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  1. get urself some video card and u are able to play it without any slowdowns. something like nvidia 650 or even 550 should be enough to play it on max detail integrated gfx never good for gaming. EDIT: ohh its a laptop, so u probably dont have choice
  2. i tested it with few people from the [[3374,hashtags]] channel from irc.freenode.net we used latest hamachi + haguichi for linux (to emulate LAN over internet) we tried everything. connecting directly with ip(hamachi one) at the end of the game executable and looking just for if the game shows on the LAN list , but wasnt able to get connected at all. there seems to be no log about it also. and yeah. gamespy doesnt work at all as well. looking at the nethog (to monitor my connection resources) i can see that the game even doesnt seem to try to connect. at least no bandwidth is used. hope go see this resolved asap, since this game is not really meant to be played alone. ofc better option would be steam linux support, with integrated steam servers.
  3. yeah, the online game (gamepspy) doesnt work. also LAN play localy or via hamachi doesnt seem to work at all. hope to see this game on steam as soon as possible. cuz its not really fun to play it alone anyway Big Thanks for bringing it to Linux!
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