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  1. Auction will continue toll the end of the night. If people bid it will continue into the weekend. Good luck o/
  2. Thanks lolzcoolcat!
  3. The Oban adius is up for sale! Rules!!! It has a hidden reserve, Will get it Ic'd if you want (lazy bought it on forums). 2 cv bid addition? I accept Diamonds 5/10/15, events Magicites/NPC. If other events put CV value next to bid. Auction will end Friday 3/15/2019 and here is the adius. CO: 30cv luka Cv reserve was not met maybe next time.
  4. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    hi again o/ https://puu.sh/B7lZx/465a7db0ee.png https://puu.sh/B7m5O/1b78c723ea.png
  5. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    Need ic https://puu.sh/B4MNL/7619749b67.png https://puu.sh/B4MOw/99ed840d01.png https://puu.sh/B4MOM/7ac207901d.png please and thanks <3
  6. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    check please <3 https://puu.sh/AWS21/5511236a02.png https://puu.sh/AWS2L/78e2b4a666.png https://puu.sh/AWS2t/edbf28a1df.png
  7. Ended reserve not met
  8. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    ic plz <3 & thanks https://puu.sh/AQKa5/ed47e2378e.png https://puu.sh/AQKas/51192a0ca3.png https://puu.sh/AQKfG/e2a2b3cbdf.png https://puu.sh/AQKhe/d739f71af5.png https://puu.sh/ASk8s/96db565b6e.png
  9. neat, um lets see, ill update Co: idk prices of the listed item but i know cubes! hehe
  10. Hey Everyone! Im here going to auction my Armguards after 3 years of having them!!! Trace is Azn->Pan-> sox (I can show links if u dm me for them) Anywho link broke, https://puu.sh/AN6RL/9a4a9a8538.png These are them in my tavern,I have a hidden reserve. Auction ends July 4th. If reserve isn't met Ill keep them etc. Im looking for Diamonds (5/10/15) Some events like.... Celebracers (30cv) Aladins (55) Rainmaker(180) Magicite(120) Norths(35) U++ item checked set builder (I could use em) But I mostly want diamonds... Red magicite takes them free of charge (lol if they are super rare kappa). Co: 5 no caps 8 cubes and a celebracers 63Cv Uber? Anywho Good luck bidding. If this goes well I will Auction blings next!
  11. Cuz moonwalk, your gear is too good!
  12. Day 15, the bids are scares i feel if this continues i may go insane. if i don't find food and water this could be bad. My camera crew left me, im all alone.
  13. Bump for the end of the DC week on CW
  14. Bump, New flash on tonight, also becarefull playing DD, DD goes down tonight cuz silly steam!
  15. [[8146,users]] i wonder who got the saws, anywho ima bump this, wash my hands, use the washroom, wash my hands again and sleep. Night/bump!
  16. Updated Co, talked with moonwalk, please be sure to post YOUR value of Ulti++ armors, I again suck with them and will most likely undervalue them because i don't know the price. And as always bump.
  17. honestly i suck with armor value, my jester who wears the fires is in trans armor, so thats why i asked people to put down that they value on U++ armors
  18.  Do you wash your hands before going to the bathroom just to wash them again? Hello, this is attempt #2!!! The Armguards of Fire are up for auction, the auction will run for a little bit, I do have a hidden reserve. If I feel a person who is bidding is fishy, i have the right to refuse said offer. If I feel the ending bid isn't enough I have the right to keep the Armguards etc. etc. I am looking for Events/Diamonds(5/10/15). All diamonds must be Ic'd Events I am lookin for, Rainmaker(200cv), other Armguards mainly lightnings/norths(post price), Norths(50), And Jason Mask(20). Ulti++ armor type, pic/stats, price. Current Offer: 300 Cv Dark Trace is Panda>Sox(I have trace back to event, pm if interested) GOOD LUCK
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