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  1. Anyone know where I could find anything that would help with this problem?
  2. Since there isn't a manual, can someone point me to a place where it labels each weapon and armor stat icon so I can know what I'm focusing on? Some are easy enough, but others I'm not quite sure. Thank you.
  3. So, it's not a playable demo? Or anything like the build I have on my ipad2? So, no use in installing it?
  4. But has anyone seen this? I was just randomly on gamespy.com and saw something about Tower Defense games and on this list, they have a game called Dungeon Defense which definitely looks like Dungeon Defenders, but it's a demo from February. I'm downloading it right now and wanted to ask. http://blog.fileplanet.com/2011/04/08/undiscovered-tower-defense-games/
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