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  1. oh :( btw this new map can come with a patch for tinkerer, should be cool x)
  2. wouldnt sell pm if i was to auction not getting ripped off but thanks for the heads up its a really bad idea to show this in public, i think your saw r already duped x(
  3. How you farm armors now ? and explain why =)
  4. I haven't read it but a soul focuser thing u can get on lab assault nah, first boss reward as huntress
  5. anyone already done this challenge? i done it today with an amazing time... nah, i'm kidding :) the last Tiki-totems was un-hearable
  6. anth0b

    Item Check Thread

    hello im sure its legit, but i need to check item before wta< clava: sparus
  7. Hello, today i saw this on a public game > [ blue acc ] and its a ult accessory : its legit or hacked?
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