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  1. I've put in 472 hrs into this game ( track it with Raptr) and most of it has been just messing around..
  2. Run around Times Square twelve times while wearing a yellow shirt and powder blue pants. Then proceed to doing the Lab 31 and a half times. You should have a 100+^ Soul Focuser by then. Lol... Sounds like a plan to me
  3. You just gotta farm it like crazy... I farmed it for 5-6 hrs a day for a month and only got a few 83-89 for 83 and a 91, 92, 95, and 102 for lvl 90... I used my main dps huntress and brought in afk's on the last wave.. I've tried every little trick I could think of to try and get different results and finally came to the conclusion that there is not anything you can do to affect the drop rate. It just takes patience and determination.. Keep your head up and you'll get one!
  4. I just got my invite and went to join and it said connection to host lost!!! How do I get another invite? Psn is teknik871 thank you in advance
  5. Name: mike Psn ID: teknik871 Time: 600 pm eastern time
  6. i heard you received free runs of glitt+ and didn't have to give up a thing for it, you must be a very savvy negotiator. I apologized and I told you I'd pay you back for your time... I'm sorry it didn't turn out a different way, but I can't change the past... But again I am sorry
  7. 173^ ARRONAX!?! :O Still have it? Nah it's long since traded :)
  8. ive personally only pull really good items the first time i run a map... first time on morrage i pulled a 167^ upgrade shaitian and the first time i ran on Aqau i pulled a 173^ arronax...everything after that has been horrible except for armor
  9. You can save about 2 1/2 mins per run if you don't bother with towers. A little more difficult, but that time adds up over 5-10 runs very true I've been farming this for a few weeks straight now and just recently started to time myself and with out towers (or just a few traps) it saves a lot of time
  10. Mike B Psn ID: teknik871 I'll be on around 5pm eastern time on the 24th
  11. PSN ID: teknik871 ( just put DD in the request )
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