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  1. Steam ID:th_quickzoom Link to steam profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/TH_Quickzoom/home
  2. Can i get a quick item check plz TY in Advance
  3. Item Check Ty in Advance
  4. Sell it and you won't have to worry. Otherwise DPS 1st, EV/summoner 2nd. No one wants to buy it but i guess i could give the auction some time
  5. Mods Can you move this to the PC/Mac Sub forums?
  6. Just wondering how to use this ult.Dps?or Tower?
  7. Legit? http://imgur.com/a/Wu8Fr TY in advance
  8. Dude wants this Item Checked Thanks in Advance
  9. I was thinking of just selling all the coal for stuff i need cause people really seem to need coal
  10. What is your guy's opinion on this? Should I take a huge gamble and make a diamond or sell all my coal? I have 63 coal 6 cubes 1 mk2 So i can easily make a diamond with 2 cubes
  11. What is the max amount of ups on a piece of armor?
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