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  1. Woah, most viewed thread so far? Seems like there should be defenitly more special events or new maps including more secrets!
  2. Elemental chaos uber is quite useful, due to the fact that the traps than deal magical damage. Means you can use the traps on lanes with physical resistance even. Taking of the uber will let you place regular explosive traps again, so both Towers can be used simultaneously.
  3. Don't be so unfriendly, it's just a positive suggestion.. Although I see your concern and you might be right, but if people wanted to pay their real world money that bad to get something online, there's just no way you could stop them totally. One could still just buy a geared up steam account in the end, no matter what you do or don't do to the game
  4. I've come across this idea alot lately in forums, as many people are annoyed of leechers. I do support it, but i don't know wether it can also solve the trading concerns many people have! Following my theory it does, in some way atleast, still leaves us with potential RWT though.
  5. I see your point, defenitly. But i'd assume that just as the low-"level"-payer is not able to farm the 700 ipwr item himself he cannot afford to buy the piece at that point either as it'd be to expensive for him. I know this theory would require a perfect balance between game time/experience and wealth (Proportionatlity) But no matter what, the currrent issue is that players, once they hit lvl 50, can just leech in other peoples games to get that 700 ipwr legendary item anyways :D without having to either trade or farm items step-by-step themselves
  6. Maybe i get it wrong, but this does not sound right... the shop keeper will not be able to see the difference between hacked and legit items. So you are basically safe to sell your hacked items for in game coins (or whatnot). Other than that, i don't know who of you guys has played DD1 and how much you were in touch with trading. But almost everything (valuable/trade-worthy) was traded through threads on the forums. So everybody could inspect the items and tell fairly accurate wether they were hacked or not. But still there was the part of casual players that either did not know about the for
  7. It's the Alpha - people know that they cannot expect every facett and aspect the game could possibly have - but I am fairly sure there is a good chunk of players that played DD1 back in the days and therefore patiently wait for trading to be implemeted. I am just as feared of trading making hacked items an unsolveable problem - but I think Trendy can deal with that. And for any remains we had the Item Check Thread, which, in my opinion, worked pretty well. The fact i like the most about trading is that it makes the game later on more interesting. Farming for one the specific item that you migh
  8. The biggest issue they are going to have to deal with is real world trading - people selling in-game items for $. Which also makes hacking items quite intersting - another common problem. Following these two arguments one could defenitly understand you!
  9. Trading was a huge thing in DD1. I see your point but i think many, many people would be very, very pissed if trading wasn't implemented :p
  10. Funny enough, I have played a few games earlier with a group of people that did exactly what you are describing here. Turned out to be a nice tactic indeed, but when when a squire goes down (due to kobolds/unforced player errors or whatnot) stuff gets somewhat wonky quickly :P When you are used to it though (like you seem to) it is most likely more reliable.
  11. Nice to hear some numbers about how the effective the buff really is! And that's the thing why i wanted to know wether it is worth making a monk or not. I don't feel like being forced to make a choice there :D But i guess now i will end up making one thank you all :]
  12. Hm that means the secondary defenitly scales way better than i thought. Thank you!
  13. I've always wondered wether a squire as tank could actually serve as a temporary wall, using the secondary "attack" to block with his shield. Never seen anybody doing that really though. Thats true I have thought about the sphere aswell. But i doubt it's worth the money :D I should defenitly give the Apprentice as a DPS char another shot than, I've expected the secondary to be more like the DD1 one (which was pretty weak in my opinion) Huntress secondary still seems too useless..
  14. Thats interesting to hear! I have played a good ammount of NM4 incursion rounds so far, but never really found a boost aura effectivly being used anywhere.. Seems like i should make a monk myself just to try out different builds myself. The fact that the boost aura also boosts walls is kinda interesting, but it seems like at some point your walls are strong enough anways.. I'd rather focus on towers. Maybe in the end boosted harpoons built with a twr squire become a thing?
  15. Funny thing is, in DD1 the buff beam was that important that you had to focus your whole build on them, meaning that you had to find spots where a cluster of towers would actually work well..
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