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  1. Gas trap and aura work stacked and give stacked bonuses. Gas does work for crowded maps and will definitely help with ogres, because lanes are stalled ogres are stalled behind the trash mobs ;) Ele auras work fine as well but for me doing lots of solo runs gas+ensara combination worked better. In groups you can obviously split the rifted load with others.
  2. I would personally go with: - DST Rifted (50% extra dmg to fusion) - Ensnara Rifted (10% extra dmg to fusion) - Gas trap Rifted (10% extra dmg to fusion) - Walls or buff beam rifted (depending on which map you play swap rifted set for this champ) From my experience Rifted ensnara is one of the best, so not sure why Atharix says it's not neccesary. Yes, strength drain does the job but pair a gas trap + ensnara (+drain) rifted and you easily do 20% (30%) extra dmg to targets inside and also slow them down considerably, it's worth it man, specially on crowded maps. DST's will absolut
  3. Not sure how to do this either. Maybe you can find something in their Discord server about it?
  4. I also mentioned this on the forums a few days ago, specifically for Survival mode. For me it helped a bit to disable damage numbers and setting shadows to minimum. But it's still not smooth.
  5. So you played a couple of games even when you knew he was hacking? Sorry but that feels the same as hacking yourself. You're benefitting from his cheats in some way. Maybe a perm ban is not in place but a temp ban would be justified in my opinion :-)
  6. I will try that option. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Curious if this issue is relevant for more players. I've been facing some serious frame drops/stuttering when playing Survival mode. Also my teammates in my hosted lobby experience the same. It gets even worse when I'm navigating through the menus in mid-game. I'm running current gen hardware (i7 8700k / 16GB / RTX3060Ti) and I have tried numerous settings but even at the lowest settings it keeps stuttering so I'm seriously doubting it's because of my hardware rig. I also re-installed the game and repaired game files to see if it would improve any but it didn't. This is really buggi
  8. I have this issue too. Glad I'm not the only one! :)
  9. Nice one. Was wondering if it would happen :)
  10. I think they have Server problems. Can't connect either.
  11. My advise. Pick up food boxes and eggs manually (if you need them) and select 2 32-slot bags for auto collect. This way you will collect 100% full bags but leave a lot of the total crap behind.
  12. I submitted multiple bugs that are related to that one single quest. They haven't managed to unlock it so I think that's absolutely not true. It's a pretty major bug for many people. I have it myself and am not able to train solo as 60% of my content is locked because of that f[[2011,hashtags]] quest. It really 'bugs' me Yep, that's a big one that we're looking into. If you submit a request to our Support team, they'll manually unlock the quest for you.
  13. They should first start to fix the general bugs like tons of people have atm with quests instead of lowering iPWR levels. Priorities with trendy have always been the biggest issue, that's why DD1 was such a joke
  14. Will do, thanks! :) Seems that more people have this problem by now
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