positive?
  4. Oh ye I see 1k, thought it was 100 lol Very nice piece then mate
  5. rofl @ dat cover.. 250+ might be a bit overrated. as of now I don't see any stat over capping normal ult :\ correct me if I'm wrong though
  6. 30 cubes. OP would be nice if you add diamond values in it. Now I don't know if my offer is higher than the co
  7. talking about inexperienced users.. I don't see how winning on a bid that was made over 6 hours before the auction ended was a snipe. You had plenty of time to step in and start a bidding war with me. I have nothing more to say.
  8. okay. I wouldn't have accepted your bid anyways. ")
  9. 120 cubes for a 83k glad that's ridiculous :p tempted to sell my 87k with waaay higher health lol. quang, I remember something I said, 200 cubes for a 87k seems a fair price in this economy nowadays ^^
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