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  1. The DEW wave can be a bit tough but I recommend slow auras/traps to help you out there as it will help considerably. Also to help the situation stay between the spawns and your first wall of defenses and not between the two. This way one side will have to go through 2 sets of defenses and the other will be trying to fight you in front of your defense. Which also brings in the idea of making sure not to have all your defenses stacked at one point to handle the lane from both sides as they consider pairing as an important factor and not just killing you. :) Thanks mate I Will try again tomorrow. I indeed didn't try slow auras :)
  2. How many times did you try and fail before you decided it's "impossible"? I can say as much as with the right stats it's not only possible, but easy. I got 6-7k stats but I Will try tomorrow again to see if it works out :)
  3. Wave 10/11 impossibleDear developers, Great map, but wave 10 when the dark elf warriors come in is where it get's broken. They jump over the DU's and automatically pair. I'm talking about nightmare/hardcore. Can't do anyything About it.. Let me know ur thoughts. Thanks, Sjoerd
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