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  1. Thanks for the post, the first link was dead but if you scroll down it seems there is another working link.
  2. I did that a month ago when you told me to and I heard nothing. :(
  3. sorry but i like this better then the theme (the outro) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOE8tqxU1xs
  4. Long time dd1 fan, go against the flow with my comment. I love no trading (used to hate it). Easy peasy, i am showing what i earned legit and not from some friend who quit playing and now i'm planting 55k training dummies everywhere, why am i failing every match? (kind of because your a grain fed dumb ass)
  5. Fixed an issue when using the All Bags tab and filtering by Weapons that after interacting with a weapon, all other weapons would disappear visually. Thanks, keep up the great work TE! :)
  6. I think it's silly that i have to become that character and lay it down to see what it is, it should be easily spotted in the GUI even possible multiple places. Create new hero descriptions could hold easily hold this information. Look at the debate i sparked from a simple question. Point is new people won't know and this *should* be easy information to obtain. TE might want to rework this in somehow in there real estate for each characters towers. :)
  7. I find while adding shards to characters in the game I am thinking is this a trap? Aura's are easy but I am unsure of the traps. Is there a place in the game that tells us this? or do we need to guess what it is? Could this info easily be added into each description of the defense? Thanks :)
  8. Are you upgrading your gear? I found i got stuck at the same point but i did not upgrade my gear. After i starting upping it put ahead stats wise and i was able to complete maps again. I have equipped say 30-3200 and 2800-3000 was dropping, after upgrading my pieces was like 33-3500 points.
  9. Without kissing too much a, I agree with SpecialK. Set passives is actually pretty cool and worth grinding around for specific gear with a purpose.
  10. Are there set bonus? Should I try to suit someone in say all ranger Armour?
  11. Trying, did 12 maps last night and nothing :( quest continues. I do like to have goals that are not overall easy to get to, makes it fun for me when I get the shard :)
  12. Currently got 90 asc points and I am grinding c3 for deadly strikes....I do have Def crit dmg, Defense rate equipped with all asc points into crit... things are falling down like crazy. i am going through gear like every map now...this game is fun :) was 1333 when the update happened and now 2712....going up pretty quick :)
  13. I do not have power transfer and most of my best upgrades have been marks. Ill fiddle in the tavern and see what they can give. Thanks for the replies all.
  14. What ideally would i want to equip a mark with? I've up to this point chosen power over crit dmg.
  15. I meant like a shortcut key that would sell it off the floor.
  16. Is there a way to sell anything on the floor before auto collect kicks in between waves? Thanks! :)
  17. Not trolling. Make a separate thread for your issues and tell them they did good here. Leave the update page for good and positive things. And trolls will troll. My comments above were not whining but to you, they may have come off that way. I provided criticism to the content provided and gave feedback on how it could be improved. Whining does not contain positive solutions to problems.
  18. So many salty tears on a page of good news, thanks for the update. Keep up the good work and remember that whiners will whine, it's what there good at. ;)
  19. example - controlled burn with Geodes. Yuck. Thanks for the example that was my first questions =) now to figure out who has controlled burn :P Been farming for deadly strikes, bought 4-5 gem shard packs and got zero, most shard packs had multiples in the same pack. So i gave up on that and now ill grind it out. Just breaking into C4.....moving on up :)
  20. There anywhere in the game that is like a wiki for enemies, to give hints there weaknesses and things like that? I am trying to branch off and play with different characters but find it hard not knowing there weaknesses by trial and error. Thanks! :)
  21. I've farted at least 26 times already today, could 50 by the end of day ;)
  22. Onslaught wave 3/3 4 enemies left and then game over, 3 re-rolls but people waiting for me...life won. I don't think i can play a game that I cannot progress (i get one shot a week to do 3 waves and this is what happened this week). Days like today i wish i was a kid with no job playing a free game. Forget the paying people who have responsibilities :( Soon as this happened i thought of this thread and wanted to bring it back from the obscurity of beyond page 1 in a forum..out of mind, out of sight....
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