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  1. okay, thanks for telling me this. i will try ww mixmode when home, this will be fun^^
  2. hi i have a question about mixmode. can every mop spawn from every direction in mixmode? like, for example on regular mode there are only 2 spawn points for ogres on winter wonderland. so it is possible to set up a build which gets the full agro of all of them. but if i use mixmode will ogres also spawn from completely other spawn points? (sry for this dumb question but my internet has been reduced this week (60kps, insanity was never closer) and now im pretty curious. thanks for reading, have a nice weekend
  3. I sent you a friend request on steam and you did accept it. :( prepare yourself, tons of friend requests are coming^^ gratulation, that sure was some hard work. i was scared that we would have to life without your awesome layouts from now on^^ i hope you post the times you plan on doing the life streams, if they are at the weekend i will be there and watch your magic^^ good luck from now on, i still wait for randomly meeting you or anybody else from the forum^^
  4. hi if i put a electric auras next to another one and buff them or if i put on equip with better range skill it can happen that auras cross. does both auras count in this area? for example does both electric auras deal damage? and if yes, do other crossed auras also get a stronger effect? i have searched the monk thread, but i couldnt find something about that. thanks for the time reading this.
  5. i called him chester. because i thought it would be funny^^ you get it? chester? jester? there is some kind of similarity between those names, the well skilled gamer can spot ;)
  6. hi, i have tried the multiple heroes emulator today. i have put the "xinput1_3.dll" in the right place and started the game. everything did work fine for a while. now there have occured 2 problems. if i play with an emulated hero, he starts to spin around and i cant upgrade. this doesnt even change after finishing the map. the emulated heroes and their menus behave like the right button is pressed and hold (i mean d or the right arrow button). i cant even make them leave. another problem is, that i cant add other heroes if i start dd another time. and if i want to fix the problem with
  7. playing with someone who teaches you how to play rewards you far more than just getting free equipment. i quitted this game last summer until christmas because i was frustrated. first i have thought that i could always use one hero and make him so strong that i could win everything. that was a pretty hard lesson to learn. than i tried other heroes but didnt really know how they influence each other or how to skill them properly (i guess i still dont know much). i struggled for numberless hours with magusquarters and glitter on nm. than i have met an awesome player who started taking
  8. okay, thanks for the fast reply. i have gotten it to work (thanks for that draemn^^), was just curious about how trendy views it. thanks a lot.
  9. hi im new in this forum and im sure there is another thread for asking questions, but sadly i didnt find it. i have searched through the forum pretty long, trying to figure out if it is legal to use an emulator. on the one hand i have found lots of content about using one, on the other hand i have found a thread about that trendy is banning everybody who is using mods or programs which are not allowed by trendy. so can i get banned by emulating more heroes?
  10. does that at least mean that the people with the base game and the people playing on steam play on the same server? thanks for the information Draco18s, since it isnt to expensive i think i will get him to try it^^
  11. hi, i hope this concerns the technical support part. i have bought the humble bundle and besides of all the other games it says that i get dungeon defenders + all dlc. now i have gotten dd before and wanted to ask if there is a possibility to activate the dlc for me and send the basic game to a friend (i want to show it to him but he is pretty sceptic^^). i have activated the steam key on my version, but i guess i still have the download possibility without steam. does my friend need the steam version to play with me? thanks for reading, hope someone can help me. have a nice day.
  12. does this also mean that i can get all heroes by buying the humble bundle?
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