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  1. Dumb question: do lockboxes drop accessories for all of a hero's costumes or just the costumes you've already bought? (I.E. if I open a Gunwitch lockbox but haven't bought the black ops costume, could I potentially get a black ops accessory that would just wait for me until I buy the black ops costume to be able to wear it?) Follow-up question: is the Dryad lockbox not dropping at all, or am I just extremely unlucky so far?
  2. I feel like a lot of the posters here forget that some of us aren't already at NM4 with perfect gear, some of us are still working our way up through the difficulties and iPower tiers until we're at their level. For us, the game is already challenging enough, bordering on too hard in a couple spots (i.e. I like playing with friends from time to time, but sometimes I'd like to rest my metaphorical social muscles and play solo, but at the moment that's not really a viable playstyle even in the campaign, at least with the current scaling of loot and player power vs. enemy strength within the cam
  3. Okay, I'm seriously confused...how does the game calculate an item's iPWR? I already know the rarity/tier system means absolutely nothing beyond "whether or not this item can have passive abilities on it", but I mean...well, this screenshot tells all, I'd say: 11 fewer upgrades, lower sell value, -1 to all stats, no passives...yep, definitely a superior piece of gear! o_O
  4. Is there anything other than costumes/accessories that is only available via diamonds? (Follow-up: if costumes/accessories are the only diamond-exclusive items, what are the coolest costumes in your opinion?) Also, what order should I unlock the extra heroes in?
  5. Forgive my ignorance (I've been away from DD2 since fairly early on in the process), but where might I find these short stories? I spent a few minutes browsing through the news posts, but there's a LOT of them and if they're in there somewhere, they have successfully evaded me.
  6. I second this. In both DD1 and DD2 the majority of my time has been spent essentially playing "Inventory Management Simulator 2015". Being able to manage equipment and bags in a setting in which I can still tab over to the forums so I can see which items I should keep and which I should sell would be a godsend, particularly if I could just link other players over to my inventory page so they could look at it themselves (albeit read-only for them).
  7. Hey, all! I'm a Councilor who, unfortunately, had to take some time off from DD2, but I'm back again, and hopefully ready to offer some useful suggestions based on my fresh perspective... ...okay, probably not, but hey, I can dream, can't I? :P Anyway, one of the big things that stood out to me in the brief time I've been back (only playing the first map, I believe it's called The Gates of Dragonfall) is the new interactive features on the map--in my case, the flame and ice turrets. I think these are brilliant additions (particularly in that they're actually useful), but I'd like to s
  8. Yeah, EV-style walls are definitely the better option in my opinion; even in DD1 placing down physical barriers always felt like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. :) I also REALLY like the idea of each wall having that one little "thing" that sets it apart; that is how the walls were in DD1, and in combination with the improved point-to-point mechanic, it would really show how much the heroes have grown since those early days, while some things still remain the same. :cool:
  9. I think it would be cooler if councilors could start the game with a set of weapons that had decent stats but looked like jokes. For example, The quire could get a Baseball bat for a sword and a Trash can lid for a shield. The Apprentice could either get a lamp or a broom for his staff. The Monk could get a double sided mop or garden rake. Then the Huntress could maybe have a bone bow that shot fish arrows or something like that. Or maybe they could be weapons that level with the hero (at least up to a set level) so that they can have decent weapons that look cool/funny. Also side note: maybe
  10. Give more options for turning off special effects (like particles and the like) so that inferno traps/fireball towers don't instantly mean mega-lag. In fact, performance improvements in general, please. :)
  11. Slow? It was pretty fast for me... Maybe check your mouse settings. I had mouse sensitivity maxed, just like I do in DD2; both cursors are quite laggy for me. (Perhaps it's something to do with the way the cursor is implemented?) Regardless, I still think that rearranging it into a 4-directional setup navigable by keypress as well as mouse click (i.e. pressing the key acts like clicking, not a "highlight and select" setup like a lot of menus have) could streamline the process even further.
  12. This . I want the DD1 map. Don't fix if not broken. A dev said on stream they don't want people to constantly keep the big map open . May I ask who actually did that? Me. Especially when I'm first learning to play a map and am constantly getting lost (and then on places like Talay or King's Game, it didn't even help :P ). That said, I'd like to see the tactical map make a return, as well as an ability to hide/disable the minimap for those that want it. With regards to the DD2 map, it definitely needs more contrast. It wasn't until my last match that I realized the dark brown was supp
  13. How does a mouse driven menu take too long to navigate exactly? I can see it being suck-ishly bad on track pads, but a full on mouse? DD1s hero wheel was amazing once you learned it. I could get to just about anything I didn't have bound in a moment. See below. ;) It could be a bit smaller? The buttons were far apart, and the mouse cursor was really slow with the wheel open for whatever reason. (Also, the menu transitions were a bit too slow on the wheel even with "fast menu transitions" checked.)
  14. I love the look and self-explanatory nature of the Hero Wheel, but my only problem with it is that it's mouse-based and thus takes too long to navigate. I would love to see a redesigned Hero Wheel organized around four directions (up, down, left, right) that can then be navigated by mouse OR by tapping directional keys to choose an option (sort of like the key item menu in Pokon X and Y). It would make the wheel a lot quicker and easier to use while still keeping everything organized and easily understandable. :)
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