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  1. Had a fun time. :) Thanks Laura! I hope you take some of my ideas into consideration, and inform the coordinators about them. I'm looking forward to the next event. :D
  2. Disappointed I couldn't make it. Congrats to the winner though.
  3. Name: PRP PSN: PUERTOVELLI-7 Available anytime between 12pm-8pm EST My first event. I'm so excited!
  4. Letters all in caps. Puertovelli-7
  5. http://pc.ncix.com/pcbuilder/pcbuilderpreview.cfm?id=3981148&skus=76271-1-0|33130-1-0|76851-1-0|59431-1-0|76376-1-0|30145-1-0|78303-1-0|74462-1-0|76258-1-0|62842-1-0|33602-1-0|7843-0 Here's another example. There are so many things you can change in a computer to play with costs. Obviously you can change your RAM brand or size (4GB is the minimum), your power supply, your case. but I highly suggest the top end AMD APU to save costs as it will do reasonably well at playing DD and remove the need to buy a discreet GPU. Intel graphics are nowhere near sufficient to play DD reasonably well :P If you don't need to buy a copy of windows, that will save you $110. Of course, these prices are in Canada. That's one of the fascinating things about PCs. The ability to customize it to your liking, and of course having the option to upgrade whenever is very convenient. Do I have to buy another key if I already purchased one for my laptop?
  6. You could build a desktop for around $500 that could run this max settings no problem. I'm not experienced with lower-end hardware anymore and I kind of lost interest in keeping up to date with new hardware, so I couldn't really help you there. What I would suggest is making sure you have a good enough processor as this game does rely pretty heavily on one (just like most other modern games) but also balance it with the graphics card. 8 GB's of RAM should be plenty enough, 1333 clock speed is perfectly fine and you don't have to worry about it so much. Any reliable, non-shifty brand of PSU should do you well (I personally prefer Corsair), aim for 500 watts or so. (there is much debate on how much wattage a high-end PC draws, I think it's better to be safe than sorry). Most cases are all the same, just go for a well-reviewed budget one. Motherboards aren't too much of a problem, most will do you fine. Standard size (ATX) would be the best route to go, although you could probably build a mini-ATX system without too much trouble. As for a monitor, this isn't something that should be too much of an issue. Any sub-$100 monitor should do you fine. If you plan on OCing, then you should get an after-market cooler such as the Hyper-212 Evo or something similar. Most of building a system is being picky over the littlest things, getting a generally good product is all you need to worry about (and making sure it's on sale :P). Any help you could provide will be much appreciated. I won't need a monitor. I intend to use my HDTV. At the moment XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750 has caught my attention. It received great reviews, and is only $105.00. 8GBs of ram should suffice. If not I'll replace them with 16GB. I don't care for browsing the internet, burning things, etc. Strictly want this for gaming. The tower Elite 430 caught my interest. It's a decent price at $41.00, and not to flashy with led lights. $67.00 for Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS (CX600). As for the motherboard I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for. My knowledge on this particular technology is limited. You'll have to pardon me for that. Keep in mind I'm just starting out. I have been a console gamer all my life. How does this one sound for $88.00 GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD. We got five things out of the way and are at $241.00. I need to know if the stuff you recommended is compatible with what I'm going for. I can make adjustments to the $300.00 limit price. Only if you feel it's necessary. Primarily the reason why I set that price was so I could test the waters, and also get to playing this game on the PC quicker.
  7. Yes, I'm currently running it on high Settings. Did disable VSync and Postprocessing(too much color) though. But otherwise on high it runs very smooth. But I'd still suggest getting a better gfx card at least. 9400GT is like 4-5 years old, outdated and obsolete. A good and budget gfx card I'd suggest would be AMD Radeon 7450 HD. Or if you wait till June-July there is a chance that AMD will be releasing it's new 8xxx series, which would have all the features of 7xxx series but much better. Frankly I'm not sure about Intel or Nvidia these days, but considering the performance AMD gives with it's price tags, it's the best imo. And, you're welcome! Happy to help anytime :) I think I'll go with XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750. I liked reviews on that better and supposedly it can run Skyrim on the highest settings.
  8. Ahhh ok, but here in India AMDFX4100 is like let's say half price to that of Phenom II 955. Funny thing is that most retailers here don't even sell the Phenom series anymore but they just say it's price lol. I think you can play most of Bethesda's games on low-medium settings, even Skyrim. Mass Effect without a doubt. ME2 maybe you'd have to compromise on the settings a bit if you get a low-end gfx card. I'll tell you couple of more good things about the Phenom 955, just did a round of Sky O' Love(LOL), had to rage-quit obviously, but didn't lag, I was the host ad no-one else lagged either. So I think if you are planning to get a budget conscious PC something around $250-350-ish should be able to play most games on medium settings. *edit: Yup both of them are pretty much on par performance wise, just get the one that is cheaper. Also if the difference is not too much maybe like 20-30$ I'd say FX4100 coz it's new, will support almost all am3+ mobos and prolly is a bit more future proof. Good luck though! Would DD be able to run on the highest setting with your friends set up? If not, I guess I should invest in a better graphics card then. I never heard of Sky O Love. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available on the PS3. I really appreciate the help. You're very informative.
  9. He's got an Elite 310 from Cooler Master. Best budget tower there is imo. I only having recently switched to a CM 690 II would still suggest getting a Elite 310 if it's available that is... Moreover I don't think you might be willing to do overclocking so I guess the stock processor fan should handle it easily. Although I would suggest on getting a much newer low-end graphics card if that fits your budget. I always buy budget components, coz the thing is that how much ever high-end desktop you buy right now, it'll definitely be outdated in couple of years coz technology advances everyday, every second you just can't cope up with it's speed xD !!! Plus since you only want to play Dungeon Defenders 250-300$ will give you a pretty decent gaming desktop. I've played BioShock 1 as well as Mass Effect 2 on that 9400GT lol...didn't really had any issues playing them on Medium-high settings, which looks great nonetheless. Check out AMD FX4100 if it's cheaper than the Phenom II 955 I'd say go with it pretty much same performance in the long run. Also you can cut-off on the RAM, 4Gigs should be sufficient enough for DD and other everyday applications. Well I would like to try Fable, The Longest Journey series, Morrowind, Oblivion, and maybe Skyrim on the PC. I just don't want to spend above $300.00. I mainly want it for DD, but I wouldn't mind taking a peek at some of my older favorite titles. I also like Deadspace and Mass Effect. I currently have them on my consoles. I'll eventually save up and build a better one. This is just for now to test the waters. I'm new to PC gaming, and I totally agree with you on being budget conscious. Also, the AMD FX4100 is more expensive, and as you stated it has the same performance. If it was better I would be willing to pay more if it benefited my purposes. I would also have to play with a controller. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a keyboard and mouse.
  10. I play the game at work on a Dell Inspiron 620 with nothing added, it doesn't even have a graphics card. I haven't tried the higher end maps there. However, here at home my kids play on a lenovo with a I - 5 , 2.5 ghz processor and a 1 gb video card. At $650.00 with no graphics card in it for the Dell. That would be a no go for me. The setup Black Mambas friend has would only cost me $256.00 If you could provide a cheaper setup then that then please inform me.
  11. Just for this game? Well I'm currently running DD on my friends old PC. His config is - AMD PhenomII x4 955, Corsair 4Gigs XMS3 DDR2, Win 32bit ultimate, Nvidia 9400GT(yup oldass gfx card), and prolly 1TB of HDD. Runs ultra smooth. No "graphical" lags even when joining pub games. My config was - AMDFX 6100, GSkill Sniper 4GB x4, Win7 64bit ultimate, ATI Radeon 5770HD MSI HAWK Edition. 256GB Corsair SSD, 3TB(1TB x3) WD Caviar Blue. 600w Cooler Master PSU. Currently it's at my native place coz I took it with me and had to urgently get back home... so left it there lol. Hope that helps somehow. Should be fairly cheap for you if you _only_ wish to play DD. Thanks for the help. This is my first time building a rig. What kind of tower would you suggest for your friends build? I think I'm going to purchase the parts on amazon since I couldn't find them on newegg.
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