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  1. Also had this error once tonite, seems its a lag join bug i would guess.. tried to join again after, took awhile but finally got in.. but alas cannot play anyway, pressing e does nothing..
  2. Ya would love to play, cannot at all.. stuck in social
  3. I didnt use the temp bag... I slid the items into bag1 , changed to the other toon slid em off.. went back to the original toon to grab the pendant and then got sold messages. altho maybe i used the temp and didnt see it. however losing that item is the worst, its the only one ive seen drop since ive been playing. the second pendant was good, but nothing like the orange one..
  4. So I was moving around gear between my characters, and I took my guardian pendant (orange) 394 defense power off into bag, and then switched to my mage and took off his 290 def power mythical, and then went to change it to the other, and then i got a you sold this item for 1500 gold, and then followed by you have sold this item for 2300 gold. I was never in the sell mode at all. I have sent an email ticket already. Should I not play? like DD1? is there any restoring this type of thing? Seems like a bug cause I was never in sell mode at all.
  5. Heya betto, gonna pull this for another offer.. If you dont see a notification from this Ill message ya on steam..
  6. Item Check has alredy been done also, it is in IC thread page 498
  7. I am looking to retire from DD1, how do I get in the beta for DD2? I have 13 level 100s in DD1(plus more), 2000 hours played.. Would donating my dd1 stuff to other players help me get into dd2 beta? let me know if there anything that would help me get into helping you guys out..
  8. ENDED, went a different direction..
  9. SBS_JR

    Item Check Thread

    Item check on this pretty new vest please.. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=263532217
  10. SBS_JR

    Item Check Thread

    Can I get an IC on this sparus please.. Thanks! http://www.sbsracing.net/sparus.jpg
  11. Sold to Betto for 52 cubes, had a little in game bidding war with john saint, but went to 52 cubes and sold..
  12. Will add you to view diamonds..
  13. Going to sell my mana master from the event(pg35). Hoping to promote my builders some more, I am in need of 3 diamonds, one will have to be atleast single cap dmg, and a dbl cap with health and dmg, and a dbl cap with attack speed and dmg. And also cubes will always work. I am not sure on a buyout for this, as I cant seem to get a good price check on it. So lets take some offers and go from there.
  14. First time ever for me, I have a great connection, seems the other guy it had happened to, so it seems he is the source, damn..
  15. His name is axo, and his shop name was Lots of Accs, Armor & Pets.
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