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  1. Would you rather play nothing? In comparison to the fully fledged DD1, DDA was going to feel light at launch and for months to come anyways until a bunch of DLC's hit. Now it's just slightly more empty at the start. With essentially slighlty more DLC's.
  2. PS2 didn't have much of an online store to get games from. It was PS3. And while it may have ran better than YOUR pc, it was not all of them. Once the DLC's hit performance got pretty bad on console, so they only made future DLC's for the PC. And by the time it was done, the two versions barely resemebled each other in terms of being a complete game. Yes DD1 was enjoyable on console, but us DD1 consolers always longed for the full experience. Which I hope DD:A can finally provide. But performance for console on DD2 wasn't that great either early on, especially splitscreen. And i'm not sure a demo at PAX will address those concerns either. Unless that demo is on a giant map, with thousands of nightmare enemies, while playing split screen on wave 24 of a survival map. Because I'm pretty sure a console demo would just be the first map or something.
  3. Say I buy a Summoner DLC or something on PC, but not on my ps4. Will hero decks not cross-save? Or would I just have an open slot in my hero deck on PS4 if he was active in my deck on PC? Will only gear cross-save? Or hopefully, will DLC's be in-game and account bound, so you only need to buy them once?
  4. They say that cross saves are going to be a thing early on and crossplay could come at a later date. So take that for what it's worth.
  5. Based on your question, it seems you are unaware the beta is only going to last a total of 3 weeks. Because if you knew that, you would know a lot can change in the months between the end of the beta and the games expected late February(or delayed again) release.
  6. You can always use something like joytokey, and map everything yourself, but that probably won't be as smooth as actual controller support. But may be an option if you up to the task and hate keyboards.
  7. Nice work. Being view only, is there any way to see this with bigger columns that fit the numbers, or left justify so that the left side of the numbers aren't cut off? Makes 3's and 8's and overall readability a little difficult to scan at a quick glance.
  8. Things that could maybe use some improvements. My eyes. I don't know what it is. But some games have this effect on my eyes. Where after I play for a while I have a lot of trouble with my vision and to an extent my coordination after I stop. Don't know if it's the brightness, all the shiny glossy maps and defenders, or something to do with the motion and view your eyes follow while playing the game. Don't think this happened much to me in DD1 or DD2, so something has changed there. To gain some perspective, it also happens a lot in games like NBA Playgrounds and Alienation, so probably just an edge case for your userbase. My eyes see a bit different than most people, and not in a good way, so maybe just me. Repairing anything in a stack is a pain, there should be a keybind to go to the next item or it should default where the repair cursor goes based on what defense has the most health missing. Because otherwise during waves you are stuck repairing the same electric aura 11 times in a row, since they lose some health with no enemies around and need to be repaired immediately. I also lose track of my mouse cursor and have to shake it around the screen for a few seconds before I can find it during the transition to the view from above for repairing. Shift should toggle item compare, shouldn't have to hold it. There are only 5 stats on Offense and Defense to compare. So items should always display all 10 stats on the item comparison in the same consistent order. Basically items should roll with 10 stats, even if 6 of those stats are 0. Comparisons would be much easier and far more consistent. Private matches should be available from the main menu like in DD1, hopefully, that's just a beta thing. Sort order for your inventory doesn't save for very long, keeps going back to default. Played one survival to wave 25 on medium, mana for upgrading everything took til like wave 20. That wasn't very much fun. Intended or going to release a genie pet? I don't feel like the huntress gun is firing. Maybe it's just the weapons I got, but the feel of DPSing on the huntress is lackluster compared to the apprentice ranged fire right now, as far as the feedback loop goes. I've seen it in other posts but I'll say it again, and it is probably just a rushed beta feature, but chat doesn't stay scrolled to the end of the conversation and there is no easy way to leave the chat unless you type something, because sometimes after hitting enter again it still wants you to type. Not sure if this is just for beta, but there should be a loot filter or an automatic pick-up after each wave. Be nice not to see all those gray items on the ground after a while. A loot filter with advanced options would be even better. Like be able to set Legendary or 25 defensive power items with 3 tower stats and above. Bunch of checkboxes and sliders, you know the drill. lol. The map overlay is hard to understand and not very helpful. K.I.S.S. This may not be a right away thing, but an enemy speedup might be nice eventually. Waiting for 3000 enemies in survival takes a long time. Hopefully, that and survival saves can be implemented in the future. Folders for inventory in dd1 were nice. Like to see that over DD2 stash tabs. Or something to better organize besides just filters. Tooltips while hovering over the graphical settings on what they change would be helpful. Warframe does this nicely if I remember correctly. Ever think of changing up the 4 base heroes. Maybe one of them is lost and needs to be rescued during a later point in the game. Just a thought. A few nice things to say before I go. I know it's the beta, but I installed this on my backup non ssd and the load times are basically non-existent, so try and keep that up for when the game begins to grow. Holding ctrl to view the defense wheel is probably the best UI element in the game right now. Not sure how useful using the wheel will be once everybody learns their keybinds and what towers cost what, but that is a nice, simple, and informative circle. Only thing it doesn't have is your hero skills on it. So I still don't know what my second abilities do. But I like the wheel, an actual UI improvement over dd1 in my eyes. I only had 1 ogre think about going back to the spawn and getting stuck, but he decided against it after realizing the floor was lava back there. Keep on keeping on. Feedback is only given to promote growth. Nobody has known what to expect, so experiencing your vision for the first time is not going to be what they expected. In time hard work pays off, even when hard work was not expected. I'll leave you with my favorite quote that I think I made up or subconsciously stole from someone else. "The easiest way to exceed someone's expectations is to lower them first"
  9. I got one for beating wave 15 of the 4th map on survival on medium, check the chest. And it gives 9999 melee damage, which basically does nothing for me. So if you want one, they are in the beta, just not for free, cuz the beta is going to end and be wiped, so no point to type in a code for that.
  10. Day 18 of Early November: Was walking back from the morning cleansing with Gretchen and spotted what appeared to be the beta from a distance. It had the shine and glisten of a newborn dove. Turned out to just be a Ziploc bag containing the remnants of a sandwich that once was. The wait continues. Please forgive me if I don't reply to your next correspondence, Father Chromatic's teachings have been hard to ignore, and I fear I am becoming one of them.
  11. Ya, not a huge fan of the fortnite copy and paste inventory screen. Hopefully, they can give it more of a customized dungeon defenders color scheme or something at the least. But as long as the performance is good, I guess I can put up with it.
  12. They are trying to make the game without getting a publisher to back them. Publishers take their cut and try to influence decisions to make sure their share of the profits are as big as they can be. Sometimes publishers suggest a game franchise should make a moba or make their games run on microtransactions. Chromatic wants the freedom to make DD:A how they want and take home all of the profits so they can use them to make DD3. If they do not reach their goal, then either the game won't end up being as good as fast, or they will have to get help from outside sources, i.e. a publisher in some form. Personally, I think the main DD fans have already made their donations and the last 100k is going to be rough. Not to mention even if they do reach their goal, it only gets harder from there since most of the kickstarter backers will already have their copies of DD:A. Going to have to rely on the game finding new customers and I am not sure that DD:A is the answer to that unless it takes off in console sales.
  13. With quality of life changes like mana chests not being all separate and a forge at your fingertips, the timer wouldn't be as bad in a more modernized game. That being said, I would only want it as an option to check if you want an increased chance at better loot. Would prefer it not to be mandatory in any game mode but in certain challenges in challenge mode.
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