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  1. What u gonna do with 2 capping glads luss?? If I win, I will give this to a friend.
  2. Never saw a better than my glad :( And this here comes pretty close I have a double cap ult++ one. Damage and rate.
  3. Luss

    Item Check Thread

    Can I get some IC's on these obsidians please? Sup Sparus (seems a bit iffy): Sup Sparus is hacked.
  4. He's suggesting that people may be enticed to sell if they see the amount you are offering, although hes doing it poorly. (I would suggest 75 cubes to get fast responses, everyone has a price, whether or not they are selling will in fact depend on it :) ) You could as well sell me one of yours for 75 cubes. What do you say?
  5. title says nothing... better you tell what you are able to pay in cubes, I hope you know the worth. I think, then you will get an answer... Do you have one to sell? If so, name our price. If not, what are you doing in my thread?
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