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  1. I had this same thing happen to me when my item box was overfilled. I think I was over by about 50 - 75 items, so I'm not sure what the magic number is, but it was fixed when I got my item box back down to the appropriate limit. I will try to get rid of most of my stuff. I had a vague idea that this could be somehow related.
  2. Hi, Yes i enabled the shop but not everything has a price. Some items are set to 0 mana. Btw. i have a over filled inventory box ca.550 items of 400 allowed, don't know if this is relevant.
  3. Hi, I've noticed recently that people can't buy from my shop. I thought it to be a glitch so i restarted, checked for corrupted files and short of reinstalling the game nothing worked. Players still can't buy from my shop and i have no clue as to why this is happening. My shop is full with 250/250 items. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Is this cat possible ?
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