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  1. Yea not sure, personally I have vowed to not spend a dime on the the game till they change it. And as the DD2 addict I am, I've still kept it. Used to buy 90% of the DLC they released, but I've totally skipped the last two rounds. As for the fun factor? Or rather annoyance factor. I like to play efficiently, when I got to hug a 20cm wall for close to a second, it hugely annoys me. Trying to hit stuck air mobs? Well I can't cast then jump as I used to. Not gonna bother go over this again, I will try my best to not buy anything till this is fixed. Can't promise I can keep that, but I've manage
  2. I got a feeling it was my fault, but I guess TE took the cheap route and just disabled jump while casting ALL the abilities instead of fixing ONE of them... (probably are more bugs like these, but they don't justify neutering the gameplay for 99% of the players) (All these bombs got a set timer) (Why not just set a max number per player?)
  3. I'm happy that you pity me, not sure how to interpenetrate that. Do you pity me for not being able to have fun because of it? Or because you simply are better than me, and can AFK maps and not experience the pain? If you took 20 seconds out of your life, which I would respect, to watch a ***ty video, of why you would pity me. Maybe you would see why I have stopped playing certain heroes. If the video itself cannot explain why I have stopped playing a multitude of heroes, then we have nothing further to discuss. This issue itself is not the sole reason I don't play anymore, but it is a part of
  4. I seem to have miss lead some people, and I'm sorry about that... I stated this: >> " This issue is at the point to where I do NOT play my SQUIRE anymore AT ALL..." But this turned out to be a lie... It is actually at the point where I don't even want to play the game itself at ALL... anymore... Not just the Squire, most of the heroes suffer from the issue, some are worse than others..
  5. [[166314,users]] Will this be fixed? So I can start buying your Steam Packs again? And maybe,.. even start playing the game again
  6. No1 cares, its an old post. Read the reply I just made, since it seems my OP was just getting the wrong point across.. Merging sarcasm with feedback don't seem to do well on forums..
  7. Yea, I lose sense of time when it come to DD2 tbh, its been out so long, so many different stages.. and so on.. Point of the thread? Was that I was annoyed TE made resets harder, I did not ask for them to be harder, they were annoying enough as it was. I did ask though for floor scaling to get harder, but personally that scaling should of been kept past the point of resets. >> Basically was the point of the thread. + Maybe I should stop using sarcasm in my salty feedback threads,,, gobu
  8. I did 78 resets prior to the patch, screenshot was taken today.
  9. As a player since the game was not even on Steam, one of the first 500 or so player to play this game. "Play" The game has improved immensely over the years, mostly for the good.. Going from spamming Cannonball towers and Fireball towers; to Serenity Aura cheesing > Then to the Frosty Trap meta. Then to the Archer meta.. Then to the 1 year of PDT meta.... nice balance work! (gobu) Anyway any of that don't matter now.. Last patch I looked up the notes on, TE said, We asked for harder content. Yes we did, years ago, when we didn't have an infinite reset loop. Not that I personally wanted t
  10. Uh, I guess this for gilded shards. Then I got my 75th reset coming up real soon.
  11. 10 seconds or so? She can cast it quite fast again after if you don't stun her.
  12. She does an animation(that you can interrupt) then gains a shield. Anything that attacks her then takes damage based on damage dealt. It only damages defenses that can be damaged in normal ways.
  13. Its been brought up, i want to say hundreds of times, but yea never been fixed. Some people say it works for them, but I have the same issue.
  14. Yup they are just gone, still nice gem value in the packs though.
  15. Sorry for the click baity title, I knew it was a stretch. But well, from what I as a player and the current state of the game(very low chance to play with friends, due to being on different floors) the whole party system is not something I will interact with a whole lot. Maybe its different for others, and they are able to play with their friends more easily. I think what Rusty suggests above would be great. A way to set the rules for a game you make. Make it not joinable via the quick play button and clear indicator of the rules the host has ticked off. I agree that 100% kick option to th
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