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  1. Longer survival maps /w like 50+ waves or bosses in between. This also means that when Massacre difficulty flex is hit we should see an upgrade to the max 3-star upgrade to towers. That would be totally epic. Grinding for that 1 perfect ult++ piece :D
  2. They should stop local hosting in taverns and do everything via the trendy servers. Problem with cheatengine solved
  3. I consider this my top priority as well. Game should have decent quests and more achievements / trophies to get. DD1 achievements were ok but got them all within the first 250hr gameplay
  4. Closed beta is important for the devops to see how it's being received by actual players. So I guess you should get involved in backing and participating in the closed beta when it comes
  5. I think it's more important that people actually send in feedback AFTER the closed beta launches. That is the most important part for devops and update on-the-go.
  6. Thanks lads, Got the $30 pledge in just now. really looking forward to it
  7. First of all really excited when I read the article on Facebook about the remake. The fun I had in DD1 was insane and I really hope you guys can bring back that element of fun to the remake. I so desperately want to back the project but don't own a credit card and that's pretty much the only accepted payment method with Kickstarter. Any alternatives?
  8. I have this issue too. Glad I'm not the only one! :)
  9. Nice one. Was wondering if it would happen :)
  10. I think they have Server problems. Can't connect either.
  11. My advise. Pick up food boxes and eggs manually (if you need them) and select 2 32-slot bags for auto collect. This way you will collect 100% full bags but leave a lot of the total crap behind.
  12. I submitted multiple bugs that are related to that one single quest. They haven't managed to unlock it so I think that's absolutely not true. It's a pretty major bug for many people. I have it myself and am not able to train solo as 60% of my content is locked because of that f[[2011,hashtags]] quest. It really 'bugs' me Yep, that's a big one that we're looking into. If you submit a request to our Support team, they'll manually unlock the quest for you.
  13. They should first start to fix the general bugs like tons of people have atm with quests instead of lowering iPWR levels. Priorities with trendy have always been the biggest issue, that's why DD1 was such a joke
  14. Will do, thanks! :) Seems that more people have this problem by now
  15. I'm having issues with quests as well. Let's hope they'll fix it soon
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