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  1. Honestly, I'm torn. Currently, I'm playing solo. I'm putting all my points in Towers and doing great. Comparing this to DD1, I played apprentice and done stuff similar. However, It got harder as I got further in the game. I ended up joining lobbies to help out and so I could get carried on my new characters. Prior to the beta being released, I was very Anti Easy hero swaps. I was concerned easy hero swapping would have this effect the game making it to too easy to solo. Personally, this has kinda happened but the main factor is this shared XP. I'm just running through the missions like its nothing. The Levels up I get are not rewarding what so ever and I normally stack up 1-3 levels of points before spending them. Yes, DD1 levelling up was a grind but that grind encouraged you to play with others so that you could specialise and not have to level up every different build. This game was AMAZING as a co-op with friends, you all had your character and pulled your weight. Now, I've made four characters; all level up at the same rate. I can do it all, the NEED for that co-op experience isn't there and if you force it, it won't seem as rewarding. Would I Co-op if they got rid of shared XP? Prob not, but I would feel like I was missing out and I could get into higher content quicker by working with people? Would I Co-op if they got rid of the hero swapping? Nah, it's too easy to level up all your characters to bother.
  2. Agree! I also miss the mana crystal physics, sucking up all that mana. Not having a mana cap is a weird one, not sure how I feel about it yet. It was strange to have the mana to upgrade something and not the level required, unlike DD1.
  3. Some good news! Hopefully see atleast a date if not beta relese this week Link to post here and video below https://www.facebook.com/DungeonDefenders/videos/2353350641460374/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARALg2zTIbtoCLxnhdrW0FSSiieHD7pHEsKTvmsCSDGIAdh7PQY5VYUIKeksM5yfxjKF1kl1m6fbG8Nz&hc_ref=ARTh0nEX_gelhXeR_HK_t2luNjpbNWVK1TnHFXabMc6B92sjTfbQNRot1TWPNz8ZQaw&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARCvWoIm_lh3_qoPxVTnbVPRsyMgfGcUCyVnlI79iBROUe4QWegvC1r_85-TtOD9bVkHIdyczsaR_nsd2SzSFwPeExZmsC4JZI9ebJGqCjz38-1U6yOW2syslAfxARSG5bDJMB0OnuL2E6dWq6a8DjUmU9Nmh0yJt8vJkP03NNtbYhv4v5sBCuGuB6VqUxuO2JNmieqc1_oDiV423-EnUrq31_Ryd0fbGBoE-SFgDBmBtjDtpV4yMZaJNlF7Tsv1dF5IKjLFzOQXN7qS8C3a0SdL3-Ri_H31kBWLNGhTJyhfRlo36qKOubpwxCYvMbtU2mbBt4xBunqfrcmFLO2FOvge0lueXHFdJKRLKxkVDG9XRz3XvI8uRJ0iegGDq2h8
  4. I agree with the idea on the face on it. Its annoying the building the same defences every time. BUT when you farm maps over and over again, its already quite AFK, with the building part building automated/semi-automated, it makes it more afk. Its a QOL change, but I think its not one that will add to the game. Just me though :)
  5. I was tempted to put the Summit and 5. But yeah great map, allowed you to do some unique creative builds. Loved the bowling balls crashing down those ally ways.
  6. Yup, I accualty like the grind. But grinding those maps were just a pain and didn't bother. As you said just takes too long to build.
  7. Hi All, Currently running through DD1 again and I'm really surprised how some maps really stand out to me and I love playing while others I tend to skip. Since the Devs may be designing new maps in the near future, good to show them what we like. My top 5 list of maps would be: 5) Castle Armory For me, this was the first jump in difficulty and the gear showed it with the godly items appearing. I love the split of front to back areas with the well placed overlapping choke points allowing the player to come up with the creativity with builds. The map offered plenty of chokes in a condensed manageable area. I also like the spike traps allowing my Tower mage to AOE blast the big boys to their deaths... 4) Tavern Defence Tarven defence felt massive the first time I played and was quite daunting to look at how many chokes you have to cover. After playing the map a couple of times, I found that the chokes slowly decreasing and becoming closer together with only 2 areas of defences with a 5-second window-hop between. Great map, felt rewarding figuring out how to overcome. 3) Mistymire Forest After completing the game and achieving some amazing gear, Mistorymire forest is released along with Nightmare. With farming 25 wave survival maps mostly AFK, we were feeling pretty confident and hoped on Mistymire forest and got completely destroyed. After a couple of failed attempted we left with the aim to level up, gear up and get a summoner and EV on the roster. After hours of leaching and farming, we came back and managed to beat it on the 3rd time. The chokes were close together and could be managed between up, the map made up feel smart completely it. 2) Glitterhelm Caverns I finally made it to glitterhelm caverns and Jesus was it hard. After failing time and time again with my squire I finally cracked it with my friends. 4 of us, all having alocated duties, running around like idiots, trying to keep our defences alive and holding strong; with the insane gear upgrades we were getting and rewarding design. It was a great end to the original game to me. 1) The Ramparts Great map design, one of my favourite ascetics with the castle theme. I love building on this map as there are so many ways to tackle it. The long bridge can be built on to defend the onslaught of ogres or if you have high enough tower range; the towers can be placed on the Ramparts above showering death onto the below while dealing with the wyverns. The paths of the enemies offer some many choke points all viable depending on your class and build. As you guys can probably tell, I liked the original maps. There were simple, I could get on them and start cracking on with things. It was obvious when I was being stupid and It felt good when I found out why. Key Points for me Close together chokes / Small Condensed maps I don't like running around everywhere, taking 30seconds to run from one defence to another. Big maps don't need to do this, tarven defence is a good example. For me any more than glitterhelm caverns becomes both tedious and frustrating. It also maps solo play a lot harder. Multiple Build Options Give us loads of obvious chokes, let us choose based on our classes, role and what we like defending. Allow us to be creative, fool us in thinking we are smart. Clear Maps I didn't mention any of the big maps such as Desert town and Sky O'love because there just wasn't clear to me. I don't like going on a map and just being overwhelmed but all their paths, crystals and chokes to defend. Make it clear. First time going on those maps, the crystal would normally be destroyed in the first wave due to me missing some obscure path. Glitterhelm Carverns and Misty were big and had multiple routes. But there were clear where monster where going. I could just be too stupid for these maps. I am interested to know what other people think on this matter, hard to tell what maps are popular because people like them or just because it drops good gear. Cheers
  8. Agreed, 12.3m is wayyy better in my eyes. I'm hoping it never gets to that extreme, but yeah if it did. Do stuff like that.
  9. Yeah exactly, I do feel the higher the numbers are the less value they have to me (Generally speaking). I honestly can't tell what is a "big hit" in dungeon defenders, it all just turns into a long number I don't care about. I like them to be visual to me, if I'm walking around a see a massive 12k hit, I notice it. I don't notice a 12,343,432,29 hit. I remember back in the day in Runescape. Hitting a 30 was a massive deal to me, it felt good. then EOC came and I was hitting 10k's and didn't even care or notice. It all preference, I imagine some people just love seeing massive numbers.
  10. Hi All, Not a big deal, game breaking idea or post. Just interesting to see what other people opinions are on this. How big do you guys like your numbers? I loved the mmo's between 2005 - 2010. So I thinking a lot of my bias is going to come from there. Talking about damage, I like big massive hits (E,g Striker tower) to be any low tens of thousands of 10,000-25,000. I grew to hate massive numbers, the hundreds of thousands/millions or even billions. Just looks and feels silly to me. Currency I'm about the same, any more than a million and it just seems silly. I like 100k Gold/Mana/Jelly beans being a lot. When you get into the millions/billions its start to feel a bit worthless. The numbers in pre-DLC DD1 were about right for me, the mana was a bit too high but nothing silly. Stats in DD, care less about this one but anything about 1000 doesn't fit for me for some reason. Cheers
  11. Hi All, This DDA hype train has got me in the mood to play dungeon defenders 1 again. I installed the game to come back to my billions of mana, high level and geared characters. It felt wrong picking up from that point as I pretty much have done all the content so I started again. This lead to quite a strenuous process where I had to delete all my characters, sold all my items and dumbed the mana somewhere I couldn't get it. Apart from this being quite long to do, I still had all my character achievements and maps unlocked, which made it not satisfying to run through the game again. Speaking to some people that have done the same has felt similar. To me, and what seems like many others. Dungeon defenders have some great replayability to it. there are so many ways to limit the run and make it harder for yourself. A simple feature such as having player profiles where to start again you just have to make a new profile would be great. While typing this I also remember having a problem with playing with friends. I loved to play with my friends with dungeon defenders. However, there was a higher level than me. So I used a DPS character to help to defend the towers. The problem was that all the mana I was getting from these high level runs made it difficult to have my own pure single player run on the side. Profiles would solve this. Its certainly on my wish list...
  12. Definity a way to make some towers more viable. The striker tower was always a weird tower. It done crazy amounts of damage but If you didn't have end game tower speed, it would attack like every 2 seconds. Meaning that a lot of the time damage was wasted. Targetting would allow it to focus the high hp mobs. I do think though a part of Dungeon defenders identity and charm was that it didn't go into that depth. You needed to build around those limitations.
  13. Dynamic and unique aspect of maps is great for mixing up the game (obviously if done well ), increasing DU midway or changing map routes can get a sense of progression throughout the map itself. Once again, if done correctly.
  14. Didnt like the split units at all, hated the summoner but needed to use him to do builds as its just a waste of defences if not.
  15. Eyyyy, good effort. Glad we got that 450k goal. More would have been great but I think its a blessing to get that far. Good job guys.
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