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  1. I was watching a Youtube video about a build yesterday. In the comments someone asked this question. The Op said you shouldn't upgrade the defenses in those two locations because the Djinns seem to go after upgraded defenses.
  2. Looking forward to this. for sure!!
  3. Try posting this in the DD1 Forums. https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/forum/11-general-discussion/
  4. Just an idea. I think it would be nice if the dropdown for auto pickup also had check boxes next to them. This way, I can autoloot Mythical and Legendaries to the same bag, i.e., multiple rarities/items in the same bag for autoloot.
  5. First off. I don't want any reparation for this. Just an idea. I think for this part of the Challenge, there should be a more substantial award. This is no small feat, by any means. I'm sure there are many who have ideas of what should be given. Perhaps some Wyvern Tokens? Anyway. . . food for thought. PS: Special Delivery 3, for those who don't know, asks you to kill 1000 special enemies. (mini bosses) Have a great weekend everyone. :)
  6. If this has been posted, forgive me. Would love it if, when you moused over a Bulletin Board on a lane, the Board under the mouse pointer would be moved to front. Example: When you have a boss in a lane, sometimes it's difficult to see which mini/boss is coming. -cheers
  7. Haha!! I didn't even think of that, as I play exclusively with it turned off! :P cheers
  8. I would love to see a selected tower highlight for selling or upgrading. You know, outlined in green/purple/red/plaid. :)
  9. [IMO] A lot of the reason that people played Onslaught(Survival) in DD1 was to get/farm gear. Just having something drop from the boss will be a bit off-putting after a short while. - After each wave (killing a boss) it would be nice to have a different choice for an item drop at the end of waves - I like the idea of ramping up the difficulty after each wave as well as the various mob/lane immunities - After killing a boss/mini-boss, what about dropping a bunch of mana from said boss in addition to loot - As others have stated, with increase in difficulty/wave progression, why not have a small DU increase I don't want these to be a faceroll. I think they should be harder to finish the further you get into the waves. But there should be some added defenses as well the further you get to offset difficulty just a bit. I want to lose sooner or later! [IMO]
  10. Please make a check as to whether the quest requirements have been met or not before letting player enter game. A few times I will enter a map with the intention of doing a daily and the boss(es) will be dead and wave 5 almost complete. Minor inconvenience. Nothing more. Have a great weekend.
  11. I've had this issue as well. I was playing around with tower positions. It seems to me if you put any towers in an area that the mobs can't path to, they will bug out. This happened many times to me. In a new game, I moved everything down to the ground and it seemed to work fine. I haven't seen any issues with mobs bugging out since.
  12. There's a video on this site that explains what they're doing with pets. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/118580/devstream-15-pet-system-reveal
  13. Some say they are Betsy Boots. I've not fought Betsy yet and I've gotten two pair already.
  14. They had a Dev Stream just for pet discussion a bit back. Here you go. Lots of good information on Pets. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/118580/devstream-15-pet-system-reveal
  15. The boots that have a chance to drop from Betsy the Wyvern. She wears boots.
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