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  1. I have completed all stages past wave 10 for this trophy on pure strategy, even repeated them and i'm not getting the trophy.
  2. Greets, I would like to suggest more health for the strength aura, or at least the minimum of the health boost increased while upgrading. The aura requires far too much upgrading and repairing compared to the other aura's and even at higher levels is very limited compared to the darkness trap on the huntress. There is always a need to repair the strength aura and like other players i have played with we would like to see a health/fortified boost to strength aura. Having a monk with full fortify still drains that aura greatly. Perhaps a boost to that aura and maybe a nerf somewhere el
  3. Greets, After the transfer my stages were all locked and i've been having to repeat them all over again even though i still had my trophies claiming i did the stuff that i did previously.
  4. I don't understand why you have such an issue. Have you updated all your drivers and configured your system correctly? One one rig i am running an i5 8400 with 32gb of ram and nvm2 drive attached to the motherboard in 4k graphics with a single 1070 gtx and experience no issues. On my best rig I am running a ryzen 3800x with 64gb of ram, nvme2 drive with dual 2080rtx in 4k and still no issues. Both computers are alienware aurora's r8 and r9 and i have no problems. I am sorry for your misfortune.
  5. I would try discord directly speaking with staff there. It seems the staff have helped many through discord.
  6. Hrm, i backed when they first had the packages before adding new ones and then i found out for a dollar more i could have got more because they added more packages. Definitely not cool otherwise i would have spent the extra single dollar. I would suggest they provide a upgrade for players who did back the project and spend the extra dollars, we should be compensated considering the price drop, given access to the VIP room.
  7. Greets, While equipping the kickstarter skins they often change to default skins after a round or match, loading this or that. Chat is still having issues where you can type but cannot see what others are saying or what you're saying. I notice this happens a lot more when opening the inventory screen.
  8. I have the skins but no VIP room. Can someone with access to the VIP room post pictures or a video of the VIP Room and how to unlock it? Thanks
  9. This literally made me LOL
  10. How do you get into the VIP room? I have access to the secret room above the bar, but I don't see the VIP room anywhere and i am a kickstart backer.
  11. I am a kickstart backer, i have the shadow skins and can equip them but cannot equip my rift skins. Also i would like to note that even after equipping the shadow skins, sometimes they get reset to default after a round or match.
  12. Greets, I have run and cleared all maps up to insane and just started nightmare. During all the hours spent completing my expedition towards level 100 I have yet to find a shield for the squire. I have come across this link https://dungeon-defenders-awakened.fandom.com/wiki/Accessories which displays the shields but only the name and pictures, no data or where to find them. So my fellow Etherians! Can we get a list going with pictures, locations, difficulty and so forth in order get the wiki updated at well? Thanks for reading! ***UPDATE: June 3 2020*** Found the
  13. I can agree this is not fixed for me either. 1. Sometimes when chatting and typing the letter H, the hero selection appears however i can still type but must push ENTER key instead of selecting a hero. 2. The chat sometimes moves around in terms of what has been written and pushing ENTER key twice will move it back down in chat to keep it updated.
  14. I can agree with this for the most part. I have played 4 player on throne room and tornado valley, heights and mines with no lag. Thank you for your input Vosh.
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