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  1. Right, my turn. This conversation really annoys me as its based on an assumption - that the only people using split screen are there for levelling/loot. This totally ignores the fact (purposely or otherwise) that some people use split screen to play local co-op (seriously, read the comments in this thread - many of them don't even contemplate that). Me and the girlfriend have played over 300 hours of split screen together. The reason we love this game is that its something we can play together, while at the same time being able to level, customize, and work on our own individual characte
  2. Now THAT is a cunning plan sir! We've got some new gamepads on order with multiple extra mappable buttons, so will give that a go then (we use Select quite often for swapping mana) but this should definately do the trick. Thanks!
  3. Either go close to a crystal and press X if I remember correct or change your pad configuration at the splash screen. XboxB from Show Hero Info into Activate Crystal :) Yeah I know you can activate the crystal manually, however its a pain when you're on a large NM map, repairing far off defences and the host starts spamming 'gggggggggggggggggggg'. Half the time it means that you're gonna get kicked if you don't comply within 5 seconds!
  4. Heeeeeeeeeey! Me and the girlfriend play splitscreen with controllers, sometimes joining in on online matches together to help with levelling. When doing this (online match with us playing split screen), pressing 'G' to activate the crystal only activates it for one of our local characters. Anyone know of a way to get the other character activated? Its a pain, especially if playing a hosted match being run by someone with little to no patience. Thanks! Dan
  5. As someone who plays local split screen on PC heres my thoughts. The suggestions most have made above all assume that all split screen is used for is for personal benefit in levelling other characters, forgetting that a lot of people actually use it for its intended purpose - local couch coop. I have asked in other threads if split screen will be in DD2 as for me and my girlfriend, if it's not, a customer will be lost. Banning split screen from ranked, preventing more than one char from gaining bonuses and loot, you may as well not have the feature in the first place. And if that fe
  6. They already have the coding to make it work in #1; should be an easy port to #2. I wouldn't worry about it. To be honest that means nothing. Different engine iterations could make previous code unacceptable, we already know there are two different mana types so there may be implications on button binding based on that and other features, etc etc. It is a bit concerning tho that a thread based on a previous feature is yet to be replied to by Trendy. Only solace so far is confirmation that it will be coming to multiple platforms which would imply, by default, controller support. Would stil
  7. Hey all! This is absolutely pointless, provides no change to gameplay and is purely cosmetic. But. Any chance we could have characters skins that mimic the original Dungeon Defenders ones? Essentially the child heroes. They've got a certain charm to them and me (Squire) and the Mrs (Huntress) have grown rather fond of our wee chaps. Would be great to be able to enable them rather than having the adult counterparts - perhaps unlocked if you had the previous game? As I say, pointless, pure cosmetic, but I do like the feel of my boxers in the breeze.... :squire:
  8. I would like to know this as well. This would be a deal breaker for me. Exactly why I've asked. It's an awesome bit of couch co-op.
  9. Heeeeeeey! :squire: Are you able to say whether DD2 will support local split screen and controllers? Me and the Mrs play DD constantly in local co-op, and without controller support and split screen we wouldn't be able to play DD2 the same as we already do which would be a right shame. Cheers! Dan
  10. Bump: new question Could you reedit your first post to include the original question? Other people browsing the forum may have a need for the answers in this thread but they don't make sense anymore.
  11. You wont get banned for having them unless someone reports you so the mana gain think of it as a bonus, if you could PM me who the guy was who was dropping this stuff that would be very much appreciated Thanks a lot, will have a look when I get back. Fyi this was in Open.
  12. Even though I'm not an Item Checker, they are hacked. Best way to get rid of them is to sell to the Tavern keeper. Thanks both, totally assumed so. ;) I assume then there's not a chance of ban for using mana gained by selling hacked stuff to the keeper. Cheers!
  13. Heeeeeeeeey! Could someone check these please? Think I know the answer - accidentally picked up in NM Shipwreck fest online, I think someone was dropping them out of his item box. Whats the best way of getting rid of hacked stuff? I've just got them on the tavern floor atm. Thanks!
  14. Eyoooooooo! So our current PC runs DD at 1080p with graphics settings at half, so will need to do some upgrading for my day one purchase of DD2. Has there been any indications of the likely tech specs needed for the game yet? Cheers! Dan
  15. As a precaution another 'Yes please' for split screen here. If its not there, it would basically be a lost sale for me as that's what me and the girlfriend play, and love about DD1. Also any chance of a rotating split screen option? I think a few games have this now where instead of it being fixed the split actually rotates depending on where you are in relation to each other, and if you're close, goes full screen.
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