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  1. I submitted multiple bugs that are related to that one single quest. They haven't managed to unlock it so I think that's absolutely not true. It's a pretty major bug for many people. I have it myself and am not able to train solo as 60% of my content is locked because of that f[[2011,hashtags]] quest. It really 'bugs' me

    @iamisom quote:

    @Asellia quote:

    Please fix the defend the ramparts/throne room quests. Can't proceed as they are tied to old map (Or, ramparts in my case, I heard throne room is same though for others.). Even just a way to reset quests would be super!

    Yep, that's a big one that we're looking into. If you submit a request to our Support team, they'll manually unlock the quest for you.

  2. Yo guys,

    When I play maps and complete them the next map unlocks. I've done this until the Wyvern's den and completed it. After I reboot the game the last 4 maps are locked and when I play 'The Ramparts' again I have the other 4 maps unlocked. But when I complete the Wyvern den I can't pick an egg.

    Im also not able to play freemode because everytime I restart the game the unlocked maps reset and the last 4 maps are locked until I play 'The Ramparts'. I'm kinda pissed about this.

    Anyone else having this issue or knows how to solve this, I'm not gonna do this everytime I reboot this game because then I'm pretty much done right now..


  3. @zsolesz79 quote:

    I think I remember you doing lot's of CD runs, am I right? :) I'm a great fan of DD1 too, have 2200+ hours in it. I had doubts about DD2, didn't like it at first try. But gave it a try again after the Loot & Survive patch and now I kind of have the same feelings like playing DD1 back in the day. You can read a lot about it here, pros and cons as well, you have the time, gather some information before jumping in! ;)

    Yep haha. We were only doing CD runs at one point lol. Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's appreciated :)

  4. Hey guys,

    Some of you on this Forum might remember me from back in the days (2013) playing DD1. Together with TheCrystalDefender we were some top notch players. As of right now I'm looking to return to DD2 but I'm not quite sure what to think about it after seeing some gameplay.

    Also if some of you guys remember me please let me know so I can see who still plays DD at all :)

    Curious about your experiences guys!

  5. okay guys, 1 day remaining. just a heads up to everyone.

    It seems a lot of 'new' players have joined the forums all of a sudden. I'm not trying to say anything with this but I'm going to say this: I will not look into winners with 1-25 posts, just because I think it's abnormal this much new players respond to this thread.

    thank you for understanding guys!


  6. Hey there,

    After selling all my stuff a few weeks ago it's time for the final giveaway. I accumulated around 900 cubes from selling everything and I would like to give it to someone else.

    this is how it will work:
    You can sign up by leaving your SID and a merry christmas wish.

    NOTE: you can only sign up once, if I find your name twice you will be disqualified.

    When will the winner(s) be announced:
    The winners will be announced on January the 3rd 2014 at 9PM UTC +01. Winners will be chosen with random.org

    Available prizes:
    800 Cubes
    10 Diamonds (a mix of single and double capped diamonds)
    85 coal

    List of Winners:
    1. 250 Cubes: Childe_ANM
    2. 125 Cubes: rdubyeah
    3. 75 Cubes: REZENNN
    4. 50 Cubes: StillPad
    5. 50 Cubes: djrandyran
    6. 50 Cubes: xentro01
    7. 50 Cubes: Lone Salamander
    8. 25 Cubes: groveracing65
    9. 25 Cubes: Just Marco
    10. 10 Cubes: Sanghelios
    11. 10 Cubes: nhanks
    12. 10 Cubes: Daikyi
    13. 10 Cubes: Zieni
    14. 10 Cubes: Maxeth_
    15. 10 Cubes: Richo
    16. 10 Cubes: sooner
    17. 10 Cubes: soikura
    18. 10 Cubes: Nibelung
    19. 10 Cubes: slightlemon

    1. 40 Coal: Th3GamingBull
    2. 20 Coal: BaraCuda
    3. 10 Coal: Nonsens
    4. 5 Coal: ddace
    5. 5 Coal: suppi
    6. 5 Coal: Synergy_

    1. Diamond: cryzzie
    2. Diamond: ezelking
    3. Diamond: anr
    4. Diamond: DariusTrox
    5. Diamond: snood365
    6. Diamond: Hover Tower 2000
    7. Diamond: gogiants123
    8. Diamond: harry4550
    9. Diamond: mkjo
    10. Diamond: oliwaltony

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