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  1. Ty topler... All tho i have yet to get a full view of some game play for myself I think I might give it a full run to get a better op for myself and stuck around to help others and for out where this game is going 😁
  2. Please ... I understand we all have are op and i am more then greatful for everyones that have answered my thread ... Peg and Pandy and all the others ... But please i would rather not let this thread get into another agrument match between others ... Again as before I agree with both sides on the issues and your ops on the game ... At the moment in time i know there are issues that trendy needs to address but all i asked was is it worth it even at the state it is in ... And i did my reserach and listen and read others op and made my decision on that info ... Again ty for your helpful advise ... But please dont turn this into an agument 😯
  3. In game name : d1fr33k Fav character or played the most: Squire Other games : MC , DCU , Hearthstone I am getting my BS degree in Graphic design and web development... 😁 Hope to you all of you out there 😁
  4. Kk peeps ... It was a simple question in my end bout if i should give an honest try to DD2 ... And all that replyed did give their honest answer ... With added details ... And no pandy your not coming off to hard your just giving your view point on the matter ... In short I agree with both sides ( yes it sounds like a cop out but its true ) i have been there on the fine end of the blade with DD1 when it was an alpha as well but i stuck through to the end ... And in DD2 i will do the same , and help out any who ask me on the way ... Dont give up is my moto and its gotten me further in game and RL.... Thanks for the feed back ppl and I hope to catch you all in the end of a great game :) hopfully:)
  5. OK that would def make me a little tiked ... Sorry to hear that pegazul... Again hoping for the best the only thing we can do is grind out the bugs and silly unbalanced things ... Such as not getting a reward for our grinds that take 30mins and hope that trendy sees our reports of these things and does something ... I myself , after sifting through the ranting and complaining comments on other forums , will give DD2 the same chance I give any sequil game ... Just a second thought if anyone wants to team up on a couple of power leveling grinds ( Keep in mind I just started my DD2 game :) ) hit me up ...
  6. I mean when dd1 was out it got boring at first but when they started to add things in , like more levels both players and maps ... It became more and more of a challenge. Then when it got to hard the community offered help ... Of course for a trade of a fav lol ... But that's what makes the game fun ... The community and the challenge of a well constructed game , after all the bugs are gone of course :)
  7. I have been a long DD fan and played DD1 for as long as it was out on PS3 but since then I have found that I enjoy PC just as much ... So the question at hand is , is DD2 worth an honest try ... Just to make a point , no I haven't used nor will i use a check engine. Yes I am fully aware that it is only an Alpha level game at the moment. I understand it is in construction and there will be tons of bugs and updates. That , to me , is the best part. Being apart of a community and helping make a game the best it can be ... So back to the question , is it worth giving DD2 my time and effort ???
  8. I noticed when I looked it up that there is an old thread out on Tower builds ( Best tower builds ) and reading through this one thread I noticed that it was before the patch was sent out , Meaning that before it was about 70 100 on states , If I am correct I do believe that it is now 120 on states , not including the extra your weapon or amor might give you So If I may , I do believe we need to revamp this thread ( make it up to date ) Now I know that I might need a lil help on this one thing myself , But I think I could figure it out with a lil figuring out what my way of playing is But for others out there that need a lil help on this :D Now my tower states on my squire I have set it more for attack then anything , I think it is 120 ( with out the armor of weapon ) and health is round 100 , range is 80 , and attack rate is 100 ( I think , I could be wrong but I think that is how I have it right now ) But again for the ppl that need help ( and that might just be me as well ) could we think this over and give them ( or me ) a good set up . : D :D thanks guys/gales
  9. All of you are more helpful then any of you realize .... If there was a reward for being helpful on here I am sure anyone of you would get a ton of them... If i could give anything to anyone of you that would help you out I would drop it off for you guys/gales anytime... But I am sure I have nothing that you guys/gales would even need ... I don't think I even have anything with more then 64^ which are mostly level 74 and 83 , so for shame I have nothing , But for future items I will deff be giving the first thing that I get that would of any help to any of you :D :D just to show you that ppl like me do really appreciate the help you give out ...
  10. Its only beneficial to dio misty first wave with 4 players, Other than that glutterhelm is the easiest to complete solo imo You have to complete all waves thanks , I wasn't sure about that... But that would explain a lot :D
  11. Otay :D .. Once again I must request my fellow DD pals assistance :D Now first thing first , I must explain my situation. I have followed every single thing that you all have told me to help me out in the game , and I am now proud to say that I am now a level 72 squire DPS and Tower :D I am also not to far behind with my others :D I can do most of the game by myself in doing the tower to DPS thing :D Thank you all :D But one and finale Q? from the Freak :D Now again to explain : I might have a level 72 Tower and a Level 71 DPS but I am sorry to say I have come to a stand still with my leveling , Now I have taken all your advice and done the maps on insane and insane+ but I only get 120K for the maps ( Now taking in to consideration that I have only one extra controller ) I get the bonuses, but for some reason or another I only get 100K or so Okay one other thing is that I restart the map after the first wave Okay what am I doing wrong? Do I need to do all the waves ? Am I not getting the right bonuses ? Now I do the maps that everyone said to do as well Glitterhelm Caverns, Mistymire Forest, and Endless Spires. But I still have yet to see the amount that everyone else said there was But again it might just be the way I do things that could be messing me up
  12. I can't see it myself but if I remember right it happens once you put up insane+ then the rest are +
  13. K just to start this off , last time I posted a thread everyone helped me out very nicely :D But I have to apologize to everyone that invited me to there games ( I am in CST time and I think I missed everyone of those invites , My Bad and I apologize L ) But on a better note , thanks to all the great info ( without doing anything I am not suppose to do ) I found some boom weapons and I leveled up like mad A lot of time put in offline and grinding like mad :D :D This leads to my Q? once again ( you guys seem to know everything :D ) I would like to know about DPS All of you have these little things under your posts and they all have DPS and Tower . You see I have a Squire that I think is just about even on DPS and tower but I am not sure what I need to do , to know what his DPS is or His Tower . Lets put it this way , When I swipe at the dummy in the tavern I get 200+ , But I am not sure what that means really The other Q? would be what is better to have ? A tower squire or a DPS one ? Cause I have a High Five mite for my Squire and it is all Damage ( round about 1666 ) I got lucky when I did Ogre Crush and got a 28^ and it started at 106 in damage :D Last Q? ( dont want to bug you guys to much ) But which is better to do elemental damage or straight damage , Range or Physical ? Thanks again Guys/Gales that help me with this one :D :D
  14. Like FFC said, you need to level your characters to 74. I would recommend these maps for good items afterward: The Summit for Animi (These are good starter pets for 74.); Morrago Desert Town for DPS weapons (Assuming you do not get those with 30 or lower upgrades.); Any Map on Insane/+ for Armor. (Caps for 74 are around 35-ish, 78 is around 70-80.) The best way for leveling up is to play Mistymire Forest at Insane for 45+ level, to earn 202.5k XP each run, and then at 74+, Insane+ for 405k XP. These both assume if you get all bonuses. Also, for Survival, I would recommend Mistymire but on Pure Strat as it removes the Spiders, and also the mob cap each wave starting at 12 is 1,028 each wave on. (These require the Mistymire Forest and Morrago Desert Town DLC packs, both are bought for $5, if I remember correctly.) Do all this Maps need to be on insane, or can they be done on med to hard to get the items... ???
  15. I'll send you an invite later tonight when i get on. Kool Kool ... I am in CST , So I will most likely be on anywhere between 5 - 9 tonight
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