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  1. This combined with removed sorting by item power, and sorting weapons by hero seeming to do absolutely nothing, makes managing large inventories a chore. We wanted more sorting options. Not less. And if you were going to give us less, get rid of ones that change absolutely nothing/do the same as the others.
  2. My old bookmark still led me to the old blog and forums, so I didn't know the new forums were up yet until I clicked on the twitter link. Then made that my new bookmark. This was my old bookmark . Might want to redirect that page to the new one to help other people find this place.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or just not properly set up. But, if you are in town looking at what other people are selling, it basically kicks you out of their shop or back to the beginning of their list every time someone enters or leaves the town and list of players changes, maybe even more than that. Which is a lot and gets kind of annoying quick. If the player you are browsing leaves town, I get it. If it has nothing to do with them, I'd like my browsing position to remain the same.
  4. Three days of split-screen farming c4 and not a single defense rate shard for either player isn't RNG, it's what makes people stop playing the game. Problem - Shard pools are too big and there is nothing in place to ever make the rng go in the direction of the player. Dusting is a start in the right direction, but absolutely useless unless you build it up over months. Until dust starts dropping from bosses or a pack of 5 is given instead of 1, it doesn't really help anything. Trading shards would also be nice, but probably won't happen unless something was done about alt accounts. Possible sti
  5. I had back to back wave 5 freeze and crashes on the lost temple yesterday, floor 61 to boot. 6 maps, 30 waves, all for absolutely nothing. I can see why the Xbox cert failed, probably because they actually try the game, unlike Sony. Thought it would be a good time to get back in the game and do some onslaught progression. Apparently not. Even deleted my game and did a fresh install between each freeze. Thought the menus got a little smoother in scrolling through my inventory, but apparently it didn't help with the pretty blue screens. Also, there needs to be an in-game screen size adjustment.
  6. First time froze and crashed. Second time just froze and is still like that 15 minutes later. That's 6 maps and 30 waves of floor 61 for absolutely nothing but a little bit of gold leading up to the freezes. Lost the chance for floor progress, 150 defender medals, and what feels like 62 weeks of build time. Maybe PS4 should be a little more like Xbox and fail you guys in cert too. Is it possible to even finish a floor in this update?
  7. Yes very difficult to know which mobs are in the lane on ps4 Unless you got a massive TV screen like me :D well not massive it's 42in but I've got good eyesight and can make out which mobs are in that lane. Playing on a 50 inch from about 4 feet away, and it's still small and blurry. Can kind of decipher the modifier, but not the descriptive text.
  8. My first map spiced things up a bit. Was loaded with yetis, lava guardians, a few lanes of orcs, the boss orc, and a bastille master. And on ps4 the lane text/modifiers are pretty much unreadable. I can see this getting pretty intense.
  9. Just wanted to share my troubles in case somebody else runs into the same problems or finds a better solution. I had 3 issues with the game. Slow login to playverse when first starting up. (~30 seconds or so)Finding matches to join at the war table failed the first few times of trying or took a really long time to finish searching.Had a really hard time leaving a match and going back to the tavern or hub. Would fail at least twice, had to wait about 30 seconds each attempt too. Not fun during group play, when everyone is waiting for you to press g, and you are trying to unsuccessfully leave t
  10. I am going to agree with this. I've always thought it sounded like they were working towards a key/rift system (maybe the teaser was even a key), i.e. Diablo 3, where you work your way up to higher and higher scaling difficulties. But I could be wrong, and maybe they are going with more of a Warframe endless mode approach, which would be more like an onslaught that has different tiered rewards every 5 levels or so and repeats after 20. But the one major problem I see with either of those implementations is that both Diablo and Waframe don't have forever scaling loot. And if DD2 keeps scaling l
  11. The Assault Challenge. Although with flying heroes, it could be one hero per challenge, instead of one challenge per map (i.e. incursion). Then the assault challenge could be huntress only and reward bows that rapidly shoot blasticus guns. Then come out with challenges for all the other heroes too. One step back and two steps forward. Bam.
  12. Are wayfarer weapon purchases after you beat the map only for defender medals. Thought they mentioned something on the dev stream about gold being an option. If not, the weapons that drop from the incursions should scale to your item level.
  13. Lazy implementation here. Not going to rag on the trophies themselves since apparently more are coming. But...being mostly non-retroactive, causing tons of issues trying to get to pophaving to deal 5 mil damage with lightning towers (which got replaced by flame towers) really puts the cherry on top. At least reword the text to say LSA's since every other trophy is for a specific tower. That is, If LSA's even count for the trophy.
  14. Anyone else not able to sell all unlocked items? It counts down from 3, but then doesn't let you select ok.
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